BikiniBod Review: I Didn’t Lose Weight, But Still Love It.

Posted on September 16th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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In today’s review I’m going to discuss a brand new fat burner that I had the pleasure of trying and it’s called Bikini Bod. In my Bikini Bod Body Formula Review I’ll discuss every single element of the product so that you can have the knowledge that you need to decide if this product is for you. Luckily, you know that I am actually the leading authority when it comes to fat burner reviews and have done over fifty fat burner reviews (mostly female specific) on my site here. If you’re new to my reviews, let me explain the flow of how these fat burner reviews go. We start off by me telling you about what’s going on in my life, because let’s face it that’s more important than these supplements. It also helps me get my writing game going. After we do that (which is usually quite entertaining), we will start discussing the product in question, which today is BikiniBod. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be one word or two? Let’s just use both. So we start off all fat burner reviews with the performance evaluation. This is the most critical element and so it makes sense to talk about the performance first. I mean. If the product doesn’t work, I’m going to tell you straight up. If it does, you won’t find a bigger proponent for it than me. After we talk benefits we’ll go into detail on the supplement facts and ingredients to try and discover what’s in BikiniBod that makes it either effective or not. Our last criteria for judgement is a package design score. This is a fun one for me as a designer where we can breakdown the aesthetic appeal of the product as a whole. Looks have to count for something, right? That’s what my Mom told me. Jk. At the end of the review I’ll do a final review summary where we’ll tie everything together and award a final score to BikiniBod. Sound good? Good. So here it is, my official Bikinibod Review.

So have you ever had one of those mornings where you get out of bed, get a glass of water, brush your teeth, get ready to start your day, and then immediately flop right back onto your bed and fall back asleep for two hours? Yes. You have. And I ALMOST had one of those this morning, but as I lay there, ready to fall back asleep for four to seven more hours, I couldn’t help but think: “What about all those poor people out there who really want to know if BikiniBod works?”. And motivated by this thought, I sprung up with a new spring in my step. A new purpose to my life! Yes. I am going to help those poor people. And I’ll be darned if it’s not the most informative, entertaining, eloquent, and decisive Bikinibod fat burner review out there. So get your seatbelt on because there IS nothing else going on in my life right now except this review. Let’s start with the performance benefits, AKA Does BikiniBod WORK? 

Does BikiniBod Work? 

I am going to give BikiniBod Fat Burner a score of 8.7 even- an ‘A’ on the performance results because guess what? It works. It’s not one of the most hardcore fat loss products I’ve ever tried, and it’s also not the one that has given me the fastest results. But it does absolutely work, in a slow and steady way. But please do keep reading because what I mean by ‘it works’ might NOT be exactly what you are assuming.

The protocol that I followed was to take 1 capsule every morning first thing when I woke up, about a half hour before breakfast. Then in the afternoon I would take another pill before lunch. I’ve found that often times when you take these pills without having food with them, you can really put your stomach in a bad place. That would have to be the only side effect of BikiniBod that I found is that you don’t want to take your Bikini Bod pill and then forget to eat. I did this twice and both times I regretted it because I got bellyaches. Not like super crazy OMG I just ate shellfish and I’m allergic to shellfish bellyaches but just like a ‘oh this kinda sucks’ bellyache. But BikiniBod Side Effects are virtually nonexistent other than that. But I do want to tell you about the three main benefits that I found in my experience during the four weeks that I’ve been taking BikiniBod Ultimate Beauty Body Formula: 

My Top Three Benefits of Taking BikiniBod:

  1. Hair: I know this is something you probably were not expecting but I swear this is the top benefit of BikiniBod. I’ve literally NEVER experienced actual improvements to my skin or hair or nails from a beauty supplement and especially not a fat loss supplement- but this one, strangely enough, nailed it for me. It wasn’t like anything happened overnight, but just recently I’ve actually noticed that my hair has looked super full and has great color and I haven’t had that strange almost soreness as if someone has been pulling it (you know the feeling). 
  2. Nails: My nails seem to be way more resistant to cracks and chips and things like that and I swear Bikinibod has played a role in my newfound ‘nail strength’ lol. Ok maybe some of this one is placebo but after reading more of the BikiniBod reviews on their site I think it’s an actual effect. Pretty awesome.
  3. Skin: The third thing that I have noticed is that my skin has literally been amazing since I started taking Bikinibod. I usually have, like, slightly above average skin quality I would say. And living in Southern California you really don’t have an excuse to NOT have wonderful skin quality, but we all know it’s sometimes out of your control. But mostly it’s in your control. When you are taking Bikinibod you can really notice that skin is softer, more smooth, and in my opinion makes you less prone to blemishes. My face was so clear for the entire four weeks that I took Bikinibod it was literally AH-mazing.

So. You probably noticed that my TOP three benefits of taking Bikinibod have nothing to do with fat or weight loss. That’s because, well, I didn’t REALLY notice that this product did that much for my physique. I should probably note that since my move I’ve been incredibly devoted to my health and fitness such that I actually haven’t been making much of a conscious effort TO lose weight, and that includes these last four weeks that I’ve been taking BikiniBod. I actually think that I gained a half a pound or even three quarters of a pound while taking BikiniBod just because I was working out so hard that I was eating a pretty large amount of food. That being said, I’m sure you CAN lose weight with BikiniBod and a more deliberate diet. But let’s talk about the formula for a bit. 

Bikini Bod Fat Burner Formula Grade: 9.0

I’m going to give BikiniBod an ‘A’ on the formula because it has all the usual suspects that you would expect in a fat burner, plus a handful of goodies that put it into that premier class in my opinion. It’s important to note that this one does contain some Bitter Orange extract so all of you NCAA athletes out there you should not be taking this one. I actually had a really good friend back in school who failed a drug test and was suspended for an entire season because of one of these stupid diet pills. So this one is very close to home for me. Do NOT risk a season of eligibility just for the possibility of losing a few more pounds with the aid of Bikinibod. It ain’t worth it. But here are the key ingredients in BikiniBod: 

  • Bitter Orange
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Uva Ursi
  • Biotin
  • Superfruit Extract
  • Green Tea

So like I mentioned- you can see that this is nothing you haven’t seen before for a fat burner, save for maybe the Uva Ursi, and the superfuit Extract. I actually think the Uva Ursi has some potential as an anti-bloat ingredient. While I didn’t lose weight while taking BikiniBod I think I could notice that my body was less willing to hold water weight and you can notice the anti-bloating properties especially within an hour or two of taking the product. The final thing that I love love LOVE about this ingredient is the superfruit high-ORAC blend. This anti-oxidant blend is what gives the product the skin, hair, and nail benefits that I was actually noticing. I know it sounds crazy because I swear I’ve taken such products like this before that are more the anti-oxidant thing and supposed to help with all that stuff but I never had results like these for hair, skin, and nail. It’s fabulous. Speaking of fabulous- how about this packaging!

Bikini Bod Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 9.7

WOW. I haven’t given a packaging grade this high since Protein World Slender Blend or the Athena Intense Pre Workout. But Bikinibod has really done something wonderful with the packaging design of their supplement. Now. You might look at it and say “huh? It’s so plain!” And yes. It is plain. But it’s absolutely brilliant in it’s simplicity. You know from my reviews that nobody likes a good, full, saturated label that just competes for your attention on every square pixel of it. But BikiniBod works in it’s own minimalist, beautiful way. The pearly whiteness of it is striking and gives you the peace of mind that what you are putting in your body is pure and safe. I think ‘purity’ is actually the perfect word to describe this design language that BikiniBod has created. The subtle use of color, which is a marvelous ocean water blue-green, is the perfect way to give the product a feeling of luxury, effectiveness, and trust. The side panels that give you the directions and supplement facts are even beautiful. The fonts are thin, crisp, and perfectly aligned with the total product personality. I love everything about it. Total heart-eyes. 

BikiniBod Body Formula Review Summary

  • Bikini Bod Fat Burner Performance Grade: 8.7
  • Bikini Bod Fat Burner Formula Grade: 9.0
  • Bikini Bod Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 9.7
  • Bikini Bod Fat Burner Value Grade: 8.4

At $49.99 for a thirty-day supply, BikiniBod is on the upper end as far as pricing for fat loss supplements. For me personally it was tough to assign a value grade to this product. It didn’t really cause any significant changes in my physique, but it DID help me immensely in terms of hair, skin, and nail. So what is value of that? For me, I think I would be willing to pay $50 again for another bottle, to get these benefits again. Sure it’s a little pricey for something so small. But. I just LIKE BikiniBod. There’s just something about it. Go try some.


Bikini Bod Body Formula Final Score: 8.9

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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