My Redcon1 Total War Review: ‘War’ Comes at a Cost…

Posted on May 12th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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It’s been too long since I’ve gone and done a proper pre workout review. So of course I sought out the most hardcore pre workout I could find, which is Redcon1’s TOTAL WAR Pre workout. As the name implies, Total War is NOT for the faint of heart. War. I mean. Heavy stuff we’re dealing with here. Redcon1 is not a company I really ever saw myself doing reviews on when I started But yet here we are. Five long years later we are still doing doing this thang. In this Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout Review, I’ll tell you five key things. Including, but not limited to if the flavor is good, if the product WORKS, what is IN Total War, and then finally what I think about the packaging and labeling. So basically a ton of information I’m going to throw at you. I’ll sprinkle in some of my signature snarky-ness to keep things from becoming more boring than a Golf Tournament. Okay. Let’s start this Redcon1 Total War review.

Redcon1. When I think Redcon1 I think Dallas McCarver. Who the heck is that? Well. Just google him. And then let me know what you think of that man’s SHOULDERS. I mean. He makes the Rock look like a gangly teen. Sorry Dewayne. You know I love you with all my heart. Lol. But. Yeah. This McCarver guy I saw at Redcon’s booth at an expo past, and I was pretty impressed to say the least with him. One thing I want to point out about Redcon is that they are pretty hardcore. So if you are a beginner to pre workout, I don’t care if you are a chick or dude, be prepared because it is some STRONG stuff. Let me first talk about flavor though. Start things off easy. 

What’s the Best Flavor of Redcon1 Total War? 

So I have tried two flavors of Total War and I think the Sour Gummy Bear is my favorite. The Rock candy was also pretty…interesting. But the Gummy Bear was actually super drinkable and delicious. I also tried the pineapple juice (my bf is hooked on this pre workout which is the reason I had access to four tubs of it LOL). But yeah the Sour Gummy Bear is the best flavor of Redcon1 Total War. Pineapple Juice is alright but probably not as good as Rock Candy. And since Rock Candy is average to unpleasant, that means, yeah Pineapple isn’t great. They also have a pretty decent watermelon though. It’s very inoffensive. Not the best watermelon I’ve had, but not the worst. Overall flavor for this pre workout is an eight out of ten. I’ve had much, much worse. Let’s move into performance. 

Does Redcon1 Total War Work? 

Redcon1 provides the type of old-school pre workout experience that your 19 year old self would REALLY enjoy. Think back to that young, unassuming lass. Or lad, in your case probably if you are reading a Redcon1 Total War review. Lol. You were gangly, tired after school, your nutrition stunk, and you needed a real boost. So you got the most hardcore pre workout you could find from GNC. You and your friends went into the ratty old school gymnasium and pumped out some curls. About three sets in you saw a bicep vein for the first time and it made you REAL happy. 

That’s kind of what this pre workout reminds me of. It’s a heavily stimmed pre workout and one that gives you that initial whack in the face type of ‘LETS GO’ energy. The pump element is also not to be understated. I thought I was dealing with another pure stimulant cocktail along the lines of Dedicated’s Unstoppable V2 or even Cellucor C4 Ultimate, but Total War is a much different animal. I actually did do biceps with it, and found that it actually made me swell up really in a big way. The product works great for pumps and energy. The energy is smoother than I thought it would be, but at the same time, it gave me all the energy I would ever need. Borderline jitters but just short of it. 

The strength element of this Redcon1 pre workout is really what I’m missing out on. I wanted there to be much more of a strengthening element to this pre workout, and unfortunately I just didn’t get it. It’s as if they spent most of their budget on the stimulants and that big hit of Citrulline Malate. But let’s actually dig into the supplement facts for a bit here now…

What’s in Redcon1 Total War? 

Lot’s of Citrulline, and LOTS of beta-alanine. So you WILL feel those tingles coming on strong, people. You will also get a nice pump, courtesy of those 6 grams of citrulline malate. One thing that you should note is this massive cocktail of stimulants that are behind the scenes lighting the fire under your buttocks: 

  • Caffeine 
  • N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate
  • 2 Aminoisoheptaine
  • Theobroma Cocao Extract
  • Higenamine
  • Rauwolscine 

Eek. You can see where I’m coming from when I tell you this pre workout will kick your teeth straight into your skull. I mean. That’s alot. I want to call some quick attention to that second one below caffeine- dimethylamine citrate. That sounds almost like a hybrid of the notoriously banned ingredients 1,3 dimethylalymine and AMP citrate (I ain’t spelling that one out lol). Yeah I’m too lazy to google exactly what that ingredient is, but I know it’s probably on the cutting edge of not safe for human consumption. I also know that Redcon1 Total War ALSO has a big hit of caffeine and higenamine and rauwolscine. Not exactly mild even WITHOUT this crazy AMP citrate or 1,3 stuff. So. Maybe do some homework on that ingredient especially if you get drug tested for sports or work or whatever. It might be, yano, awful for you and banned. So I mean. This formula kicks hard but might be a little bit too edgy for me. I’m going to give it a B minus. Let’s talk packaging now. 

Redcon1 Total War Packaging is Appropriate. 

I mean. It looks like a weapon itself, doesn’t it? The name, the colors, the graphics, the fonts…the whole thing is very comprehensive and appropriately branded to match it’s name and purpose, which is to basically kill you. Lol. It does have a sort of ‘techy’ feel to it that does make it seem a little more scientific than hand-to-hand combat, and I think that is smart. I love the combination of black gloss and matte finishes that give that extra bit of complexity to the background, and thrust the key elements into more of a forward dimension. I know. I get pretty into the packaging, Lol. But yeah Total War looks great. It looks very official, very effective, and very cool. I wouldn’t mess with it. Except for on very heavy leg day where all those crazy stims are very welcome. 

Redcon1 Total War Final Review Summary

  • Flavor: B
  • Performance: B
  • Formula: B
  • Packaging: A-
  • Final Score: B+*

I’m giving Redcon1 Total War an 87 out of 100 because it’s a really fun old-fashioned pre workout that launches your workout into war-mode. You’ll be able to run through a brick wall with one scoop of this stuff. But be warned, that Total War has it’s consequences. Be careful with this one.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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