NLA For Her CLA Review: It Didn’t Impress Me Much

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Time for another fat-loss supplement review- and today the product under the microscope is the ‘Her CLA’ Fat Loss Supplement by FLA for Her. I’ve reviewed almost the entire NLA line, and so I’m glad to round out this section of the blog with a final review on this fat loss supplement for women. Even though this isn’t a full-blown fat burner like some of the others, it’s still a very popular product that most folks really enjoy as a stimulant-free solution to other, more robust (and expensive!) fat loss supplements. I’m pretty close to releasing my first ever Best Fat Burner list for women in about one week, and I felt like an NLA for Her review would be a nice way to round out the final year’s worth of fat burner reviews. So. Here’s what we’ll discuss in the article. First, I’ll tell you how my two week trial period on the product has gone. I’ll point out any effects whatsoever- both good and bad. If there are side effects of Her CLA, I’ll tell you (there aren’t). After that, we’ll get into the ingredients. That will also be rather brief as this is a very simple product formula-wise. We’ll close things out with a nice little packaging review before awarding a final review score to this NLA For Her CLA. So let’s get started.

Bear with me in this NLA for Her CLA review because I’m currently in a plane, and am quite uncomfortable. Somehow I’m still hungover from three days ago, and I feel honestly like my butt got hit with a shovel. I don’t know if I fell or something, but holy cow do I feel lousy. But you know what? That didn’t stop me from having the time of my life with the girls. And while we partied unbelievably hard during this bachelorette weekend, we still managed to stay relatively strict on a fitness and diet regimen. The thing I love best about my fitties is that we can have a heck of a good time and still try and maintain some degree of sexiness. I mean. It’s probably all mental, but it felt good taking this CLA stuff every day, while doing some cardio and keeping things in check. Ok so we had some pretty gluttonous cheat meals (who’s idea was a Brazilian Steakhouse ANYWAYS?!), but I don’t think I gained TOO too much weight. But let me bring you back to two weeks ago when I first started taking NLA CLA for Her. 

Does NLA For Her CLA Work? 

I know, I know. That’s all you want to know. And I’ll do my best to let you know if NLA CLA works- I promise. It is SORT of complicated by the fact that I did have this mini-vacation at the end of my log, but I had a good 11-day stretch of being on my normal diet and exercise routine so I can tell you how things went in that regard. Here is my mini-log which should give you a good sense of how NLA For Her CLA worked for me: 

Day 1: I don’t always do a post on Day 1, but I did want to go over the product briefly in terms of the protocol of how to take it and everything. The protocol that I’ll be following is three soft gels each day. I can’t tell if I’m supposed to take them before or after meals, but I guess I’ll just take them with meals so that I rule out (hopefully) and stomach discomfort. If you’ve ever taken some of these diet pills you know that they can be really hard to digest. But. I think these will be ok. Day 1 in the books. 

Day 5: I’ve now been taking NLA for Her CLA capsules for 5 days straight, and I haven’t noticed anything remarkable in terms of how my body looks. I will say that I feel like my energy levels might be a tiny bit higher. Sometimes I’ll wake up in a really bad fog until I either drink a bunch of coffee or eat a big breakfast. Or both. But I’ve actually been eating really modest breakfast portions, and forgoing my coffee because I’m on a two week stimulant break. Hopefully I’ll start to realize some fat loss progress before next weekend’s bachelorette trip! (Yes, it’s in the Caribbean, A.K.A bathing suit territory). 

Day 11: Ugh I know I haven’t logged in a while, but you know what? It doesn’t REALLY matter because I’ve made, sigh, almost zero progress by using this fat burner. I leave tomorrow, and the next few days will most likely not be too healthy, which might taint the results that I get from NLA CLA for Her fat loss supplement. But to this point, all that I’ve noticed is a slight uptick in my energy levels- particularly in the morning with my first dosage. I have been surprised before, so maybe this will be one of those times when a product works some magic for me in the closing days of a trial log. 

Day 16: And here I am on the plane, after two bonus days of taking NLA CLA, and after five straight days of sub-optimal health and fitness routines. As odd as it may sound, I feel strangely refreshed, healthy, and I think my body looks pretty darn good. I don’t know if I’m majorly dehydrated from being in the sun and having too much wine, but it could just be that NLA for Her CLA has done me some good.

With zero side effects, a small boost in energy, and inconclusive results in terms of weight-loss, I think my final verdict is that NLA CLA is probably a hit-or-miss for you. I know from experience that CLA doesn’t impact my body very much- possibly because I think I get alot of it naturally from my meat-filled diet. But if you don’t get a ton of red meat in your diet, I bet this product might work a little better for you.

NLA For Her CLA Formula Grade: N/A

It’s not really worth giving out a formula grade because this product is just so basic and obvious from the formulation standpoint. It consists of, guess what? CLA. And that is all. Just CLA. No added stimulants or aminos or anything. They do add safflower oil, gelatin, and water to the capsules, but these are probably just the ingredients of the soft gels themselves. 

And that’s really all I can say about the formula. The dosage itself is relatively standard in terms of the dosage quantity- there are 1,200 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid- 80% CLA. The mechanism of CLA is that it is supposed to increase the metabolic rate. Just like all ‘fat burners’. But unlike most of the fat burners that I review, and unlike the NLA Fat BurnerShred Her’ (which I’ve also reviewed- read it here), this is a stimulant-free fat burner. Because obviously it is just a simple CLA supplement. The last thing I’ll mention is that CLA is also supposed to provide an immune system boost. I think this could’ve helped me through the aggressive bachelorette weekend. Lol. Let’s talk about packaging now. 

NLA For Her CLA Packaging Grade: 8.9

NLA For Her has slowly improved in this area. If you remember all the way back when this company was brand new, way back when I first did my NLA Uplift Review, they had a super basic look. They used ugly white plastic jars, ugly white plastic lids, and a pretty unbecoming graphics package on the label. Things have improved though. I noticed it first a few weeks ago at the Mister Olympia competition in Las Vegas. These pretty pink and black packages caught my eye, and I thought to myself ‘whoa what is this?’ And then as my brain registered what I was seeing I came to realize that it was NLA for Her, just re-worked in a really positive way. The products, such as this CLA diet supplement, now feature a darker base, which allows the pink and white graphics to come out at you a little quicker. Another really noticeable and handsome change they have made is the shift from a plain white lid to the pink/purple metallic lid. It seems like the changes are all part of comprehensive ‘let’s look better’ attitude adjustment at NLA for Her. The funny thing is that I’ll bet my bottom dollar that they took my feedback into account and that it was most likely ME that inspired the change. Call me vain, but, after all I’m probably the most respected supplement reviewer on the internet. So. You’re welcome NLA! Nice work on the re-branding. I’m always accepting donations. Lol. 

NLA For Her CLA Review Summary

  • NLA For Her CLA Performance Grade: 7.8
  • NLA For Her CLA Formula Grade: N/A
  • NLA For Her CLA Packaging Grade: 8.9
  • NLA For Her CLA Value Grade: 8.5

I’ll give NLA CLA a ‘B’ because the stuff really is so cheap that it’s probably worth trying even though it doesn’t really work for me. But I know CLA does work for several folks so why not give NLA for Her CLA a go?*


NLA For Her CLA Final Review Score: 8.0

Allie Lewis

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