LeanBean Review: 2 Weeks of Testing This New Fat Burner

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LeanBean Reviews are kind of tricky to find so after trying this new fat burner for the past few weeks, I decided to give this one a shot myself, and let you guys know what I think. The LeanBean fat loss pills have shown a little bit of promise, and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you my experience with them. If you are curious if these products are going to work for you or not, I think this review is going to be super helpful for you. If you are ready to know if they work, what’s in them, and if the packaging is on point, then read on for my total LeanBean evaluation! I’m probably the top diet pill review resource in the world so you’ve found the right spot. Time to spill the beans on the LeanBean Official fat burner.

Does LeanBean Fat Burner Work? 

So I’m going to cut STRAIGHT to the chase you guys. I want to go out to a nice Thirsty Thursday happy hour with my boyfriend so I’m actually going to try and make this LeanBean Fat Burner Review rather quick-hitting. But that should be okay with you too. Basically with any new fat burner review I try to measure the results against my favorite fat burner of all-time, which is Unico’s Vulcan Advanced. So. How did Leanbean do? Let’s jump right in… 

Why don’t I start by sharing my 2-week mini-log that I compiled over the course of my LeanBean Female Fat Burner trial. I had some positives and some negatives throughout the time taking it, and will share those with you. The final day, which was yesterday, I really tried to tie together my LeanBean experience and summarize my findings on if LeanBean is effective or not. Let’s kick things off and take you back. Two weeks ago when I just received my new LeanBean fat burners…

DAY 1: Okay guys! Just got my LeanBean Official Female Fat Burner in the mail and I’m super excited to try this stuff out! My initial thoughts are, after taking my first pill with breakfast, are that the product is not all that hard to swallow. The pills are small and easy. I haven’t had any burping or weirdness. Maybe a little extra energy already but that could be a placebo. I’ll check in in a few days. 

DAY 4: I wanted to wait for a few days for the LeanBean fat burner to show some kind of results and, well, I guess they have given me some benefits. I notice most of all that my appetite is definitely less than it usually is. I haven’t been eating QUITE as much, nor have I been having many late-night cravings that would re-compensate for the lower amounts of calories consumed. It will be interesting to keep an eye on my body composition and see if the less food equates to a lighter weight and better body. 

DAY 9: Another 5 days down and I had a really good chance after my shower this morning to search for new changes to my body. I do think that I can see more definition in my shoulders and throughout my upper abdomen. I think my arms are also looking leaner in my wrists and forearms. My trunk and butt look to be largely unchanged, but I’ll continue to monitor. One LeanBean SIDE EFFECT that I’ve noticed is very slight stomach discomfort. At first I thought I was imagining it, or that I had just eaten something funky, but like clockwork now about five minutes after I take LeanBean I have been getting some stomach pains. Not super sharp ones but definitely noticeable. 

DAY 12: Two days from the end of my LeanBean Review Log, and I’m feeling pretty good about the effectiveness of these fat burners. I have certainly made progress with upper body definition, and I think my butt and thighs are starting to look a little bit leaner as well. I have found that my energy levels are elevated when taking LeanBean, but that there does seem to be a tapering of energy levels after the 4 or 5 hour mark of taking the product.

DAY 14: Woo! End of two weeks of LeanBean logging. This fat burner has helped me lose exactly 1.8 pounds in two weeks- which is pretty good for someone like me who is already at a pretty good happy medium weight. The two pounds that I lost does seem to have been mostly fat, which is good. I have some new muscle tone in areas where I usually have nothing. I think the stomach pain has subsided a little bit too which makes me happy and confident to maybe keep taking LeanBean for a little longer and see if I can get even better results before beach season! So overall I’m pleased with LeanBean Female Fat Burner. It has proven effective. Maybe not the most effective fat burner I’ve ever tried, but one that I can safely say provides some nice results. 

So to summarize- Here are the LeanBean Results that I personally experienced: 

  1. Helped me lose 2 pounds, most of which appears to be fat
  2. Added some new muscle tone around my glutes and quads, my usual problem areas
  3. Suppressed my appetite to cause me to eat about 15% less calories 

These are really exciting results from the LeanBean fat burner. There were almost no LeanBean side effects with the exception that it did upset my stomach very slightly within 15 minutes of ingestion. I’ll give LeanBean fat burner an 8.5/10 overall as a performance grade. Let’s talk about the ingredients now. 

What’s in LeanBean Fat Burner? 

There are some familiar ingredients in LeanBean, and then a few that I am not as familiar with. I’ll list out the full ingredient list and then discuss my thoughts on the formulation. 

LeanBean Ingredients 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12


Green Coffee

Acai Berry

Green Tea Extract

Turmeric Powder


Garcinia Cambogia

Cayenne Powder

Black Pepper 

Raspberry Ketones

NOTES: I recognize almost all of these ingredients from my experience with countless other fat loss products. The few that stand out to me as being new and possibly exciting are the Glucomannan and the turmeric. Turmeric is a fantastic new supefood / herb that is in everything from wellness shots to protein powders to kombucha teas. Turmeric safely elevates metabolism and can help accelerate weight loss. Glucomannan is a fiber that can help balance blood sugar and also blunt appetite. I think this is the standout ingredient in LeanBean.

Another thing to note about the LeanBean fat burner is it’s lack of standalone caffeine anhydrous. I have found that most fat burners contain TONS of caffeine anhydrous, but LeanBean actually has none. I think the natural ingredients in LeanBean do a nice job of boosting energy without causing you to crash or feel lousy. You do slowly come down and have your energy taper with LeanBean, but nothing compared to some of the other crashes I’ve experienced with other heavy-stimulant products. I will give LeanBean a 9/10 on the formulation. Let’s move on to the fun part- the packaging and branding review section. 

LeanBean Packaging Review: 

LeanBean Female Fat Burner is a pretty good-looking fat loss product. I think this jar is actually one of the better looking fat burning products that I’ve reviewed in a long-time, which goes hand-in-hand with the performance that I’ve also seen. The color scheme is particularly pretty. The shade of light orange-red-pink puts a smile on my face and it actually seems to be the same color as the instagram ‘heart’ / like button! The name LeanBean at first but it has grown on me a ton, and the logo is super cute as well. Actually you know what? The logo is even a heart too which goes along with the whole ‘Instagram heart’ thing. Super cool and smart of LeanBean. I think the fonts and text are well chosen and minimalist. Overall this is a wonderful branding/packaging effort by LeanBean. Nice work guys! I’ll give LeanBean an ‘A’ on packaging. Let’s tie all of this together now. 

LeanBean Review Summary

– LeanBean provides gradual fat burning benefits. I lost two pounds, all of which were fat. It helps suppress appetite as well

– LeanBean uses several tried and true fat burning ingredients, and is very low stimulant. It has no synthetic caffeine or stimulants

– LeanBean packaging is very attractive and looks gorgeous sitting in your cabinet 

– While I am a big fan of the product, the LeanBean price point IS rather high. I think it might be 10 dollars over-priced, but it’s still a great buy

LeanBean Female Fat Burner Final Score A

LeanBean is one of the most promising fat/weightloss products that I’ve reviewed in the last 12 months. I am highly impressed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural weight loss aid.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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