BaeTea Reviews: Just Another Gimmicky Detox Tea

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Sigh. I suppose there is just no more procrastinating this BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Review that can be done. I’ve been to all my usual haunts on the internet. All the furthest corners of my favorite blogs. And it’s time to finally focus in and let you know how BaeTea works. If Baetea Works. Does BaeTea work? However you want to frame- we’re going to cover it in this review. I structure these Teatox reviews similar to the way I structure my pre workout reviews except the ‘performance’ doesn’t really apply to a workout, but rather to whether or not the product helped burn through some extra fat. It’s tricky to measure the results of some of these ‘detox tea’ products, but, hey. Someone’s got to do it! So I’ll go ahead and give this one my best shot. After we talk about performance/effectiveness, we’re going to talk about the ingredients. As you know from my other Teatox Reviews, I’m still kind of ‘learning the ropes’ about the various types of tea, but I’m slowly getting to a point where I can tell if a tea is premium or just a waste of money. After we talk ingredients, we’ll talk about the taste, and then finally about the packaging. If that all sounds like a good time to you, let’s jump right into this BaeTea Review!

BaeTea. If this isn’t one of the most ridiculous product names I’ve ever heard in my entire life, I don’t know what is. Let’s just take a quick second to poke some serious fun at BaeTea just for that reason alone. Who seriously named a consumer product ‘BaeTea’?! It’s almost beyond comprehension. The only time I ever uttered the word ‘Bae’ was when we were watching the bachelor last week and Chris started crying about the pressure he was facing. He actually is bae. Don’t judge me. Lol. But yeah. Let me start of this BaeTea review by talking about how this product worked for me. I’ve been taking it for about five days, and that should be time enough to judge the effects / side effects of BaeTea. Here they are.

BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Effectiveness Grade: 7.3

I wish that by this fourth TeaTox Review, I’d be a better judge of effectiveness for these products. How are you supposed to judge a product on weight loss and detoxification when it’s just a simple tea? That was my initial thought process when I first started doing these teatox reviews. But as I started getting more acclimated to how they manifest themselves in terms of results, I started to realize a few things that they do. And BaeTea actually is very similar to MateFit, FitTea, Skinnymint, and the rest of them in that it had the following effects on me: 

  1. Energy and Focus. So I actually think BaeTea was one of the weaker teas when it came to energy levels. I’ve also been feeling slightly under the weather so I’m sure that might be playing into things as well. But it really seemed like Skinnymint, and even Bootea provided a much sharper spike in energy. There were times were I would drink BaeTea and literally feel nothing at all. Until…
  2. Bathroom Time. Yeah. It’s pretty standard for these TeaTox products that alot of the weightloss is, er, ‘waste-loss’. Whether it’s number one, or number two, basically you’re GOING to the bathroom shortly after consumption. It’s just a matter of for how long. Thankfully, BaeTea didn’t send me there as quickly as FitTea did. It also sent me to the restroom much less frequently than some of the others. 
  3. Appetite Suppressant. I think BaeTea’s only real benefit on my physical appearance is that I physically appeared to eat less. That’s right. I’m an ugly eater. So when I eat less frequently, by default, I just LOOK better. No, I’m not ACTUALLY skinnier from drinking this foolish tea. Realistically, you just aren’t going to lose a ton of weight from a ‘teatox’. Especially not in a time span as short as 2 weeks. At least FitTea gives you a four week time frame. But I guess this is my roundabout way of saying that FitTea, while it may have SLIGHTLY dehydrated me, thus causing a slightly ‘leaner’ appearance, did NOT have much of an impact on my waistline. And when you look at the ingredients, it’s pretty easy to see why.

What’s in BaeTea?

So now that I have done three of these detox tea reviews, I’m starting to notice a few trends in the way these products are put together. Hey. I’m learning! Finally! Lol. So here are ingredients in the 14 Day Teatox. I’ll list them all out and then we’ll have a little breakdown session going over some high and low lights. 

Organic Green Tea Leaf

Organic Rooibos Leaf

Ginger Root

Oolong Wu Yi Leaf


Guarana Seed

Stevia Leaf

Senna Leaf

Lemon Juice

Sea Salt


Honey Powder

Citric Acid

This isn’t such a bad ingredient panel. As a matter of fact it’s almost identical to FitTea. Ew. Listen to me. ‘It’s not such a bad ingredients panel’. I mean. It kind of is though. I mean what are we paying for? Why not just get some cheap AF green tea from the grocery store. I can literally get tea for cents on the dollar. And organic tea at that. But now, we’ve got to be fancy and buy it because it says stupid things like ‘teatox’ and ‘bea’ on them. Freaking bae. Are you serious? It’s unbelievable. So anyways. You’ve got all different kinds of tea with all kinds of supposed benefits blah blah. Can you tell I’m like over these teatox products? They’re almost as bad of marketing ploys as those stupid meal replacement shakes (cough Isagenix, cough Shakeology). So overpriced for a glorified protein shake. All because they want you to think it’s going to make you lose all sorts of weight. You want to lose weight? Take an actual fat burner. These tea diets are ridiculous in my opinion. But it does taste ok.

BaeTea 14 Day TeaTox Flavor Grade: 8.4

I don’t know if it’s the stevia or the corn, or what, but I was pretty happy when I steeped my first cup of steaming hot BaeTea and took that ever-so-hot and ever-so-scary first sip of tea. It seems like Tea always seems to be hotter than coffee when it’s fresh- no matter what. I literally burned the crap out of my tongue when I drank my first cup of BaeTea because even though I KNEW it was so hot, I just couldn’t stop myself from chugging away at it. I just really enjoyed the taste and the flavors. Plus I wanted to get a good feel for how the taste was when it was piping hot. 

The taste is definitely controlled by green tea. I’m like, the last person on earth to be singing the praise of how a green tea tastes. To me, green tea is usually a really sweaty, nasty, almost filmy tasting concoction. BaeTea (not to be confused with BooTea), has differentiated their detox tea by at least giving it some nice tastes of flavor and honey. I’d love to know how much sugar is in each cup of BaeTea because the taste is pretty on point. I know it’s sweetened with stevia, but if you read the fine print, there is also honey powder in here- which is simply just sugar. So. What else. Ah. Packaging. 

BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Packaging Grade: 8.4

Oh, ok. I guess BaeTea looks alright. They’ve gone with a pretty minimalist design consisting of a white, matte, pouch design covered with only the most essential information. There are a few subtleties of this artwork that I will point out, but it won’t take long since graphically speaking this is super minimalist. The BaeTea logo is nice and bold and prominent. I actually am in love with the shade of pink that they use on the ‘bae’ section of the BaeTea logo. There’s also a cute little pink leaf in the second part of the BaeTea logo that is nicely positioned. Then we move into the product name, which is also huge and doesn’t have much around it to try and compete with. What BaeTea has done nicely on their packaging is have the spacing be really perfect. And not just the spacing of ’14 Day TeaTox’ from the BaeTea logo. It’s the spacing between the individual letters in 14 Day TeaTod’ that is really superb. They also use varying (slightly) font sizes between ’14 Day’ and ’TeaTox’ that adds just the right touch of flair. The last little bit of design-work that I do like alot with BaeTea is the ‘weight loss’ box surrounded by a sea of pink along the bottom. It’s classy looking. 

BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Review Summary

  • BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Effectiveness Grade: 7.3
  • BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Formula Grade: 8.0
  • BaeTea 14 Day TeaTox Flavor Grade: 8.4
  • BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Packaging Grade: 8.4
  • BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Value Grade: 8.0

You know me well enough to know that NONE of these ’teatoxes’ are going to get a fab review from me. I just hate the concept. And BaeTea is just like the rest of them. I guess the only things that stand out to me are that this one does taste a little bit better, and it’s a bit cheaper than the others when you buy it from Amazon. But I’ll still never buy BaeTea again. It’s just a gimmick folks.*


BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Final Review Score: 7.8

Allie Lewis

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