Forza One Protein Review: This Stuff is Average at Best

Posted on November 20th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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ForzaOne Forza Pro Protein Reviews are kind of tough to locate in the vastness of the world wide web. I know this because I was searching for a good recommendation for what the best flavor of Forza One’s Protein Shake. Much to my despair, I could not for the life of me find a writeup on this product. Thus an idea formed in my head. An idea that has formed literally hundreds of times in my head before. Why don’t I take it on myself to do a ForzaOne review? Great idea, Allie. Great freakin’ idea. I thought of all the poor people that I would be helping by bringing this amazing protein review to the world. And let me tell you this isn’t just going to be any old protein review, or just another review. I go in-depth on these proteins. I really do. Just look at my Women’s Only review. I broke that product down to it’s core, and I’ll do the same thing with Forza One Forza Pro. I’ll tell you first and foremost what the best flavor of Forza Pro is. You’re probably standing around in you local Nutrishop not knowing where to turn. I was in your shoes girl, trust me. But just scroll down a little and you’ll have the answer you’ve been looking for- what is the best flavor of Forza Pro? Yep. You’re going to find out. After we talk about the flavor, we are going to discuss the formula and ingredients. I’ll also even review the packaging, just like I do in all my reviews. How does this sound to you? Good? Awesome. Let’s get this Forza Pro Protein Review started.

What’s the Best Flavor of Forza Pro? 

The best flavor of ForzaPro Protein is without a doubt the peanut butte banana. You can’t go wrong with the plain old vanilla either- but you should really pick one of these two. I honestly didn’t have a problem with the mint chocolate either, but I’ve just never been a fan of chocolate mint, so that’s why this flavor didn’t make the top half of the draw for me. Overall, though, this protein is quite tasty. All of the flavors are smooth, mix well, and are totally drinkable. Here is a brief description and 1-10 score of each of the ForzaOne flavors.

9/10 Peanut Butter Banana: This is the best tasting flavor of Forza Pro and the one I would recommend first to buy. The taste is very strongly of both the peanut butter AND the banana. Sometimes with these sort of ‘combo’ flavors you end up having one of the flavors greatly overpowering the other. This doesn’t happen with Forza Pro. There is wonderful balance and on top of that, I think they really nailed the sweetness. It actually sort of reminds me of the Gym Angel Sweet Angel protein that I just recently reviewed.

8.8/10 Vanilla: Surprisingly, the vanilla flavor of ForzaOne’s Protein product takes home the silver medal for me. You would expect that the more exotic flavors might rank highest above the standard vanilla and chocolate- but that doesn’t happen here. The vanilla is quite smooth, and the best part about it is the authenticity of the flavor. It is super pure and crisp interpretation of vanilla. 

8.6/10 Mint Chocolate: So you know I don’t go crazy for mint chocolate the way some people do. Some people you would think it’s a religion to them the way they hold the mint chocolate flavor above all else. You could almost say that to them, mint chocolate IS ‘BAE’. It is B efore A ll E lse. See now you know what BAE means! But yeah this flavor is pretty dang good even though I don’t like mint chocolate. The mint flavors were really pretty subtle, and that let the chocolate take center stage.

8.3/10 Chocolate: Strangely, this flavor of Forza One Protein was the worst tasting of the four. I don’t know how you screw up the standard chocolate when you do a nice job on flavoring of chocolate mint. But this is precisely what happened. Well. I shouldn’t say that they ‘screwed up’ this flavor, but it’s definitely not as good as I wanted it to be. 

ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Formula Grade: 8.0

Oh boy- I’ve got to be very careful with how I tackle this section. You’ll see what I mean in a second. But first let’s do our due diligence and discuss the macros of this protein supplement. On paper, they are very standard and in line with other comparable protein powders on the market. You’ve got 150 calories, which might be just a bit higher than what we are used to. Then you’ve got virtually zero fat, which is great. Sodium (salt) is just fine at 130mg. Only one gram of sugar is to be found in Forza One, along with no fiber. The big number is 30 grams- of course referring to the amount of protein per serving. So that looks pretty sturdy, right? Well. I THINK so. 

What you have to keep in mind when reviewing these protein powders is that some of these companies will use a tactic called protein spiking to jack up the number of ‘protein’ that they can claim. Now. Some people will fall on either end of the spectrum with this, with myself being a rare case where I’m somewhere in the middle. Meaning, that some people have such pessimism of the supplement industry that if they see ANY amino acids listed in the protein ingredients, they just assume it’s ‘protein spiked’ and will write-off the product is illegitimate immediately. You can read more about protein spiking in my Rule 1 Review, as I don’t want to spend TOO much time on it here. But just know that of the 30 grams of protein, you might be getting spiked with some aminos- in this case it would be L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, and L-Glutamine. This is unfortunately probably the case, since the product uses some pretty high quality and expensive proteins in Forza One. I can see why they would be tempted (or were tempted and acted on) to cut down the amounts of these proteins in favor of some cheaper amino acids. 

ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Packaging Grade: 7.0

This product is not the best-looking that you will see on the Nutrishop shelf. The product uses a dark black and blue color layout that is, well, just sort of un-becoming. It reminds me a little bit of the stale MRI products of yesteryear. Hm. Actually I think MRI is still around, but they always had some questionable packaging. This design just needs to be modernized in my opinion. The label is dominated by a thick navy blue swathe that breaks up the monotony of the black tub and black background. But it does so just barely. Everything is very linear and boring. It’s almost like the military haircut of protein product labels. Forzaone could do well by using some more modern techniques, such as are found on the Adaptogen Science products like Tasty Whey or Warp 5. Maybe they should’ve also considered using a bolder color palette. Or maybe not and this sort of ‘grown up’ look has been working for them. If anything though, they DEFINITELY should have moved the ForzaOne logo up near the top of the label to make it clear of what the brand name is. Right now it looks like ForzaOne is a branded ingredient to be found in this protein. They also should’ve absolutely made their flavor graphics more prominent and visually appealing. The static color block just isn’t cutting it. But. Hey. I guess it sort of matches the overall aesthetic of the product (boring). 

ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Review Summary

  • ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Flavor Grade: 8.7
  • ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Formula Grade: 8.0
  • ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Packaging Grade: 7.0
  • ForzaOne Nutrition Forza Pro Value Grade: 7.7

At the price they wanted for it at my local Nutrishop ($59.99 for 40 scoops), ForzaOne just is not worth it to me. If you drink the Nutrishop Kool-Aid, I’m sure this is a staple of your supplement cupboard, but to me it’s just, well, another boring protein powder.*


Forza Pro Protein Final Review Score: 8.0

Allie Lewis

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