ProSupps MyCookie Review: Is This Just A Circular Bar?

Posted on June 14th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Protein Cookie Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Alright so this review won’t take TOO long and it’s going to be on the MyCookie by ProSupps. I have tried all five flavors of these cookies, and am in a great position to tell you all about them. In this MyCookie review, you’ll learn quite a few things. The first and most important thing you’ll learn is if these ProSupps cookies actually taste good. The second thing you’ll learn is if they are actually healthy. And lastly we’ll talk about their external appearance. Because we’re shallow like that. Lol. Oh and we’ll also figure out what the best flavor of MyCookie is. Alright? Cool. Let’s get into it.

What is the best flavor of MyCookie? Or actually before that- what even is a MyCookie? A MyCookie is a product made by ProSupps…Which is actually one of the more hardcore supplement companies on the market. They make the Hyde pre workout that I reviewed several months ago. As you know from that ProSupps pre workout review, this company is to be taken very seriously. The pre workout almost blew my hair off! Lol. But then more recently, I reviewed the MyBar by ProSupps. A totally well-made protein bar. A bar that made me say. Ok. So what is this company all about? A super hardcore pre workout, but then a super edible, super flavorful bar. It seemed to not make sense. And then this. The MyCookie. ProSupps seems to be a supplement company gone soft! Literally. HA. Okay let me stop babbling and actually talk about this cookie. 

Do MyCookies Taste Good? 

Not really, is the answer. And let me explain.

These cookies don’t actually taste like cookies. They taste like bars. In fact- the MyCookie actually tastes more like a protein bar than the MyBar! How does that add up?! I don’t know. But if you do end up trying one of these awful cookies- you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s like they took a handful of protein bars, mashed them all together, rolled them out, and cut a big circle out of it.

It’s literally just a circular protein bar. I don’t know how they even can legally call it a cookie. It’s so dense. It’s so, just, Bar-ey. You would understand what I am talking about if you try one. A cookie has a sort of dough-eyness to it. A sort of powdery lightness. These soft-baked ProSupps MyCookies have literally none of that. They are just wet and dense and too chewy. They even taste like bars. 

What is the Best Flavor of MyCookie? 

So. I unfortunately had to try all five flavors of the MyCookie, and they stack up quite terribly against one another. Okay I’m being too dramatic here. They don’t stack up terribly. But they do all taste like protein bars cut into circular shapes. The best MyCookie flavor is probably the chocolate chip– just because the chocolate chips at least are reminiscent of a real cookie. But other than that, there’s not much cookie-esque about it. I mean. The snickerdoodle is edible but still nowhere near Lenny & Larry’s status. The Red Velvet tastes not even like Red Velvet. The Peanut Butter is truly bad. And the white chocolate chip was somewhere in between. Not much to love about any of the MyCookie flavors, really. Here are the final rankings though: 

  1. Chocolate Chip
  2. Snickerdoodle
  3. White Chocolate Chip
  4. Red Velvet
  5. Peanut Butter

Where does this all leave us, you ask? Well. Let’s at least look at the nutritional info and see if ProSupps MyCookies are even healthy. 

Are ProSupps MyCookies Even Healthy? 

Sometimes the ‘healthy’ alternative to the ‘real thing’ is even less nutritious. See Chef Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch Bar, for example. Those things are literally worse than eating a full size Snickers. And with all the controversy around Lenny & Larry’s recently, we can safely assume those things are even less healthy than they say. Aka even more sugar and even less protein. Yeah. You know they aren’t good for you. And, well, it comes as no surprise that MyCookies aren’t all that healthy either. 300 calories, more sugar than fiber, and artificial ingredients turn me off just slightly when it comes to the nutrition facts of the MyCookies. A hefty sodium dosage of 30% also stands out as being not quite so nutritious. What else. Soy. Vegetable oils…yeah. I mean. There’s not a lot to love about MyCookie from a health standpoint. But. Against a straight up cookie of similar size? I guess I would take the MyCookie? Half the time? Maybe not though. Let’s talk packaging and then wrap this up. Get it. 

MyCookie Looks Fine. 

I feel like most of my packaging headlines for the last handful of reviews have ended in ‘fine’ or ‘okay’ or ‘basic’. It’s like nobody cares about making beautiful packaging anymore. I mean. Where’s the emotion and attention to detail? MyCookie is such a boring name. With an appropriately boring theme and packaging. So they plastered a large image of the product on the center. Great. I get it. That’s packaging 101 where you have to show the imagination what is inside. But seriously I’m just tired of it. Buff Bake does it with their cookies. Lenny & Larry does it. Why can’t someone go off the beaten path for once. Sigh. But I guess it is fitting-ly boring for such a boring attempt at a healthy cookie. Basically they aren’t that healthy nor are they tasty. So. Wouldn’t nice packaging just be a bait-and-switch? I think so. Let’s get this MyCookie review over with. 

ProSupps MyCookie Review Summary

  • Taste: 7.8
  • Nutrition: 8.0
  • Packaging: 7.6
  • Value: 7.5
  • Final Score: 7.4

I just don’t like these ProSupps MyCookies. There’s not much else to say. They don’t taste good, and they aren’t terribly healthy. What’s the point?*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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