NDS Censor Review: Should You Bother with This CLA Supplement?

Posted on March 12th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today’s review I’ll go over NDS Nutrition’s ‘Specialized Body Toner’ called Censor. I got my hands on a jar of Censor and gave it my standard package 3 week run so that I could get a good feel for the effects of the product. In this in-depth analysis I’ll tell you everything about this diet pill. I’ll start in with a narrative of my time taking Censor and basically tell you if Censor works. I’ll transition into a deep dive on the supplement facts and tell you what’s actually in here. I’ll wrap things up on a lighter note with a full packaging review, and of course finish with an evaluation of the product value and official BPW grade. Without further ado, here it is folks- the official BPW NDS Censor review


This will be the third of my NDS Product Reviews, and I’m super pumped to tell you about what I think of NDS’s toning pills. If you’ve read my Liporush review, you might be asking what’s the difference between Censor and Liporush? And to be honest- I asked myself the same exact thing. They’re both marketed as fat burners and diet supplements, so what’s the point of making two? Well of course it’s money, but after having experienced both products, I can tell you there are actually some pretty distance differences between the two. 

The first and most important difference between Liporush and Censor is that Censor is stimulant free, and is CLA based. I’ll tell you more about what the latter means when I do a deep dive on the supplement facts, but basically this means that Liporush uses stimulants such as caffeine to ramp up your metabolism, while Censor works through a different mechanism.

The second difference is that Censor can be taken in concert with some of your other supplements. If your a regular pre-workout or coffee drinker like I am, you’re probably conscious of your daily stimulant intake. With a product like Liporush you’re already getting a strong amount of caffeine, not to mention the somewhat questionable ingredient dendrobium. In that sense this product is a lot like Cellucor’s CLK, which as another stimulant free fat burner that I’ve reviewed. (Read my full CLK review here). 

Ok so let me tell you about my three week run with Censor. I started taking it about three weeks ago, and I’ll admit I can certainly stand to lose a pound or two. The early Spring season always ends up turning into a bit of a perpetual party for me, and I’ll admit sometimes I let the pendulum swing more towards my personal life than towards my fitness life. And for someone who has the Twitter handle FitLifeAllie I’ve honestly thought at some points this Spring about changing it to DrinkLifeAllie. LOL. You know what I mean though? Sometimes it’s tough to balance the two. So the question I had going into this review trial was, can Censor help me cut down some garbage weight in time for my Spring Break? Yep Cabo. I was a little bit skeptical that Censor could be effective in that short time period given that it has no stimulants, but to be honest it sort of proved me wrong. 

I bought a bottle of Censor for GNC, or my local ‘Generally Never Cheap’. Yeah I paid, hm, almost $50 for a 90-count bottle. I’ve never been crazy about NDS prices, but based on my Cardio Cuts and Liporush reviews, they’ve been worth it every time. Actually I bet you can find this product online for a bit less than the full price, but I was anxious and didn’t feel like waiting for a drone to deliver the product. (Don’t laugh, they’re coming!). 

NDS Censor Performance Grade: 8.4

I started taking Censor the day I bought it with lunch – two softgels per meal. This is the protocol that I followed during the whole three week flight. So I ended up basically using the entire bottle by the end (sometimes I have 2 meals/day, sometimes 3). I followed my usual workout and diet regimen, although increased my cardio frequency to 4 times per week, which is pretty high for me. But like I said, I had a bikini to fit into! 

Here are the effects of NDS Censor that I noticed by week: 

Week 1: Not surprisingly I have not noticed any dramatic changes in body composition or weight. If there is any change or benefit to note at this point it would have to be that I’m starting to feel better physically in the gym. I’ve been having some really good hard workouts and even though I’m still a little heavier than I’d like to be, it’s a good feeling to have that super healthy vibe in the gym. 

Week 2: Really sort of grasping at straws, but again nothing totally new or dramatic to report after my second week with NDS Censor. I have lost about 3/4 of a pound, but it’s hard to tie that back to NDS Censor since my workouts have intensified slightly. I’ve also started up the Intermittent Fasting diet that I used to do last year because I think that helped me shed these ‘DrinkLifeAllie’ pounds pretty effectively last season. 

Week 3: Ok now I’ve started to really see some differences. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to actually see the manifestation of your hard work in the gym?! It’s easily the most rewarding and greatest feeling in the world. My glutes and thighs look much tighter than they did before I started Censor trial, and I am cautiously optimistic that this product has helped in that aspect. As for the rest of my body, I think some of the striations and cuts in my back have come back, and the looseness to my lower back and sides seems to have gone away. 

To summarize, it’s hard to tell if Censor helped me lose fat because there were some uncontrolled variables. In a scientific experiment my changes would not have been valid because I did modify my diet and I did ramp up my workouts. But I sincerely do think Censor helped accentuate the effects that I was going for, and for that reason I think it’s worth a shot. Let’s take a look at the supplement facts and talk about what’s in NDS Censor. 

NDS Censor Supplement Facts & Formula Grade: 8.3

Like I mentioned before this is a glorified CLA product. Does that mean it’s a bad product? No. But that’s what it is at the end of the day. Here’s what you are getting in each serving of Censor: (Note: there is no amount breakdown of the 2g capsule total)

  • Safflower Oil (Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Tonalin CLA)
  • GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid)
  • Fish Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid)
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Borage Oil

Some comments that I have while going line by line through these ingredients are that- first this is a very fat formula. Meaning all the additions are oils. Fighting fire with fire! You are getting a fish oil supplement in concert with the CLA and other ‘Linolenic’s’. I think this is probably why I was feeling so good in the gym. Fish oil is a supplement that can have very profound effects even though you don’t necessarily feel them while your taking it. It’s only looking back that you’re like ‘oh yeah, I HAVE felt better while taking that’. 

I think this formula is a success because it does give you sort of that ‘two-in-one’ aspect where you really don’t need to take a fish oil or omega-anything pill to supplement if you are taking Censor. I’m still not sure if I’m 100% sold on the effectiveness of CLA as a standalone ingredient, but perhaps NDS is onto something by stacking fish oil with the CLA and other acids. Oh and don’t forget the Evening Primrose Oil (rolls eyes).

NDS Censor Packaging Review: 8.7

Is NDS going to win packaging of the year from BodyBuilding.com this year? Probably not. Censor isn’t the sexiest product on the shelf, and frankly is not anywhere near as appealing as some of the other NDS products (thinking of Cardio Cuts bold and beautiful red label design). It’s just so plain that I can’t give it too much more than a B plus on the packaging front. And with that I think I’ve got to wrap things up. 

NDS Censor Value and Final Grade 8.6


To put this whole thing into a few finishing sentences- I personally am not a huge believer in CLA supplements. If you are looking to shed pounds fast, or simply just tighten things up the way i am, I just think there are more effective ways to do that. Am I saying that CLA supplements such as Censor are pointless and don’t work? No. Absolutely not. In fact I still think that they can help accelerate certain efforts to tone and lean out. But would I consistently pay the $50 dollars per jar of NDS Censor? Nope. For that reason, it’s final BPW review grade is a B plus*

Allie Lewis

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