Natural Science Creation CUTS Review: It’s Not for Everyone

Posted on August 8th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Natural Science Creation CUTS Review is here! And if my music cuts out one more time I’m going to throw my computer across the room and then march into the Comcast store and go crazy! Agh! It’s unbelievable that I pay over $200 dollars a month for this wifi and still can’t stream music. Unbelievable. You know what else in unbelievable? Unbelievably bad? Natural Science Creation CUTS. In this review I’ll tell you why I really don’t appreciate products like these. We’ll talk first and foremost about performance and about how the product impacts (or doesn’t) the body. I’m then going to discuss the ingredients (there aren’t many so that won’t take long). As with all my reviews I’ll spend some time talking about the packaging and then close it all up with a comprehensive review summary- think of that part like the ‘sparknotes’ of the review. I don’t think this review will be terribly long (no foreshadowing there wink wink) so let’s get it over with- my Natural Science Creation CUTS review:


Natural Science Creation, or ‘NSC’ for short, seems to be the brainchild of instafamous fitness diva @sarah_bowmar – the totally ripped, bow-shooting, Under Armour sponsored health and fitness woman. Is she beautiful? Yes. Am I more than just a little jealous of her? Yes. I mean. Under Armour sponsorship people. I don’t think you can beat that. Sigh. Now. Unfortunately being a super successful worker-outer doesn’t necessarily mean that you are instantly going to be good at running a supplement company. I think Natural Science Creation is a good example of that. These products overall sort of rub me the wrong way. First of all, I don’t it when supplement companies try to mock the appearance of nutraceuticals. Like. Just stop. CUTS, or ‘Carb Utilization Transportation System’ is packaged as if it’s an actual prescription drug. The amber bottle is your first clue that they’re trying to fool you into thinking this is such a ‘serious’ product almost like a medicine. We’ll rip into the packaging more in a bit- but you catch my drift so far. I just don’t think it’s sensible for these supplement companies to get caught up in this style of marketing.

The second thing that I’m sort of irked by when it comes to CUTS is that it’s totally the victim of an identity crisis. I mean. I’m categorizing it here on the blog as a fat burner, but on Natural Science Creation’s own website they have it categorized as a pre workout, which is quite odd. I guess the directions have me taking it with a pre workout meal, which makes some sense. But really it’s called CUTS as if it’s a fat burner so I sort of question the products positioning as a pre workout. Weird. Ok. Let’s talk about the performance. 

Natural Science Creation CUTS Performance Grade: 6.7

(This portion of the review was written by my fittie Elin because I’ve been too busy to try CUTS. She knows her stuff though so give her your full and undivided attention). 

“I took CUTS, short for “Carb Utilization Transport System” for about two weeks at Allie’s request, and wasn’t really convinced of it’s effectiveness following the trial. I followed the instructions to a ’T’ and used 1 capsule before each meal- 20 minutes prior on the dot to be exact. I even used my phone to time out exactly the 20 minutes. I think the premise of the product was that it was supposed to do something with the food that you ingest to make you less fat, or help you to lose some of the stored bodyfat. I can safely say after two week taking the product (I basically went through the entire bottle in two weeks), that I am 100% exactly the same in terms of both physique appearance and actual bodyfat. I have one of those scales that can measure your bodyfat and keeps track of it, and it told me that I am 18.4% bodyfat on the day that I began the test, and exactly the same 18.4% this morning having concluded the test run.

One thing that I did notice, that actually was sort of unpleasant was how my digestion felt while I would eat the meal following the CUTS pill. I don’t really know how else to explain it but when I actually did eat a decent amount of carbs with the meal (as they tell you to do on the bottle), I had a feeling that the food was like, just sitting in the bottom of my throat/chest area. Not like I was choking or anything super dangerous but it was just almost like my digestive system wasn’t taking the food as fast as it usually does. Overall it’s super uncomfortable and something I did not look forwards to after taking CUTS. I’m not sure if this is a side effects of NSC CUTS or if that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work (by making you not want to eat carbs to avoid that lousy feeling!)- but I highly doubt this is the case lol. But anyways. I’m just one person so it could be that this product just isn’t for me. If you really want to try the CUTS maybe you will have a better result than me. That is all 🙂

Natural Science Creation CUTS Ingredients Grade: 8.0

So, Elin is one of the most beautiful Swedes you will ever see. You are imagining what she looks like right now- and it’s exactly accurate. OMG she’s a sweetheart I love her. You rock Elin! Ok. Time to get into some of the ingredients. All of the ingredients actually. Natural Science Creation used only four ingredients when making CUTS. Four. I’m the first one to endorse quality over quantity- and that’s something that they’ve actually done a nice job with here. I’m giving them a respectable ‘B’ on their formulation because for a ‘carb-blocker’ supplement, they have put some good stuff in here. Here are the four ingredients in Natural Science Creations CUTS: 

  1. Gymnema Sylvestre: Has profound effect on insulin secretion. Stimulates insulin release and can regenerate the beta cells.
  2. Banaba Leaf Powder: (for Lagerstroemia Speciosa) Increased nutrient uptake and increase muscle fullness by mimicking the hormone insulin. 
  3. L-Norvaline: Has vasodilating properties and increases vascularity and nutrient delivery
  4. Chromium Picolinate: Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. 

This formula is really a carb-blocker/partitioner and I’m not totally sure why this entire product isn’t marketed as such! The more I look over it the more I’m convinced that they basically have just done an awful job of positioning and labeling CUTS. Don’t call it a pre workout you fools- this is a carb partitioning supplement!

Natural Science Creation CUTS Packaging Review: 5.8

I got into this a little bit earlier in the review but I guess I might as well get my sickle out again to finish the job. (Dark mood much? Lol). This packaging is bad in every way. Despite the whole ‘trick you into thinking this is an actual drug’ thing- there’s a ton more to hate from a pure aesthetic and design perspective! First of all the layout and arrangement of literally everything on the front panel is atrocious. The product name is silly and infantile. There’s like a million different things going on on the front panel alone to the point where you’re not really sure where you should be looking. There’s a marked lack of color or personality overall when you take in this packaging as whole which totally eliminates any sort of emotional connection to the product. It’s just poorly done in every way. Terrible job, Natural Science Creation.

Natural Science Creation CUTS Review Summary:

  • Natural Science Creation CUTS Performance Grade: 6.7
  • Natural Science Creation CUTS Ingredients Grade: 8.0
  • Natural Science Creation CUTS Packaging Review: 6.0
  • Natural Science Creation CUTS Value Grade: 3.0

At $90 bucks for about a two week supply of Natural Science Creation CUTS, this is easily the worst value of any product that I’ve ever reviewed here on the BPW- and I’ve done reviews for some real duds. But for a simple everyday carb blocker (which basically does nothing anyway) this is fantastically over-priced. I’m giving it a meager ‘3.0’ for value, which drags the already poor grade of Natural Science Creation CUTS down to a failing grade of 5.8. I’d stay away from this one.*

Natural Science Creation CUTS Final Review Grade: 5.8

Allie Lewis

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