Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Review: Didn’t Really Work For Me

Posted on March 5th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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I’ve been doing fat burner reviews for a long time now. So when I came across Nexgen Thermogen, I knew I had my next product to review. In this Nexgen Thermogen Review, I’m going to try and answer any and all questions you may have about the product. If you are on the fence about grabbing a bottle of Thermogen for yourself, I think this review will be a great resource for you. Because my reviews, you see, are not what you are used to. They are WAY more detailed, WAY more entertaining, and I actually make sense of the products in question. That’s right. You don’t need to know all the science behind these  products. I distill all that info into a nice, neat, tidy review for you. You’ll learn if Thermogen actually works, you’ll learn about what’s in it formula-wise, and you’ll also hear about the packaging and labeling too. I hope you enjoy this review. Actually my first ever Nexgen Nutrition review. The company has shown some promise, and in this review I’ll let you know if it’s actually as legit as it looks. So let’s get this Nexgen Thermogen Review cracking!

Nexgen Nutrition seems to be one of those companies that is just poised to break out. They have some good clean packaging, some good-looking formulas, and a great social strategy. Of course I say that because they reached out to me to be a brand ambassador (insert hair flip emoji here). But of course I had to try their products before deciding if this company and this brand was right for me. Little did they know I also happen to be one of, if not THE world’s leading supplement review blog. So pat yourself on the back for finding me, lol. But yeah- Thermogen is one product that I had a really good feeling about going into the review. The supplement facts look pretty good. Let’s actually talk about those ingredients first. 

Nexgen Thermogen Formula Grade: 8.8

I really enjoy a product that uses a non-proprietary blend in the ingredients. You can see exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product, and you can also get a really good feel for which ingredients are the dominant ones. I like being able to match up what I feel physically with the ingredients so that I can start to make connections between how each one feels. 

What I mean is- since I’ve taken SO many of these fat burners– I can start to ACTUALLY sense how the different ingredients impact my body individually. So if a product lists 4 grams of Acetyl L-Carnitine for example (which would be a very high dosage), and then I’m noticing that my abs are popping out within a few days- I can start to make some assumptions about that ingredient. Speaking of L-Carnitine, this is one of the hottest diet and weight loss ingredients on the market today, and there’s a great amount of it in Thermogen. This fat burner utilizes TWO different forms of carnitine. And they are listed as number one and number two on the supplement facts panel. Meaning these are the primary ingredients in the product. Here is the complete list of ingredients in Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen: 

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Caffeine Anhydrous

Green Tea Extract 

Garcinia Cambogia 


Yerba Mate

Rhodiola Rosea




Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12


As a whole, the Nexgen Thermogen formula is quite balanced. There’s a good mix of serious, hardcore ingredients, and then also some tamer ones. I think this product is a little bit stronger than it reveals on the outside. You have some real stimulant firepower to contend with the caffeine and also yohimbine HCI. If you are sensitive to stimulants, you will actually get hit pretty hard by this product. 

The best parts of this formula in my opinion are the two forms of carnitine, and then also the garcinia, and of course green tea. If you’ve read some of my previous fat burner reviews you probably are saying ‘what the heck, Allie, you usually bag on garciinia!?’. You’re right. Usually I do. But just like Donald Trump said yesterday in that public massacre that was the republican debate- ’sometimes you have to be flexible’. But basically this was his way of sugar-coating the fact that he basically contradicted himself on three separate occasions. 

I’m not a politician, so you can be assured that I have no really good excuses for you other than the fact that garcinia has simply grown on me. At the request of my old trainer who I really respect, I started taking 100% garcinia supplement about a month ago, and I’ve actually had really nice results from it. I can now notice some of that effect from all the fat burners that use garcinia. It’s a really nice ingredient. So those are my thoughts on the Nexgen Thermogen formula. It’s well made. Maybe a little heavy on stims, but it’s a good balance if you’re used to taking fat burners. Let’s move on to the packaging. 

Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Packaging Review Grade: 7.8

This packaging and the overall ‘look’ of Thermogen remind me very much of the Bikinibod fat burner that I reviewed a while ago. It’s a very crisp, clean look that you don’t alway find in the supplement store. As I did call out in the formula section, there is the sense that the product is going to be very tame, and maybe even feminine in how it behaves. I always think it’s funny how I can humanize a fat burning pill. Lol. But seriously- this packaging is pretty girly right? I mean that not in a bad way, but I don’t know if they intended to make it so feminine. I took it for the first time and then did a double take almost at the bottle like ‘whoa this came out of you?!’ It’s like when a little boy opens his mouth and this big huge voice comes out. It’s always a surprise. But anyways. From a design standpoint, this product seems to lack the sort of grown-up, technical design strength that Bikinibod does. I don’t mind the nexgen logo and branding, but I think there is way too much text, and a sever lack of clear hierarchy that would make such amounts of text acceptable. Your eye just doesn’t know where to look, and that makes it difficult to digest the label as a whole. Your eye is drawn to the big, bold word ‘THERMOGEN’ but, then after that you start of start wandering around all over the place. The main point being you don’t really KNOW what Nexgen Thermogen DOES until after you’ve read all this text on the front. It’s just not good design. For that reason I have to give it a C plus. Alright. Now let’s finally discuss the question you’re all here for!

Does Thermogen Work? 

The age-old question about diet pills. Do. They. Work. Does Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen work? Do you lose weight? Do you get a thigh-gap automatically? Do your abs pop out like Kayla? The short answer is no, as it relates to Nexgen Thermogen. You don’t automatically get a thigh-gap and you don’t automatically drop a ton of weight. I’ve been taking Thermogen for the past two weeks and I can tell you this product does two things. Just two. These are the two ONLY effects of Nexgen Thermogen: 

  1. Appetite Control: I did notice from my very first dosage that Thermogen caused me to eat less than I otherwise would have. I have been on my usual diet plan of a light snack in the morning along with some coffee, and then my workout is in the afternoon, and then the big huge meal of the day, or the Fit Life Allie FEAST as I like to call it, happens in the evening. Thermogen made me eat a little bit less of food at the feast, and more importantly, it did allow me to control my appetite and STOP eating. This was critically important because often times I will feast, and then just keep eating until I feel super bloated and lousy. 
  2. Energy: Trust me. You will get a nice little burst of energy from Nexgen Thermogen. I was wide-awake, alert, and focused right from the start. I noticed this especially with my morning dosage, when I was taking Thermogen with my light snack. I think focus effects are felt more dramatically when you eat less, so if you’re looking to use Thermogen as a bit of a ‘pick-me-up’ AND fat burner- make sure you’re eating light meals with it. 

So those are the two effects. So what gives? How come I didn’t lose weight with something that was blunting my appetite? I guess I don’t KNOW the answer to that. I do feel like I was eating less calories than I usually do. I also feel like my metabolism was higher…the slight jitteriness was a certain indicator of as much. But hey. Some products just work differently for each person. You might lose 15 pounds in a week with Thermogen. It’s happened time and time again. I’ll LOVE a product, and then someone writes in and says ‘oh that stuff did nothing’. Similarly, I’ll bag all over a product, and one of my fans will tweet me like ‘you were SO wrong about xyz, that product was so bomb!’. That’s just how it goes sometimes. But for me personally I’m giving Thermogen a 7.5 on performance.

Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Review Summary

  • Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Formula Review Grade: 8.8
  • Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Packaging Review Grade: 7.8
  • Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Performance Grade: 7.5
  • Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Value Grade: 7.5

Thermogen is an odd product. The formula is wonderful. The packaging is fine. But the results just were NOT there for me, even though I SWEAR I could feel it working. I just don’t know what to make of Thermogen. I wouldn’t buy it again at $49 a jar.*


Nexgen Nutrition Thermogen Final Review Score: 7.8

Allie Lewis

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