4DN Her Shape Protein Review- You Get What You Pay For

Posted on September 12th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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4DN Her Shape Protein is one the more interesting protein products that I’ve had the chance to review lately- and I must say that it has been, well, an interesting product. In this 4DN Her Shape review I’m going to tell you exactly what I mean. I’m going to start things off by describing in immaculate detail what both flavors of taste like- and of course I will help you pick the best of flavor of Her Shape. Following my flavor grade I’m going to keep things rolling and tell you about the supplement facts and ingredients list. I think it’s important to know what you are putting into your body and obviously you do to because you are taking the time to do some research on your protein powder! But that’s why I do these reviews. So that you can rest assured you are making a good decision. So after we discuss the supplement facts and ingredients in Her Shape Protein, we will talk about the packaging and label design elements of the product. Here’s a spoiler- it’s my favorite part of Her Shape Protein. Once we are finished discussing the label, I’ll aggregate all the information into one comprehensive review summary. We’ll take the price point into account and award a final score to this protein powder. So why don’t we get started. Here is my 4 Dimension Nutrition Her Shape Protein Review.

4 Dimension Nutrition is one of those little baby companies that is just struggling to get on it’s feet. With big name IFBB pro David Henry representing the company- it is likely that the company may finally break through. But for now, it seems the ‘4D’ company is a little weak in the knees. And that’s what Her Shape seems to reinforce. 4DN almost feels like a company trying to find it’s niche. Is it hardcore bodybuilding? The type that would see a David Henry and say ‘yeah, I want to take what he is taking’. Or is is 4 Dimension going for a female audience as well? Looking at Her Shape, it seems that the answer is clear. But I fear for these guys. I mean. In this industry, how hard must it be to break through without a clear differentiator? I don’t even want to know what the failure rate of sports supplement companies is these days. But given the incredible saturation that the market seems to be experiencing, I don’t think I’d want to be the company without a clear value proposition and differentiator. But let’s talk about Her Shape. What’s this protein all about? Is it any good? First and foremost, does it taste ok? 

What’s the Best Flavor of 4DN Her Shape Whey Protein Isolate? 

Chocolate: The best flavor of 4DN Her Shape Protein has to be the chocolate flavor. The ‘Double Chocolate’ actually is what they call it. But if I had to give this flavor of protein a score between 1 and 10, I think I would actually score it quite low- something to the tune of a 3 or 4. This is actually super unfortunate for 4DN because protein powder flavoring seems to have become quite simple in this day and age. With products like Body Nutrition’s Trutein, Progenix Recovery, and Rule One Whey – you almost feel like you are drinking an actual milkshake. But that’s is so far from being the case with 4DN. This one feels like you are drinking dirt or sand or something. Ok maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But Her Shape just does not taste good. The chocolate flavor is very faint, and you really have to try and ‘reach’ for it to taste it. It doesn’t hit you right away. Right away what you notice is just a very grainy, sort of bitter, almost ‘earthy’ taste. And then you do sense some of chocolate. But the consistency is just so bad in my opinion that you just end up ignoring the chocolate. You know from reading my other protein powder reviews that I am all about consistency. And even in whole milk 4DN Her Shape 100% Whey Isolate is just an epic failure when it comes to consistency.

Vanilla: If the ‘Double Chocolate’ flavor is a 3 or 4 out of ten, than I have to give the Vanilla something very similar, but even lower. This flavor of Her Shape just doesn’t do the trick for me. Similar to the chocolate flavor, this one mixes pretty poorly, and has a strange consistency. I almost think I got a bad batch of Her Shape or something…that’s how weird these shakes were. I tried mixing with milk again with the Vanilla Bean flavor, and again, got that bad consistency. Whey Isolate proteins usually mix pretty well for me, but this one didn’t. In terms of the flavor itself- I didn’t like 4 Dimension’s interpretation of classic vanilla bean at all. Vanilla bean should be sweet and crisp. This one lingers for a bit and then is replaced by a strong taste of artificial sweeteners. It was really unpleasant and I ended up dumping half of the shake down the drain. Which I RARELY do. I am usually chugging these shakes down like nobody’s business during these reviews. You hate to see a good shake go to waste. Key word being ‘good’. Ok so the taste is off. Is the formula at least good enough to make you want to drink it anyways?

4DN Her Shape Protein Ingredients Grade: 8.4

I guess the formula is ok with this product. It’s nothing game changing, and it’s not nearly as well thought-out as the Oxywhey Lean Protein that I reviewed yesterday. It’s interesting to compare the two actually. EHP’s Oxywhey has a really nice combination of fat burning add-ins in their lean protein, while Her Shape has just a baby dosage of green tea extract. Actually the green tea might even be what has cost 4DN in the flavor department since green tea tends to taste quite strongly. Looking at the nutrition facts you can also see some inferiorities in this product versus Oxywhey and other products in the category. Here are the key nutrition facts: 

  • Calories: 80
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrate: 2g
  • Sugar: 1g
  • Sodium: 160mg
  • Protein:18g
  • Green Tea Extract: 100mg

So overall this looks ok- it’s low calorie, has virtually no fat, and very few carbs. Those stats aren’t so bad at all, right? Right. But what I don’t like is how distilled this is in terms of the protein content. Less than 20g is too low for a protein shake these days. I much prefer something in the neighborhood of 22-24 grams since I’ve found that to be the number that keeps me feeling full and sated after consumption. The scoop size of 4DN Her Shape Protein is 23g so that means there are the 18g of protein and then 5g of fillers, flavors, and preservatives. Ok most of that is probably flavoring and sweetener. But still. That’s 25% of the serving that is, well, not useful input to your body. The protein source of this product is also 100% Whey Protein Isolate, which is slightly off trend in this day and age. It has been proven that protein blends are more successful at replenishing muscle glycogen stores than pure whey. So honestly even if 4 Dimension’s Her Shape HAD tasted good, I don’t think I’d ever purchase this over a blend.

4DN Her Shape Protein Packaging Grade: 9.7

The best part of 4 Dimension’s Women’s Protein product is the label and packaging. They’ve done something really unique with this product from a label design standpoint and I must say, it looks fantastic. The colors are big, bold, and unapologetic. There isn’t one color under the rainbow not in use here- and I love 4DN for it. Too many products these days are afraid to stray from the beaten path. Now there are more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to packaging. For example, Oxywhey by EHP Labs uses a much more sophisticated, ‘by the book’ design language, and it works for them. 4DN’s product is totally out there and I could see if it is just too assertive for some people. But for me, it is pure beauty. I love bright, colorful things. The brilliant mosaic/geometric pattern in the background just speaks to me. It really does. It’s gorgeous. This sort of geometric design was tremendously popular about 12 months ago- but to me it still is persuasive. I like the blue shading on the word ‘HER’ and think the product name is also nicely appointed. The only possible drawback to this label is just that the total saturation of the label might cause the user to find the information that IS displayed less efficiently. But that’s a tradeoff I will take anytime. This is a job well done on the Her Shape Isolate design. 

4 Dimension Nutriton Protein Review Summary: 

  • 4DN Her Shape Protein Flavor Grade: 7.0
  • 4DN Her Shape Protein Formula Grade: 8.4
  • 4DN Her Shape Protein Packaging Grade: 9.7
  • 4DN Her Shape Protein Value Grade: 8.7

If the product had tasted better, and/or had a slightly better ingredients panel- I probably would’ve given Her Shape an ‘A’ on value. At $31.11 (random price) on bb.com, it’s an incredibly reasonable price. But as the old saying goes- you get what you pay for. And what you’re paying for is a lower end whey protein isolate product. There are better alternatives out there. Thanks for reading my 4DN Her Shape Protein Review.*


4DN Her Shape Protein Final Grade: 7.7

Allie Lewis

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