Obvi Collagen Protein Review: “Obvi” Not Worth the Money TBH

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I haven’t found many Obvi Collagen Protein Reviews since the Obvio brand is, well, BRAND new, so I took the initiative and scooped up two tubs of Obvi Collagen for myself. In this Obvi Collagen Protein review- we’re going to have some real fun. I mean. How could we NOT have fun going over this product- it is such a fun product with such fun flavors. And fun packaging. It’s right up my alley. In this review we’ll find out if it’s actually a good collagen product or if it’s mostly just flashy. It’s ‘Obvi’ time to start the Obvi Collagen review, so let’s begin!

Obvi came up on Stack3d the other day and I was pretty impressed with what I saw. I immediately went over to the Obvi website and added both fun flavors to my order. A few days later I was tearing open my box from Obvi. I cracked open both flavors and set about mixing up one serving of each. Which Obvi Collagen Protein did I like best?  Let’s find out…

What’s the Best Flavor of Obvi Collagen Protein? 

I have tried both, and I’ll tell you. I’ll describe what I think of each flavor and then by that you’ll be able to tell which I like more. I will say first that both flavors are VERY comparable in terms of taste, but one of them definitely stood out as being the clear winner. 

Fruity Cereal: So many brands are going after these cereal flavors. From the original cereal milk Ghost Lifestyle Protein, to some others that have followed like 1st Phorm with their Level-1 Protein…it’s a definite trend that cereals are having their hay day. I was super doubtful when I first got my Obvi Collagen protein because usually dairy proteins taste good as cereal-themed flavors because of that familiar dairy texture from the dairy protein. Collagen is NOT a dairy product, so marrying it to a cereal flavor does not work quite the same in my opinion. The texture is a bit, well, just like ‘watery-er’ than a dairy protein so there isn’t as much depth to the flavor. I’m also not all that crazy about the sweetness level of this collagen protein. It’s just overly sweet in a way that gets in the way of the actual grain/cereal/fruity notes that make it a fruity cereal flavor. So. I am not crazy about this flavor butttt…

Cinna Cereal: I didn’t love the fruity cereal flavor but this Cinna Cereal flavor really leaves something to be desired as well. The Cinnamon flavor becomes very watery as well, and doesn’t end up tasting much like a good cinnamon cereal at all. I DID try mixing this flavor into some almond milk and it made it a little tiny bit better, but overall I don’t think that this flavor was all that special either. In fact that cinnamon is even less compatible with the watery, yet sort of gelatinous collagen texture. It is just not very good lol. 

So what is the best flavor of Obvi Collagen Protein? Believe it or not, I think it’s actually the Fruity Cereal flavor. Do NOT make the mistake of expecting these Obvi Collagens to taste like dairy-based cereal-flavored proteins though, because you will be bitterly disappointed. Let’s look at the ingredients in here now though: 

What is In Obvi Collagen? Let’s Have a Look: 

Obvi is a pretty simple product, but let’s list out the full ingredients so you can see exactly what’s in this collagen product. Oh – before we do that actually let’s go over the macros real quick: 

Calories: 31

Fat: 0

Carbs: 0

Protein: 7.8g

NOTES: Pretty straight-forward here. Collagen is virtually all protein- so just 8 grams of protein delivering the ~30 calories. Most people can make room for that in their macros. Let’s look at the ingredients now. 

Obvi Collagen Protein Ingredients:  

Hydrolyzed Grass-fed Bovine Collagen Peptides 

Natural & Artificial Flavors


Silicon Dioxide 


Acesulfame Potassium 

Artificial Colors

NOTES: Obvi looks like a fabulous, maybe even ‘clean’ product from the outside but it does have a dirty little secret by the name of artificial sweeteners, flavors, AND color. That’s right. The trifecta of synthetic ingredients. If it was JUST artificial colors OR artificial flavors OR artificial sweeteners…sure…maybe I would give Obvi a break. But come on. They have all THREE villains. That’s just irresponsible of Obvi as a brand and I really can’t support that. Plus given all those artificial ingredients you would expect it to at least taste good and it doesn’t! But hey. At least it does look good…

Obvi Collagen Protein Packaging Is So Dang Pretty.

Okay so I gave them some really tough love on the formulation, but it’s time to balance that with a little bit of love. Obvi Collaen Protein Packaging looks absolutely phenomenal. I mean. The phrase ‘candy paint’ comes to mind when I see the lovely pinks and blues and just the way they appear to be dripping down the jar…oh my gosh it is just SO good. 

Other things Obvi has done really RIGHT are choosing an awesome, youthful-sounding name ‘obvi’, picking the right font for it that looks cheerful and fun… and then just structuring their label properly. The data is all organized yet still bold and loud. The flavor is clearly communicated with big ‘spoonful of cereal’ graphics on the front bottom panel. Other important callouts are communicated clearly and emphasized in the correct ways. It’s just marvelous design work, and frankly in this day and age- I could envision Obvi succeeding on the back of their label prowess alone! How about a few last answers to your common questions before we wrap up. How about this rather important one- does Obvi Collagen work? 

Does Obvi Collagen Work? 

Collagen is sort of a tricky one- and you see gals on ‘Insta all day long raving about how great their skin is because of their collagen, or how their hair is so much smoother, or this or that. But for me, I don’t notice much of a change despite using Obvi for the past week. But that’s not specific to Obvi. I have been taking Vital Proteins for years off and on and never really notice a huge different in my skin or my hair or my nails. But again- everyone is different. You may notice a big difference from Obvi Collagen. 

Obvi vs. Vital Proteins: Which is Better? 

Okay so I added this section after publishing because a ton of you guys have been asking me to compare Obvi to the powerful Vital Proteins brand, which has been dominating the collagen market for years now. 

It’s actually sort of hard to compare Obvi to Vital Proteins because Obvi collagen only has about 8 grams of total collagen per serving, while the Vital Proteins product has more than double that amount, with 20 grams. 

So there are differences in the texture, and in the overall quality level of products, with Vital Proteins just being a higher-end product in my opinion. The Obvi product probably has it’s target customer that is a little bit younger than the Vital Proteins customer, and you can tell because of the way they are branded and marketed, and even flavored, for that matter. The Obvi product is much sweeter and more ‘in-your-face’ than the more refined Vital Proteins flavors. 

When it comes down to it, I would rather have Vital Proteins sitting in my cabinet than this Obvi Collagen Peptides, but then again I’m 38. I could see a 22 year old going for Obvi collagen for sure. To each her own, really. But. Let’s wrap this Obvi Review by going over what we’ve learned: 

Obvi Collagen Review Summary

– Obvi Collagen Protein from new brand ‘Obvi’ is a simple collagen product which differentiates by adding creative, fun flavors to their collagen 

– Obvi comes in two creative flavors- Cinna Cereal and Fruity Cereal. Both flavors are slightly less appetizing than they sound, with Fruity Cereal being the better of the two

– Obvi Collagen protein contains 8 grams of collagen protein and has 30 calories per serving, but has many artificial ingredients that make me question it’s healthfulness 

– Obvi is somewhat reasonably priced at $40 for a 30 serving tub

– Obvi branding and packaging is stellar 

The bottom line is this- Obvi has a great name, and great packaging. But compared to the value of Vital Proteins, which has double the collagen/serving for the same price, there just isn’t really a great reason to go with Obvi…especially since it is filled with artificial ingredients. Some folks might enjoy these flavors more than me, and taste IS subjective at the end of the day…but unfortunately the choice is ‘Obvi’ to me that there are better collagen products out there for this amount of money.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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