Pre Kaged Review: It’s Just Not as Good as Pre Jym.

Posted on October 26th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Pre Kaged reviews are becoming more popular as this pre workout supplement grows in popularity. But I can promise you that you’ve found the best Kaged Muscle pre workout review on the entire internet. That’s because I am Fit Life Allie and I know these pre workout products better than anyone out there. I have conducted nearly a hundred individual pre workout reviews so you can bet that I know what I am talking about. In this Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged review what I’m going to do first is tell you about the flavor. Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? What can you compare it to? After that I’ll tell you what you wanted to know most of all- does Pre Kaged work? And how does it compare to Pre Jym? I instantly thought of Pre Jym because these two products are named the same way and are big, non-proprietary blend pre workouts. I’ll recount my workout experience with Pre Kaged for you and give you a sense of what it feels like to take the product. Following the performance side of things we’ll open up the hood and see what ingredients go into this product. I’ll close things out with an overview of the black and green Pre Kaged packaging, and then wrap things up at the end in a final review summary. How does that sound? Pretty good, right? I thought so. Let’s un-kage this review and get started.

Kris Gethin is the latest in a slew of popular bodybuilding personalities to come out with their own line of supplements. There is a very noticeable trend starting to appear where the most popular supplement lines are the ones that are based off of a person. It seems to me that among these, the ones that are the linked to a sort of ‘guru’ instead of a bodybuilder are the most successful sub-category. Meaning that the Pre-Jym’s and the Layne Norton Carbon products seem to have gained more traction that the ones that are created for bodybuilders like Jay Cutler or even the Arnold Schwarzenegger line. In this review I’ll make some interesting comparisons between Pre Kaged and Pre Jym especially since they are so similar. Actually you know what? Let’s start with that comparison.

Pre Jym vs. Pre Kaged:

As you know, Pre Jym was my go-to pre workout for most of 2015 because of how good and strong it made me feel. It’s almost impossible to beat Pre Jym on taste and just pure workout effectiveness. You feel like superwoman (or man I’m sure) with a scoop and a half of Pre Jym coursing through your body.

The thing about Pre Kaged that makes it a little different than Pre Jym is that it doesn’t seem to last for as long as Pre Jym. This was one of the most noticeable differences for me when I took it. Pre Jym is better than Pre Kaged in terms of endurance in my opinion. 

Another area where I prefer Jym over Kaged is on pumps. Now as you know from my pre Jym review the pump isn’t all THAT great with JYM, and nothing even close to what you get with something like White Rapids. But Pre Kaged was really lacking in the pump department for me. I know. It sounds like I hate Pre Kaged but I really didn’t. 

The energy that you get from Pre Kaged is almost unmatched by anything that I’ve ever tried in the gym. I’ve had some very, VERY stimulant intense pre workouts, but there is something about Pre Kaged that just slaps you right in the face from the second the first sip hits your lips

I’ve now tried Pre Kaged for three separate workouts and would have to give it a final performance score of 9.1. Surprisingly, I liked Pre Kaged best for high-intensity interval training. My bike interval routine stands absolutely no chance against me when I have the full scoop of Kaged Muscle powering my workout. I also took Pre Kaged before my more traditional bodybuilding-style workouts but honestly I didn’t get that great of results from it. I didn’t get that great of a pump, and the energy sort of faded towards the latter stages of my workout. 

If I had to compare Pre Kaged to Layne Norton’s Carbon Prep, I don’t think I can do it because Layne’s is stimulant free. Kris Gethin’s is chalk full of caffeine so I can’t really make an accurate comparison. But I did enjoy Carbon Prep immensely. Let’s talk about the flavor of Pre Kaged.

Pre Kaged Flavor Grade: 8.5

This taste of Pre Kaged is, well, interesting. I feel like I could definitely taste the Spectra ORAC blend that Gethin included for the adrenal and overall body wellness. There is green coffee, green tea, and heck even broccoli sprout concentrate in your pre workout! That is like, unheard of. And you can kind of taste it. The flavor that I had was the only one available, which was fruit punch. The taste of this pre workout is not what you would expect when you hear ‘fruit punch’. There is not the same sort of artificial punch taste that you get from something very synthetic like Cellucor C4. But rather this pre workout tastes more like a bitter, sort of organic, berry punch. The sweetness is on point, and I really like how the product has a distinctive aftertaste. Yes. You read that right. I actually enjoy the aftertaste of Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged pre workout. It’s sort of bitter and raw tasting. It just tastes, well, healthier than alot of the other ones that are so full of artificial sweeteners. Well. I guess this one uses sucralose as well as stevia so never mind. Speaking of what is in here, why don’t we look at some of the ingredients.

Pre Kaged Formula Grade: 9.6

I trust that Kris Gethin knows what he is doing from a formulation standpoint. But at the same time, he’s not a doctor like Jim Stoppani, So I’m not sure how his formula ended up even more complex than Jim’s! Hm. Actually I bet I do. I bet he just hired a formulator to help him! I know. I’m a genius. LOL. But seriously this formula is really, really impressive. Which makes it that much weirder that I seemed to have better workouts with Pre Jym when the serving size pales in comparison to the amount of sheer raw material in Pre Kaged. You would expect the relationship between the scoop size and workout effects to be much more closely related. But that’s not exactly the case! Here are the key ingredients in Pre Kaged: 

  • Taurine
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • L-Tryosine
  • PurCaf Organic Caffeine
  • Spectra Total ORAC Blend
  • Coconut Water Powder
  • Coconut Water Powder
  • Creatine HCI
  • BetaPower Betaine
  • Capsimax
  • Carnosyn Beta Alanine
  • Leucine
  • Iso-Leucine
  • Valine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Quercetin Dihydrate
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Overall it’s an amazing formula. I guess what it’s missing, and what makes it perform to a lesser degree to Pre Jym is some of the the mental alertness and focus ingredients. Amazing how important those can be.

But now I want to talk a little bit about the packaging and how Pre Kaged actually looks. Looks are important, after all. 

Pre Kaged Packaging Review: 8.5

I find Kris Gethin to be more attractive than Mister Stoppani, and I was interested to find that his packaging was, well, just not that impressive. I guess part of the trend of having your own supplement line is that you have to make it look bland and boring to convey a sense of legitimacy. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. You know what I mean? Think about it for a second. An Advil jar doesn’t look ‘good’ or ‘sexy’. But it’s not supposed to. Advil is supposed to work. And that’s what I think these pre workouts are trying to do with their boring AF packaging. I mean. Look at this big ugly tub. It’s plain, cheap, boring black, and the label is equally boring and dusty black with green trim and graphics. The green itself sort of matches the product’s ‘raw’ and natural taste, but really it’s an ugly shade to be quite honest with you. If there’s one thing that I GUESS I sort of enjoy it’s the large product title PRE KAGED plastered across the main feature panel. You definitely know what you are getting when you buy some of Kaged Muscle pre workout. 

Pre Kaged Review Summary: 

  • Pre Kaged Performance Grade: 9.2
  • Pre Kaged Flavor Grade: 8.5
  • Pre Kaged Formula Grade: 9.6
  • Pre Kaged Packaging Review: 8.5
  • Pre Kaged Value Grade: 9.0

So just because I didn’t like Pre Kaged as much as Pre Jym doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the product. The formula is so good that I will keep trying it just because I really do want to see if I can get better results from it. Even if I’m not in love with it, enough people are that you should give it a try for yourself. 


Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged Final Review Score: 8.8

Allie Lewis

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