Tribeca X50 Skinny Protein Review: Weird in the Best Ways

Posted on January 26th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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X50 Skinny Protein Review let’s go! Let’s really have fun in this review. Let’s really dive into flavors, formulas, and freaking looks. Let’s make this the highlight of your day. Let’s make sure you know everything there is to know about this product, and ultimately let’s help you make the right decision about whether or not to give this one a try. In this TOTALLY comprehensive review, we’re going on a journey deep into the heart of this product- starting with taste. I’ve tried the Cookies & Cream flavor of X50 Protein and will basically give you a sense of what it’s really like to dive deep into this myriad of flavor. I’ve had about three different varieties of this shake in different arrangements, so I feel like I know it well enough to grade to perfection. After I give the flavor grade, I’ll talk about the formulation and ingredients. It claims to be ‘Skinny Protein’, but what does that mean in terms of the formula? Is this another one of those ‘fat burning proteins’ like we’ve seen in the past? We’ll find out. As always, I’ll conclude with a fun packaging review score before we wrap things up in the X50 Skinny Protein Review Summary. So grab some coffee and your reading glasses because it’s go time.

X50 is best-known for their funky green-tea products. It seems like EVERYONE and their mother is on board the green tea train lately. Is green tea even really that effective? I feel like 5 years ago was a sort of hay day for green tea, where everyone thought it was the cure for everything from acne to obesity. I’m not crapping on green tea, don’t get me wrong. I love it as much as the next fittie. Except when I drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then I actually hate it. But I think I’ll have to get my hands on some of that X50 Tea Fat Loss stuff and see if it works. It’s not necessarily a ‘fat burner’ like the ones that I review on the site, but I have had a few of you ask about it, so I’ll do a review on it. Maybe later this week. But today’s review is about protein. Skinny Protein, that is. Let’s jump into my flavor analysis. 

X50 Skinny Protein Flavor Grade: 8.3

It’s not a grade that you are too pumped about, but at the same time, it’s not the one that gets you grounded. I think that’s the mindset that the X50 team probably had when they first tried their Cookies and Cream flavored Skinny Protein. I don’t know if they ever really had a chance to make something that tasted phenomenal like Adaptogen’s Tasty Whey. But here’s the thing. Similar to what I said in yesterday’s review of Modern Source Protein- it’s near impossible to achieve exceptional flavors when you are limiting yourself to natural sweeteners and flavors. And in my opinion, that’s why X50 Skinny Protein by Tribeca Health tastes almost nothing like Cookies & Cream. 

Well. I shouldn’t say NOTHING like it. But almost nothing like it. The only time you can KIND of get this protein to start to approach a sort of cookies and cream flavor is when you put it in some whole milk and blend the heck out of it with a few ice cubes. I found that the first time I tried Skinny Protein, with just water and powder, there was virtually no notes of cookies & cream. The second time, when I used skim milk, it was a little better. This flavor always starts the same – it tastes like straight up green tea. As you know, green tea has a SUPER distinctive taste that is almost impossible to overcome. But this protein does try it’s heart out to mask it with a hint of vanilla and some cacao flavors- thus the ‘Cookies and Cream’ name. But I’ll be brutally honest- even at the peak of it’s flavor, at it’s MOST concentrated, the Tribeca X50 Skinny Protein tastes NOTHING like actual Cookies & Cream. BUT. That doesn’t mean it’s not drinkable and manageable. I have enjoyed this shake at times even though it’s not one of the most delicious proteins that I’ve tried. I give it a B-minus. 

X50 Skinny Protein Formula Grade: 8.8

HA! There’s something pretty funny about this product that you’re going to learn in this section. So keep reading. Ok. The formula. The formula of this product is distinctive for a few reasons. The supplement facts panel looks like it’s about a mile long, which is awesome. There are tons and tons of things to like about this product formulation if you don’t get enough whole foods and vitamins in your diet. And by whole foods I mean Whole Foods stores food, which is bae. Lol. But actually X50 Skinny Protein has so many vitamins in it that you are basically getting a multivitamin with each serving of the product. Eh. Actually there are relatively small doses of these vitamins in here so I wouldn’t get TOO excited about the micro-nutrient content. But let’s talk macros.

In each serving of X50 Skinny Protein you get 98 calories, coming from 5 grams of carbs (1.3 sugar), virtually zero fats, and 18 grams of protein. This isn’t that big of a hit of protein for being a ‘protein shake’ but then again it IS a ‘skinny’ protein shake so maybe that’s part of it- being low calorie and all. Speaking of the skinny element…what else is in here? Looking at the x50 Skinny Protein Ingredients we see this: 

Whey Protein Isolate

Milk Protein Isolate



Vitamin & Mineral Blend

Natural Flavors


Acetyl L Carnitine




Digestive Enzyme Blend

What stands out at me in here are three things. First is that the product is dairy-based. Looking at the label you would assume this is a plant-based protein, but it’s not. Another assumption is foiled when you read these ingredients- and that is that it’s naturally sweetened. Again, it’s not. Even funnier is how I wrote my flavor grade assuming that it was. I was convinced that this product used stevia, real sugar, monk fruit, or erythritol or something to sweeten it. False. That’s the beauty of packaging though, right?! I love it. Other notable things before we do move into packaging: 

Schizandra Extract: This is an energy boosting plant extract that also ramps up metabolism a little bit. It’s actually quite powerful though my haunch is that there is not very much included in here

Acetyl L Carnitine: Another energy booster that has several cognitive and physiological benefits as well. This adds great value to the formulation in my opinion. 

To sum up my thoughts on this formula- it’s a little low on protein, and the fact that it uses artificial sweetener takes it down just a little bit since it STILL doesn’t taste that great. The vitamin content is probably not as helpful as it looks, but the addition of schizandra and ALCAR add a nice twist. Let’s move into the package!

X50 Skinny Protein Packaging Score: 9.4

Another B plus on an important grading criteria for X50 Protein- this time on the packaging. (Yes, packaging is important!). This product looks for all the world like the most natural protein on the planet. The minty-green transparent jar is striking without being overbearing. I LOVE the font’s and color palette used on the label. There is a sort of ‘controlled chaos’ about this design that is massively effective in my opinion. You can tell some seriously talented folks came up with this design. You can just tell from looking at the color scheme. When all the shades of green seem to go together this seamlessly, you know the designer knows what he/she is doing. It’s striking. The font for the ‘Skinny Protein’ heading looks like it was hand drawn in chalk. The same font is used for the subheading ‘Protein + Green Tea Extract’. The whole thing is bordered along the bottom with a cookie graphic. The cookies are sort of submerged in the milky river that flows along the bottom edge. An edge that, I must call out, contrasts BEAUTIFULLY with the green of the jar. Lol, can you tell I’m passionate about design? Great stuff. This is a stellar design. A TINY bit deceiving because of how natural it makes the product seem- but I’ll be the last person to dock them for that. That’s just brilliant packaging. 

Tribeca Health X50 Skinny Protein Review Summary 

  • X50 Skinny Protein Flavor Grade: 8.3
  • X50 Skinny Protein Formula Grade: 8.8
  • X50 Skinny Protein Packaging Score: 9.4
  • X50 Skinny Protein Value Score: 8.5

This product is unique in many ways. The packaging blows me away. The formula is odd, but weirdly pleasing in it’s quirkiness. The taste leaves something to be desired but I still kind of like it anyways. This is one of the strangest proteins I’ve ever tried. I shouldn’t like it as much as I do, but it just seems to captivate me. I like X50 Skinny Protein.*


X50 Skinny Protein Final Review Score: 8.6

Allie Lewis

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