Shredz Protein Bar Review: A Total Disappointment?

Posted on November 13th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Bar Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Shredz Protein bar reviews are hard to find for some reason and I think I know why. But before I get TOO into my crazy cat woman theories, let me give you a super quick overview of what we’ll be talking about in today’s Shredz Protein Bar Review. The first thing that we’ll do is check in on the good old Shredz company. I’ll recap my thoughts on their products that I’ve reviewed in the past, and basically just ramble about my life for a little bit. After that, we’ll talk about both Shredz protein bar flavors, before diving into the supplement facts and packaging. I’ll tell you what the best flavor of Shredz Protein Made For Women bar is, and also give you my official grade on these protein bars overall. Let’s get shredding.

That was a cheesy line, I know. But it’s deserving for this cheesy company. The cheesiest company, as a matter of fact. Actually, no…Women’s Best is the cheesiest. AKA the worst. But I think Shredz is a very very close second. And these Shredz made for women protein bars are just a perfect example of why the Shredz brand is, in my opinion, headed on a one-way path to the toilet. 

I tried both flavors of Shredz protein bars from my friend, who is also a Shredz athlete. I know. You are dying to know who it is, butttt, given the amount of flak that she’s been getting, she is going to remain anonymous. She has a heart of gold though, and gave me two boxes of Shredz bars to try out. I was absolutely thrilled to take these bars home with me, that is, until I tried them. Let me tell you what exactly was wrong with these Shredz protein bars. Actually. No. Let me talk about taste real quick. 

What is the Best Flavor of Shredz Protein Bars? 

The best flavor of the Shredz Protein bars is without a doubt the cinnamon roll flavor. If I had to assign an actual letter score to the flavor, it would probably be a B minus. They are sweet, that is certain. But the texture was very dry, and I found them to be much chewier than I expected. My friend Alexis asked me to compare them to the FitJoy bars that I tried recently and I said that FitJoy was probably a little bit tastier. And as you know from my FitJoy review even I was not that crazy about them. So. There’s that. I think the Shredz cinnamon bar tastes fine- it’s sweet and has strong cinnamon notes. The other flavor, the cookie dough, was also sort of dry, but sweet. I don’t think it was as good as a classic Quest cookie dough bar, but I think it was just fine. It would get a B minus in my grade book. Maybe a C plus if I was in a bad mood. The Shredz Made for Women Protein Bar is just an average tasting bar. But my real problems start with the the nutrition and supplement facts. 

Are Shredz Protein Bars Good for You? 

This is the real question. And I’m going to give you a VERY real answer. In my opinion, these Shredz protein bars are not that healthy. Let’s look at some statistics and then go over what the pros and cons of this bar are:

Calories 170

Total Fat 7g

Sat Fat 4g

Sugar 5g

Protein 15g

Sodium 170mg

Cholesterol 20mg

Fiber 0g

So. Not a disaster. But not something that makes me jump out of my seat with joy, either. I think 15 grams of protein is about 5 grams shy of being REALLY good, but at the same time, it’s not so bad. Same with sugar. It’s 5 grams I’d rather not have, but, not going to ruin my macros either. 

My biggest problems with these Shredz Protein Bars for Women are these two things:

  1. Too much saturated fat. Four grams is too high for me. I try to allow for just 5-10 grams of saturated fat per DAY, so using up half my quota in just a few bites of average tasting Shredz bar is not going to put a smile on my face. 
  2. Artificial Sweeteners. The artificial sucralose in these Shredz MFW bars are really what makes them a no-no in my daily regimen. I just don’t want that fake stuff in my life. In ANY capacity. I’ve started to become aware of how much worse I feel in general when I’m eating artificial ingredients, and I’m definitely leaner than I have been ever since cutting them out of my diet. So from a nutrition standpoint, that’s why I would say these Shredz protein bars just aren’t that healthy for you. Let’s move to packaging. 

The Shredz Protein Bar Packaging is a Disappointment. 

The Shredz company has stuck with their basic pink and black color scheme for quite some time now. From my very first Shredz review, I’ve been saying that this just has never been my favorite color scheme, because I think it’s been over-used in the marketplace. However. Even some of the older Shredz products have looked acceptable in the past. These Shredz protein bars are truly a job poorly done from a design perspective. The element of the label are literally just slapped onto that label with carelessness and a lack of organization and clarity. The black and white graphics offer no personality and frankly are difficult to read with their jarring contrast, lack of spacing, and disgusting variety of mixed fonts. I really don’t know if I’ve reviewed a protein bar with uglier wrappers than these Shredz protein bars. From a packaging point of view they are a complete and total failure. 

Shredz Protein Bar Review Summary

I came into this Shredz Protein Bar review open minded. Excited, even. But the product, like some of the other Shredz products I’ve reviewed, is a disappointment on on many levels. The most important being it’s usage of artificial sweetener, and way too much unhealthy saturated fats. The taste is just average, and the packaging is an abomination. Put all that together and you have a losing protein bar. Sorry Shredz. I ain’t feelin’ your Shredz protein bars.* 

Final Score: 7.7/10

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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