Cass Martin’s WRKETHIC Pre Workout Review: How Good is it?

Posted on November 29th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Hard Work pre workout, from fitness celebrity Cass Martin’s new ‘WRKETHIC’ supplement line, is one of the most hyped new energy products to hit the scene, and I’m pretty excited to take a look under the hood at what this pre workout supplement is all about. In this Hard Work pre workout review, I’m going to go in-depth into all areas of Cass’s pre workout masterpiece. We’ll look at the flavors first, and I’ll let you know what I think about if this pre workout tastes good. The second thing I always do in these pre workout reviews is talk about the performance side of things. Does Cass Martin’s new supplement actually work? Does it fire you up for your workout? I’ll be sure to let you know. After we talk performance we’ll dig into the supplement facts panel and see what we can find out about the ingredients. Is this pre workout dosed well? What’a in the Hard Work pre workout to begin with? The last thing we’ll evaluate is Cass Martin’s pre workout from a packaging and label standpoint, before wrapping up the review with a Hard Work Pre Workout review summary. So if that sounds good to you, let’s work HARD and get things started.

Cass Martin. You’ll laugh at me but frankly I don’t know all that much about her. I think I follow her on IG but for some reason she doesn’t really pop up into my feed all that often. I feel like other people are really obsessed with her though. And hey I bet she must do alright for herself if she has the type of money lying around to build out her own supplement company! 

I have reviewed supplement lines started by fitness celebrities before. People like Calum Von Moger and his Staunch line. Brad Martyn and his Origin pre workout. Even the Do you Even Lift Bro has a pre workout that I reviewed (Gnar Pump!). 

The thing about fitness influencers that start their own line is…sometimes it doesn’t really go the way they want it to. I’m guessing someone with a background in the industry comes to them, throws all kinds of ‘best-case scenario’ figures at them, and they get a green light to make the products and pay the influencer some form of royalty. But. I could be wrong. And frankly it doesn’t matter how the product came to be. All that I care about is if the product works, and that’s what we’re here to discuss. We’ll first go over the Hard Work pre workout flavors.

What’s the Best Flavor of Hard Work Pre Workout? 

The two flavors that I tried of Hard Work Pre Workout are the ‘Twisted Citrus’ and the ‘Strawberry Lemonade’. Both flavors are quite tasty, and both of them have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ll describe each and then let you know which flavor of Cass Martin’s pre workout I like best.

Strawberry Lemonade: This flavor of pre workout was very good at the beginning, but it got a TINY but repetitive by the end. The initial flavors are very sweet and strong, but toward the end of the sip, the product does get a touch grainy and also quite bitter. I think it that bitterness in the Hard Work Pre Workout that makes me second guess just how much I do like Cass Martin’s pre workout. I like the strawberry flavors that they put in here, just maybe not quite as much as some other pre workouts that I’ve tried. 

Twisted Citrus: The Twisted Citrus is a better overall flavor of the WRKETHIC pre workout because it’s naturally sour flavors do a better job of covering up, or I guess masking the bitter aftertaste that comes through at the end. The citrus might not be quite as sweet as the Strawberry Lemonade, but again, as a whole it is more pleasant to drink from beginning of the sip to the end. 

Twisted Citrus is absolutely the better of the two flavors of Work Ethic pre workout. I think Cass Martin and her WORKETHIC supplement team did an OK job on flavoring, and definitely a good enough job to where I was excited to get into the gym and see if the Hard Work pre workout actually does perform for me in terms of it’s effectiveness. 

Does WRKETHIC Hard Work Pre Workout, Work? 

Lol so confusing to type out! Let me talk to you a little bit about this pre workout from a performance standpoint. I first took the Strawberry Lemonade for a spin during.a leg day. I found that flavor to be average- a real mix of pros and cons.

The pre workout itself though. It is a really, really strong formula. You can tell from the first ten minutes of taking it, you become filled with energy. I don’t know that it’s necessarily a good energy or a frantic one, but it’s definitely one that gets you up and moving. I was FLYING down the back roads to my Planet Fitness. I got changed in record time and started attacking my warmup sets with a vigor that I usually don’t have. I sensed the Work Ethic pre workout pushing me into heavier weights, and shorter rest intervals. 

Although my energy was completely turned up, I feel like my breathing was strangely measured, an indicator that Cass Martin’s pre workout has a nice blend of nootropics that don’t force you into panic mode but rather a state of intense and effective energy. 

The weights did become heavier as the workout dragged on, past the 90 minute mark. This WRKETHIC Hard Work Pre Workout finally started to wear off, and my sets got sloppier. I felt mentally like I could keep pushing, but my body refused eventually. I left the gym satisfied, and impressed. 

Now. As with almost anything that works, there IS a flipside, and I will admit to you that I did suffer a bit of a ‘comedown’ from this pre workout. Call it what you want. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe the more intense pre workouts aren’t for me anymore. But honestly Cass Martin might have overdone it with just how dang STRONG this WRKETHIC pre workout is. But again maybe it’s made for the hardcore lifter. (But heck that used to be me and this stuff whoooped me!). So yeah. I would steer clear unless you have a very high stimulant tolerance because the crash was no bueno. But let’s take a peek into the supplement facts and see what we can find in there that gives WRKETHIC pre workout it’s pop. 

What is in WRKETHIC Hard Work Pre Workout? 

This pre workout is a cocktail of stimulants, nootropics, and a familiar cast of energy-enhancing compounds. I will list out some of these for you now. You’ll recognize many of them as ‘classical’ pre workout ingredients, while some others I will have to guide you through. 

Hard Work Pre Workout Ingredients:

Vitamin C

Beta Alanine

Citrulline Nitrate

Agmatine Sulfate



Choline Bitartrate

Hordenine Hydrochloride





So it’s a pretty interesting mix of traditional pre workout ingredients and a few others that you might recognize less frequently. The interesting one to me is the NO3-T Citrulline Nitrate, which is an ingredient found in the most famous pre workout in the history of the world, Cellucor C4. I’ve actually never seen it in any other pre workout before this WrkEthic Hard Work pre workout. 

Other things I’ll draw to your attention are the combination of, let’s face it, very serious stimulants that are in here. You have caffeine mixed with choline bitartrate, hordenine, acetyl tyrosine, and glucoronolactone, which is what provides a very substantial stimulant ‘buzz’ from the Hard Work pre workout. 

Grading this pre workout from a formulation standpoint, it’s very heavy on the pump and the energy standpoint, but it’s not particularly impressive when it comes to the strength or endurance ingredients, which is surprising considering how STRONG Cass is and how heavy she lifts. But let’s talk about the packaging now. 

Cass Martin’s Pre Workout Looks Stealthy. 

I think the Hard Workout pre workout looks pretty good. I initially didn’t love it but I will admit that it has grown on me. The dark, matte color theme and vibe is subtle but actually matches Cass’s well, let’s call it what it is, BADASS vibe. The sort of flag / stylized graphic reminds me of something that is more militaristic and it also gives you the impression that this line of supplements is just highly effective, which, in my experience with the Hard Work pre workout, is exactly accurate. I am definitely looking forward to trying Cass Martin’s other products because not only was this Hard Work Pre Workout very effective, but it also looks fantastic. Let’s wrap this review up. 

Hard Work Pre Workout Review Summary:

  • Flavor: 8.3/10
  • Effectiveness: 8/10
  • Formula: 8.5/10
  • Packaging: 8.8/10
  • Value: 8.5/10 

So here’s the deal with this Cass Martin pre workout. It tastes PRETTY good. Works good if you like high-stim pre workouts, due to a pretty meaty formulation. I think the packaging looks good, and it’s priced a LITTLE bit high at $50, but I suppose if you want WRKETHIC you will have to pay for it. Overall it’s a good product worth trying.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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