Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein Review: Wonderfully Delicious.

Posted on November 19th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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This is my Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein Review. This is my super-duper, double-whammy, awesome-sauce protein powder review and you are going to love it. In this review I’m going to BRING the energy and the insight in a way that makes you want to re-read the review six or seven times over. I’m not even kidding. I’m that freaking good at doing protein shake reviews. You probably already know though. After all, you are the best and brightest and you know that the BPW is your only truly reliable source or honest supplement reviews. In this fine example we are going to discuss yet another protein powder for women- this time by good old Gym Angel- the understated, super terribly-packaged women’s supplement brand. But hey. We aren’t holding bad looks against them. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? That’s my excuse for dating Jeremy. LOL. Sorry Jeremy. I’m the worst. Ok. Sweet Angel Protein. Here’s what you’re about to learn from this review: First off, how does it taste. These protein shakes all taste pretty good these days. So Sweet Angel better BRING it with regard to taste. Next we’ll talk formula. I’ve glanced at the Supplement Facts panel briefly and can tell you this formula is actually quite solid. The final thing we’ll cover is the packaging grade. I’ll be honest I’m going to bag on Gym Angel in this section because this packaging is awful. But that’s later. For now, let’s get started on Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein TASTE.

How Does Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein Taste? 

Good. Next question? LOL. But for real ‘do. This protein tastes helluh good. I had the chocolate donut flavor, and I have to tell you, this stuff is CRAZZY good tasting. I’m not going to lie there has to be some pretty serious artificial flavorings and sweeteners in here, but who cares. I love how this protein powder tastes. From the first sip to the last, you are rocked in a world of delicious chocolate goodness. It’s not a standard chocolate bar taste, though. It’s actually quite hard to describe. It’s almost as if you are drinking something that’s part chocolate and part donut-glaze flavored. I can’t really get over it! I mixed two scoops of Sweet Angel into about two cups of milk (16 oz) which is a very sizable shake, but I wanted to invite my little sister to try some with me. She and I both agreed that this is one of the better tasting protein shakes on the market right now. And that’s saying something. I’ve had some really good ones lately too such as Adaptogen Tasty Whey. There was another super tasty one I had recently I can’t think of the name of it though…looking…ah. Protizyme by Metabolic Nutrition was also super good. 

There’s a real chance that those two are eclipsed by Sweet Angel, though. Sweet Angel has all the characteristics that I love in a protein shake for women in terms of taste: It’s sweet, it’s smooth, and it’s full of bold flavor. I love that they went a little off the beaten path and came up with the donut spin on the chocolate flavor. That’s the kind of creativity that doesn’t come across too too often. Really well done. Other things that are nice about Gym Angel’s protein is that unlike their pre workout, Energy Angel, this product has a taste that is much more timeless. AKA after like one serving of Energy Angel you were totally over it. But that was for the awful Pina Colada flavor. Those never come out well. But this protein. This is on another level. It’s so good. You want to drink it like three times a day. And by want to, I mean ‘do’. LOL. Until it’s gone. So let’s talk about the formula now. Who cares if Sweet Angel tastes good if the formula is lousy. 

Gym Angel Sweet Angel Formula Grade: 9.0

Surprisingly, I’ve got to give it to Sweet Angel again! This is a pretty DANG GOOD formula! ‘You act so surprised, Allie…’. Well yeah I guess I am kind of surprised. I mean. Energy Angel wasn’t really my favorite product of all time as you know from my Energy Angel Review. And that product had a relatively weak formula. But Sweet Angel has really strong macros, and a super high-quality blend of protein sources that I appreciate greatly. The macros are as follows: 

Calories: 103

Total Fat: 3g

Sat. Fat: 1g

Total Carbs: 3g

Sugars: 1g

Protein: 16g

So as you can see, this is not a crazy ultra-high-calorie beefcake style protein shake like some of them are. The thing about Sweet Angel is that it’s not the most expensive protein shake out there, which I really appreciate. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And when you pay about a dollar per serving, like you do with Sweet Angel, you aren’t going to get quite the same amount of protein per serving. But it’s all good. You know why? Because Sweet Angel uses some really high quality sources of protein that are effectively going to give you the same results as other proteins that have more VOLUME of protein but are lesser quality. The sources of protein in Sweet Angel are:

  • Whey Concentrate
  • Whey Isolate
  • Whey Hydroslate
  • Micellar Casein
  • Milk Protein Isolate

These five sources are chalk-full of the branch-chain amino acids, and have varying rates of digestion, meaning your body will stay fueled with a trickle of proteins for a good long period of time. I really enjoy Gym Angel’s formula for this reason. It’s the whole ‘quality vs quantity’ argument. Give me 16g of HIGH QUALITY protein and I’m happy. Therefore Gym Angel protein makes me happy. Until I look at the label design LOL. 

Gym Angel Sweet Angel Packaging Grade: 6.8

Sigh. Just like Energy Angel, I’ve got to dock Gym Angel for some truly atrocious packaging. I think I might actually put together a ‘Top Ten Worst Packaging’ list for the holiday season this year, just because it’s actually become quite comical how bad some of these products look! Gym Angel uses the boring-est of the boring jar-lid combination to make sure that you’re protein is an absolute eyesore sitting on your kitchen counter. If I have company, I make sure to hide my tub of Gym Angel Sweet Angel so that nobody sees. It’s painfully under-designed. And what graphics do adorn the label are so dated and stale-looking that they beg to be taken out back behind the barn, and, yano how the story goes. It’s just putrid. I know they want to do the whole Angel/Wing thing. But they clearly didn’t get the right designer who could give them what they needed. The product has a simple ’S’ on the front with a big ugly (REALLY ugly) wing graphic shooting out behind it. I can’t even continue telling you about it because it’s making me nauseous. But. Hey. Not everyone can look like Protein World or Unico or some of the other sexy big-budge brands. 

Gym Angel Sweet Angel Review Summary: 

  • Gym Angel Sweet Angel Flavor Grade: 9.0
  • Gym Angel Sweet Angel Formula Grade: 9.0
  • Gym Angel Sweet Angel Packaging Grade: 6.8
  • Gym Angel Sweet Angel Value Grade: 9.7

I can honestly forgive the ugly appearance of Sweet Angel for two reasons: One, it tastes really, really good. Two, it has a reasonably sound formula and uses high quality proteins. And Three, the price is SO right. At $22 for 24 servings, it might just be one of the better value proteins on the market right now. 

Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein Final Score: 9.3

Allie Lewis

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