Jamie Eason Lean Body for Her Pre Workout Review: Yuck.

Posted on February 7th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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The Lean Body Stimulant Free pre workout from Jamie Eason has been on my short list of pre workouts to review for quite some time now. I have always had my doubts about stimulant free pre workouts as you know, but some super good ones have come my way, and I’ve been really curious if others could match the same level of performance and quality. I have to say. From my experience with the Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre Workout, I suppose my doubts of stim-free energizers have been renewed. Now. Don’t take that as a premature sentencing of ‘this stuff stinks’. There are some things to really like about this pre workout. Not the least of which is found in the product formulation. So be sure to check that part of the review out. In addition to talking about formula, we’re going to talk about the flavor, the packaging, and of course the performance. I’ll tell you exactly how I felt during my workout and after it as well. And that’s all! After this Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre Workout Review, you’ll be an expert on the product. And if not, at least you’ll leave here knowing if this product is for you or not. So let the fun begin.

Jamie Eason is a wonderful and energetic person. I actually had the opportunity to meet her not so long ago, and whoops now that I think about it, it was not Jamie Eason at all that I met. My bad. I actually met Jessie Hildengberg or whatever her name is. The chick that backs the NLA Performance products. Speaking of those products, I recently found out that their Uplift pre workout has been re-formulated with some crazy stuff. So be sure to stay tuned as I go through some different things related to that product in a separate product. But right now we’re talking about Jamie Eason, who is probably a cool chick. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never met her. But I have reviewed her Signature Series Protein. I didn’t like it. But maybe I’ll like the pre workout better. Time to dive right in with the flavor grade. 

Jamie Eason Lean Body for Her Signature Series Pre Workout Flavor Grade: 8.4

Usually pre workouts are fruit punch flavored. Or blue raspberry. But not this one. This one comes in two pretty unique flavors, and they are orange mango and raspberry lemonade. I’m a big fan of one of them, but not the other. Luckily I have tried both and can speak to the taste of each so if you’re here wondering what’s the best flavor of Jamie Eason’s Lean Body For Her Signature Series Stimulant Free Pre Workout? I will have the answer for you. And holy cow how long is that product title? Obscene. Let me start with my thoughts on the Orange Mango pre workout flavor. 

Orange Mango: This flavor is by far better than the alternative flavor. The orange side of the flavor is very true to real orange juice, and has a really nice tartness to it. The mango flavors then come in to boost the sweetness and add a tropical flair to it. What you are left with is a really comprehensive taste experience that you will want to keep sipping on, and will be sad when it’s gone. I know I was. I would give this flavor of the Jamie Eason pre workout a 9.2/10. It’s about as good as you can do for using only natural flavors and sweetener. 

Raspberry Lemonade: Some raspberry lemonade flavors are better than others. This one belongs in the ‘others’ category. I found it to be plenty sour, tart, and ‘lemony’, but it was much too shallow of a taste. Sometimes it tasted like Crystal Light to me and I had to remind myself that I was drinking pre workout and not Crystal Light. I hate the taste of Crystal Light, for the record. I think it’s disgusting. But yeah. This pre workout had nothing going for it taste-wise. There was almost no ‘berry’ flavor whatsoever. It’s like…if you’re going to name the flavor ‘raspberry lemonade’, shouldn’t it actually have some raspberry flavors? I think it should. And this one doesn’t so I give it a 7.5/10 overall. If you have your heart set on this pre workout, get the orange mango. 

Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre Workout Performance Grade: 7.7

I hate giving this pre workout such a low performance grade, but at the end of the day, it just didn’t do very much for at all from a performance standpoint. I took it just this morning before one of my more intensive workouts. More intensive because I knew I would need to really have my act together and get a good calorie burn in before the Super Bowl. I’ve had a really healthy weekend so far, but it never fails that SOMETHING will come up that causes me to compromise my diet. Every. Freaking. Weekend. That’s right Allie, keep complaining about having friends that care about you and love you enough to invite you places to be with them. You’re such a good human being. Ugh. But no. I AM lucky to be invited to places to get fat. Lol. But all that means is that you have to work out really hard prior to one of those ‘social eating’ scenarios. Because let’s face it. You’re GOING to eat some junk food. 

So this morning I really wanted to crush my legs. Leg workouts burn all sorts of calories, and that’s all that counted this morning. Unfortunately, from the time I walked into the gym, I knew this pre workout was going to let me down. I suppose I feel like that every time with stim-free (aka no caffeine, synephrine, yohimbine, etc) pre workouts because there’s no immediate burst of energy. But sometimes you will get surprised when the workout begins, and the pre workout will work some magic. That’s what happened with the Layne Norton pre workout that ended up making it to our annual BPW Top Ten Best Pre Workout for Women list this year. Jamie Eason Lean Body Pre Workout unfortunately, will never see the top ten. There is just nothing happening when you take it. No energy. No endurance. No pump. No cognitive boost. It’s just SO tame. They didn’t even put any beta-alanine to at least give you some tingles. There is literally no effect. I had a lousy workout and left feeling pretty betrayed by this pre workout. 

Jamie Eason Lean Body Pre Workout Formula Grade: 7.5

I have to give them a lousy grade on the formula too. I mean. I understand that some people don’t want stimulants. But that means you better be filling the rest of the formulation with some super high-octane non-stimulants. Give me lot’s of aminos. Give me lots of nootropics. Heck. Give me 5 grams of L-Carnitine. Give me SOMETHING. Here are the ingredients that they DID use: 

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin B12





Choline Bitartrate

Eeeek. That formula though! It’s horrid! Ok sure Choline is supposed to boost cognition. And at 1 gram they put a decent amount in there. Franklly I couldn’t tell that it was in there at all. I got nothing in terms of energy or focus. The should have used citicholine or something. And then added a good amount of B vitamins and lots of carnitine. Maybe even some CLA and trump up the fat-burning benefits. The way this formula is now, it’s just a low-cost, zero-impact waste of everyone’s time. I really don’t like the Jamie Eason pre workout formula in any way. It’s just bad. Let’s move onto the packaging I have nothing else to talk about regarding formulation. 

Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her Pre Workout Packaging Grade: 7.0

And we just keep moving in the wrong direction, don’t we. This pre workout has a lousy formulation and lousy performance, and now unfortunately I have to rag on the appearance as well. This pre workout uses a cheap, ugly, bulbous white jar with a matching ugly and plain white lid. The main graphics on the label are, of course, Jamie smiling and flashing her great abs (ok, so I’m jealous of her abs maybe), and then a huge band of pink that provides the backdrop to the pre workout’s name ‘Lean Body For Her’. The rest of the relevant information is dumped beneath, in an unruly, plain, center-aligned mess of varying font thicknesses and sizes. The flavor lies beneath, and uses a secondary color to draw attention. They really didn’t do anything fancy or creative on this design. The only good part is the image of Jamie, which does make you want to take the product (so you can look like her, of course). But honestly. As a whole this design is awful and cheap looking. 

Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre Workout Review Summary

  • Jamie Eason Lean Body Pre Workout Flavor Grade: 8.0
  • Jamie Eason Lean Body Pre Workout Performance Grade: 7.7
  • Jamie Eason Lean Body Pre Workout Formula Grade: 7.5
  • Jamie Eason Lean Body Pre Workout Packaging Grade: 7.0

Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her Value Grade: 7.8

There’s nothing to like here to be honest. Jamie Eason has great abs and a great smile. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have- and that’s a winning pre workout formulation.*


Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her Value Final Review Score: 7.6

Allie Lewis

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