Solimo Pre Workout REVIEW: This Stuff is Absolutely Awful.

Posted on January 17th, 2019 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Solimo pre workout reviews are tough to find, as it doesn’t really seem like very many folks have been picking up Amazon’s house-brand pre workout. In this review, I will tell you my thoughts on this brand and if it’s worth a shot. I will discuss the Solimo ingredients, the flavors, and how it worked for me in the gym. I will close the review out with an analysis of the packaging and then assign this Amazon pre workout a final score. If that works for you, let’s slide on into the Solimo review.

Solimo, if you don’t know already, is the (odd) name for Amazon’s house brands of nutritional products. They are making everything from gummies to proteins to pre workouts and everything in between. I have already done a review of the Solimo protein powder, and while some things about it were not that great, I did enjoy some parts of the product- namely the PRICE. Because as we will discuss. This stuff is absolutely dirt cheap. And that being the case I instantly did not trust this pre workout because my mind was just like ‘cheap’ = ‘bad quality’. And guess what? I wasn’t entirely wrong. Let me tell you about the flavor first. 

What is the Best Flavor of Solimo Pre Workout? 

I was actually fortunate (or not so fortunate as you’ll see) to try both flavors of this pre workout- the fruit punch and the pink lemonade. I will discuss my thoughts on each: 

Pink Lemonade: This flavor was sickly sweet, in a SUPER artificial way. I literally hated this flavor in almost every way. The sweetness is just so overpowering that no lemon flavors actually come through and you are just left with that artificial-y coating in your mouth. It’s horrible. 

Fruit Punch: This flavor also is sickly sweet and just not good at all. I found myself scrunching up my nose with each sip because it’s just too sweet and it’s also SUPER tart and sour. If you like big enormous bold flavors that are cheap-tasting you might like Solimo pre workout but I personally found it to be really bad. Anyways. No good. 

The best flavor of Solimo Pre workout is the pink lemonade. As you can tell, I hated pink lemonade Solimo. So that just tells you how BAD this pre workout tastes. It’s terrible and there are literally hundreds of better tasting pre workouts on the market. But let’s look at the ingredients and see if this Solimo product gets any better. 

Solimo Ingredients are SO Basic. 

Solimo does not have good flavors and quite frankly the formula is not much better. This pre workout has a tiny proprietary blend of 3.7 grams, containing only a handful of ingredients that are commonly found in pre workout. The fact that the Solimo pre workout is a proprietary blend does not surprise me in the least. It is a cheap, cheap product and the cost saving is apparent in the formula. Here is the list of ingredients in Solimo Pre Workout


Beta Alanine 

Creatine Monohydrate




Choline Bitartrate 



Citrulline Malate

Arginine hydrochloride 

NOTES: Again, I really do not think highly of this formulation. You have a VERY small amount of actual functional ingredients in here, and nothing remarkable that sets the product apart. But again, this is exactly what I expected from an Amazon pre workout. Let’s move into the performance and I’ll tell you if this pre workout actually worked for me in the gym. 

Solimo Pre Workout Does Not Work. 

Okay that’s being a little dramatic. If you take two full scoops you WILL feel some results in the gym from Solimo, but it’s mostly just going to be a caffeine rush that will crash you within about 90 minutes. I took one scoop initially for my first Solimo pre workout-powered workout and it literally was awful. I had minimal energy and a terrible workout overall. The product did nothing for my strength or endurance. 

The next workout I took two full scoops (actually closer to 2.5 and my workout did get much much better, however, I could tell that most of the effects were just from a caffeine rush- it was not really from a good pre workout). 

To anyone considering Solimo Pre Workout by Amazon you need to know what you are getting and what you are not getting. Yes, you are going to get a little bit of energy spike but it’s just about the same as getting a red bull or another energy drink. Do not expect to get any real physical benefits as far as strength or endurance or anything like that. Okay? Got it? Good. Let’s wrap things up with a quick packaging review. 

Solimo Packing is Awful. 

Again, maybe a little dramatic, but not really wrong. Solimo comes in a boring white plastic tub and has a simple label. Each flavor has a unique color pattern which is kind of nice, but at the end of the day I am not in love with the Solimo packaging. It reinforces a feeling of cheapness, and lacks anything that sets it apart from the rest. I do not think Amazon has done a good job branding their Solimo line, at all. But that’s okay. Meh. Let’s wrap this review up. 

Solimo Pre Workout Review Summary

– Solimo pre workout comes in two flavors, and both of them are pretty terrible. The pink lemonade flavor is the best flavor of Solimo Pre Workout, and it’s gross

– Solimo contains a handful of ingredients that you would expect to find in any pre workout, but there’s nothing remarkable that sets it apart and makes you excited from a supplement facts standpoint 

– Solimo does not work at 1 scoop. You have to take two scoops to feel anything, and all that you will feel even then, as a small burst of energy

– Solimo packaging is just as bad as everything else about the product 

So. That was pretty harsh. But look. It’s Amazon. They are a big target to through stones at, right? And I can’t get mad really. They set out to make a cheap, budget-focused product and that’s what they’ve done. It’s a massive failure of a product but it’s literally $15 for a jar. That’s like 30% of what the rest of the products on the market cost. So. It is what it is. A piece of junk. Lol.*

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