Fitmiss Tone Review – Cheap and Worth a Hail Mary

Posted on March 19th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today I will review Fitmiss Tone- the CLA supplement from Musclepharm’s Fitmiss brand. I’ll talk about the product performance from the standpoint of if it really does help ‘tone’ the body and improve the muscle:fat ratio. I’ll also pull back the curtain on the supplement facts panel and tell you exactly what is in the product. As with all my reviews I’ll finish off with a review of the packaging and then wrap things with a final grade, taking the price and overall value into consideration. Let’s get into it. My official BPW Fitmiss Tone review


Fitmiss has been one of my favorite supplement brands basically since their inception in 2012. Truth be told they were the original women’s sports supplement company, and their is something to be said for the pioneer, right? Having tried (and thoroughly enjoyed) the companies other products such as Ignite, Burn, and Delight, I will say that I expected equally high performance from the companies CLA product, Tone. So how exactly did it perform? Let’s get into it. 

I gave Tone the standard 3 week testing run that I do for all fat burner. Now I’m going to stop myself right here. Is this really a ‘fat burner’ ? The answer is, well, sort of ‘no’. When I think about a fat burner I think of the classic setup of caffeine, capsicum, black pepper extract, Advatra-Z (citrus aurantium), etc et. You know. The products that jack up your metabolism so that you end up burnin more calories than you otherwise would have. 

But this is NOT a fat burner. It’s a CLA product. CLA products, such as the recently reviewed CLK, or Censor, are not technically fat burners. Have I included them in the BPW Top Ten Fat Burners of 2015 as nominees? Yeah I have- because their goal is to help you reduce bodyfat. But the reality is that these products are more natural than actual ‘fat burners’. In my opinion they are slightly less effective (and also way less expensive) than the stimulant-including alternatives. But regardless, I’ve actually had varying degrees of success with CLA products, so they are always worth the review. Alright enough babbling. Does Fitmiss Tone Work? 

Fitmiss Tone Performance Grade: 7.8

Unfortunately, this is the first Fitmiss product not score over a B in the performance department. As mentioned, I ran a 3 week cycle of Tone, taking 1 pill with each meal (3 a day), for 21 days straight. I think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve also been preparing for Spring Vacation, so I really have made a dedicated effort to drop 2 of these final pounds of excess fat. And I was truly hoping that Tone could have helped me get there. But alas, it wasn’t to be. 

Sometimes it’s hard for me to see real results from diet pills since in all honesty I’m only around 14% bf right now. I know, I know – I’m not going to be winning any bikini contests with that- but I think I look pretty lean! But my point is that, no matter what degree of ‘fit’ I may be in, there’s is nobody that would argue that I’m not in shape. Because I am. And that’s why it can be hard to review all these diet pills. The human body has a point of diminishing returns and I may be at that point. I know my body, and it really doesn’t like dropping too far below 16% bf. But believe me I tried to get the most out of Fitmiss Tone and have it get me to that goal of 12-13%. I don’t want you to get the perception that Tone does nothing just because I personally did not see any results with the product. If you are considering taking this diet pill, here is what you need to know from a formula standpoint.

What is in Fitmiss Tone? 

As I said earlier in the review- this is a CLA product. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This (ironically) is a fat that is naturally occurring in red meats, and has been studied for several years because of it’s supposed fat burning benefits. While some studies have appeared to show conclusive results supporting it’s effectiveness as a fat burning agent, some have just as decisively discounted it’s benefits! It truly is one of the most enigmatic ingredients in the sports nutrition industry. And the funny thing is- I personally have had equally mixed results with CLA products! It’s like sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. For instance, Cellucor CLK, which is probably my favorite CLA product, gave me some actual results that I absolutely would not have realized without it. Even NDS Censor, another CLA product, played a role of accelerating some of my fat oxidation efforts. Even though Tone didn’t do it for me- here are the three ingredients in it.

  1. CLA 
  2. Avocado Oil
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jus thinking out loud as to why this product might not have yielded the same results as the others- I think we might have just found our answer. This product is just so darn basic. I mean there are only three lonely ingredients in Tone, whereas a product like CLK combines several different ingredients to go along with the CLA itself. It was my hypothesis at the time of the CLK review that those other ingredients played perhaps an important role in supporting the effects of the CLA, and if my review of Tone does anything, it supports my idea that CLA products perform best when they are in a product that plays other ingredients alongside of them to support each other. It’s like a fat oxidizing team- you need more than just one individual player! (Or three). 

Fitmiss Tone Packaging Grade: 8.0

I’m giving Tone a respectable packaging score of eight / ten because I just can’t conjure the negative energy to rip on it. You know from my reviews that usually this is the section where I tie my hair up and really let brands have it from a design perspective. But let’s look at this thing with a clear mind. Is it pink and black and sort of stereotypical? Yeah. But does it clearly communicate the product name what it does? Yeah. So really if a package does what it’s supposed to do, how can I rip that hard into it? The product isn’t fantastic in my opinion, but the packaging, well, it’s ok. 

Fitmiss Tone Final Score: 8.0


I know. You’re thinking, “Allie if this product didn’t work for you at all, how can you possibly give it a decent grade?” And the answer is this. The money. You can (as I did) get a 30-day supply of Fitmiss Tone for like $18, shipped. That’s chump change. And yeah, you’re right Tone didn’t blow me away from a fat burning standpoint- but for less than $20, it’s absolutely worth taking a shot on this product, especially since CLA products can work so differently for different people. So go ahead and grab a bottle of Tone. Let me know what you think. 

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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