Beachbody Recover Review- Is it Worth Buying, or Not?

Posted on November 4th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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This Beachbody Rocover Protein Review almost didn’t happen. Ever had one of those days when you can’t make yourself start typing because you’re sitting in a really uncomfortable chair? Well you’re in good company because you’re in MY company. But I’m going to pull myself together and grab this Beachbody Recover review by it’s figurative horns and put together a review so epic, and so thorough, that you won’t even know what hit you. This review promises to be a few things. It will be well-written. It will be entertaining. And I guess it will be kind of informative as well. If you really want to know everything about Beachbody Recover, then you are going to love this review. I’m going to start by complaining about some first-world basic chick problems. That’s how I start all my reviews so don’t even act surprised anymore. When I’m done wasting your time, I’ll dive in with some Beachbody analysis. The first thing we’ll cover off on is going to be the flavor and the tastes that you get from drinking BeachBody Recover. Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? How does it compare to some of the other proteins you’ve tried, Allie? I’ll be sure to tell you. After we talk taste, we’ll talk formulation. There are plenty of things that taste good and have a lousy nutrition profile. Like the milkshake that I had last night. Hashtag fat kid. Following the nutritional stuff I’ll do an in-depth label and packaging grade. When we’re done with those three criteria, we’ll package everything up into one big Beachbody Recover review summary and we’ll all go home happy. Kapeesh? Thought so. Let’s get the review started.

Beachbody is one of my, er, less favorite supplement companies to deal with. If your read my BeachBody Energize Review, you know I was not all that jazzed with the product. In fact, my headline was ‘is this a pre workout for ants?’- taken from the greatest movie of all time, which is obviously Zoolander. Yeah. It’s the greatest. Don’t even argue with me. So that was my first exposure to Beachbody supplements, and it wasn’t a great one. I found the product to be under-dosed and basically just weak AF overall. So why did I go out and buy another Beachbody product then? Because I had to. Why did I have to? Because I have tons of you guys and girls asking me about it. I didn’t know Beachbody had this massive of a following, but apparently, they do. I’ll reserve my judgement on Beachbody for a rainy day, but suffice to say these are not my favorite peeps. Sigh. Why am I so cranky. Wait never mind I just got a rush of optimism. Woo! Yes. Let’s continue. What did I think of this protein powder’s taste? 

Beachbody Recover Flavor Grade: 8.4

Beachbody Performance Recover Post Workout Formula is not the best tasting product I’ve had, but at the same time it’s not so bad. I think it’s just about down the middle of the road. The flavor that I tried is the chocolate milkshake. I’ve tried just about a trillion protein powders, so I”m getting quite good at placing these tastes. The product that I would best compare this chocolate flavor to is probably the NLA Performance Her Whey Protein. I was semi-fond of that flavor in the same way that I am of this one. The pros of the taste are that you get decent amount of milk chocolate flavor. It’s nothing exotic, so if you’re expecting a decadent, dark chocolate experience, you are going to be underwhelmed. But what this flavor is, is just a good basic milk chocolate. The sweetness is fairly well-balanced with the bitterness of the cocoa, so really no complaints as far as the actual flavor of Beachbody Recover. 

Where we run into a tiny bit of a snafu is with the consistency. This is one of those proteins that sort of gets chalky if you’re trying to mix with a spoon or even a blender bottle. I did try to make a second shake when I got home with my actual Magic Bullet, and I will say that this improved the consistency for me. But that first shake was really kind of, well, chalky to me. I’m used to super smooth shakes like Oxywhey and even Rule 1 which was one of the better proteins I’ve tried in terms of consistency. I sometimes question whether this is an indicator of a lesser quality protein that Beachbody is using in the ingredients. But let’s have a look and see if that is the case.

Beachbody Recover Protein Formula Grade: 8.0

So I’m going to give this protein a B grade even though there are actually a handful of things that I’m not crazy about in this formula. But what makes me keep it in the ‘B’ range is that they do seem to use high quality proteins. Whey Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate, and Micellar Casein are the three main ingredients. Then what you also have is a host of BCAA’s and also some added L-Glutamine. Now. As you know from reading some of my recent protein reviews, you know to be wary of ‘protein spiking’- which believe it or not, Beachbody Recover might actually be doing. Rule 1 Protein certainly is. The reason why I don’t ding the formula grade because of this is because the aminos that it is potentially ‘spiked’ with are L-Glutamine and the 3 BCAA’s. I don’t mind having a stiff dose of any of those in my shake. 

Something I don’t really like is the amount of sugar in Beachbody. Granted it’s beet sugar, this is still sugar. And 6 grams is alot in 2015. I mean. They have to know that we are all sugar-phobes in this day and age, right? So what gives? Well, here’s what gives. They wanted to sweeten the product naturally. And I respect that. Do I respect it enough to tolerate the 6 grams of sugar? Great question. 6 grams is sort of right in that gray area where any more and you’re saying ‘absolutely not’, and below 5g you’re saying ‘well, ok’. Kind of like your willingness to sleep with a hot guy, and the number of glasses of red wine you’ve had. LOL. Best comparison of the day award goes to me. But let’s get serious again. This formula is relatively low in fat, reasonably in sodium (300mg), and has 20 grams of protein per serving. I wouldn’t mind getting up closer to 25g of protein, but that’s just getting a little nit-picky. Overall this formula is OK. Nothing special but ok. 

Beachbody Recover Packaging Grade: 8.0

Once again, I just have to barely give Beachbody the grade that won’t get them yelled at by Mom and Dad. (Was 80 the ‘cut line’ for you too?). LOL. I mean. Where to start. Ok so the tub is a blue transparent plastic that really doesn’t impress me a whole lot to start with. It’s just too man-made for me. Beachbody Recover, and really the entire product line just looks too ’90’s supplement’ for me. I almost feel sympathetic towards the designer because I know he probably tried his best to deliver a great design. The blue plastic is covered by a black-themed label that has the same sort of acid bubbles as Beachbody Energize. I really think they could have picked a more aesthetic background graphic. They probably could have picked something that made more sense, too. The main information panel of Beachbody Recover is filled with all pertinent information of the product. If I had to pick a strong area of this design it would probably be the information layout of the front. You can find everything from the brand, and product name to the flavor, to the main product features. You can find them quickly and easily without straining your eyes or having to turn the product four different ways to read slanted text. Overall this is an efficient and highly technical design, but one that in my opinion lacks character. 

Beachbody Recover Protein Review Summary

  • Beachbody Recover Flavor Grade: 8.4
  • Beachbody Recover Protein Formula Grade: 8.0
  • Beachbody Recover Packaging Grade: 8.0
  • Beachbody Recover Value Grade: 7.4

Beachbody Recover is just another average protein. I hate to distill it down to that blunt of an assessment, but, that’s the way I’m calling this one. The flavor is average. The formula is average, and the packaging is as vanilla as the rest. What is NOT average is the cost, and that’s what’s really hurting Beachbody Recover the most in the final review scoring. At $70 for just $20 servings, we’re in Shakeology mayhem realm when it comes to price/serving. There’s just no way Beachbody’s Recover Protein is worth that price. Take your hard earned money elsewhere folks.*


Beachbody Recover Protein Final Review Score: 7.8

Allie Lewis

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