Legion Pulse Review: Does it Have Any Weaknesses At All?

Posted on November 23rd, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today I’d like to tell you about the Legion Pulse pre workout supplement. In this Pulse Pre Workout Review I’m going to run the gamut of this pre workout booster and tell you exactly how it helped me perform for my workout. I’ll tell you first of all if it was an effective enhancer of the workout. Legion Athletics is a very performance-focused company. You know that their number one focus is on the results. Not on the flavor. Not on the profit. On the results. That’s what I like about the company, and a real reason why I was stoked to give this product a shot in the first place. As with all my pre workout reviews, I’m going to grade the product across four separate criteria. The pre workout category is actually my most intricate review process, and also the most time consuming. But you know what? It’s what I’m passionate about. My site was chose as best pre workout for women. Not best fat burner for women. Not best protein for women. Pre Workout. This is my passion. And in this review I think you’re going to see that passion. The four criteria are flavor, performance, formula, and packaging. All four components go into a final value grade that ultimately determine the final review score. So if you’re ready to get started, than so am I. Let the Legion Pulse Review, begin!

Legion Athletics, as mentioned before, has a special place in my heart ever since I reviewed Legion Phoenix, a fat burner that is sure to make it’s way into our Top Ten Fat Burners for Women rankings coming up in January. The fat burner performed exceptionally well for me, and gave me the desire to try some additional Legion products. Sometimes things happen that cause you to forget about the things you love, and that is certainly something that I fell victim to with Legion products. But I came back to it, and re-discovered my faith in the company. Well. Not faith. But I remembered that I really wanted to look into some other Legion products. So I popped over to their website and orders some grape, fruit punch, and green apple-flavored Legion Pulse. And, well, the rest is history. Let me tell you first what the best flavor of Legion Pulse is. 

What’s the Best Flavor of Legion Pulse? 

Great question. And frankly making the call between the fruit punch and grape was painstakingly difficult. As you know from several of my other pre workout reviews, I almost always choose the fruit punch flavor to test just because there is such a broad sample size that you have so many alternatives to compare to. Here is what I found with regard to Legion Pulse flavors: 

  1. Fruit Punch: The Fruit Punch is the top flavor of Legion Pulse, and I hope that you don’t think less of me as a reviewer for saying it. Yeah. Whatever. Call me basic. It’s fine. I’m wearing my Lulu Yoga Pants proudly. You can also call me a genius when you try the fruit punch flavor of Legion Phoenix because it’s absolutely fantastic. I will give this version an 8.9/10 and tell you that it is absolutely the top flavor in terms of taste. It’s very fruity without the use of artificial sweeteners which makes it quite impressive to me. 
  2. Grape: I will give grape an 8.8 out of ten, and honestly it might even be an 8.85. It’s so close between the fruit punch and the grape on which is better that I can’t even begin to tell you one is far better than the other. It will all just depend on what kind of mood you are in on that day. I think what I like about grape is that it has a little bit more sourness that the fruit punch did not have. 
  3. Apple: The green apple flavored Legion Pulse Pre Workout is the worst of the three that I tried, but not really for a lack of good taste. The apple is actually quite drinkable, and if you are in the mood for something a little different-tasting, I think you would do well to give the Apple a shot. After all, there are just 20 servings per tub. So a month of Green Apple pre workout in you life might be just what the doctor ordered. Let’s move on now to another important grading criteria- the formula: 

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Formula Grade: 8.9

I wanted to give you a feel for the ingredients before I dive into the performance grade because the formula is quite unique in itself. There are not many ingredients in terms of the number of materials in here, but what they have done is included these ingredients in dosages that are really significant. I actually don’t think I’ve ever had 8 grams of ANY single ingredient in a pre workout, and this is the exact amount that you get of Citrulline Di-Malate in the Pulse Pre Workout. Another Interesting thing to note is the inclusion of L-Orinthine, and also the omission of any sort of creatine. This makes the product attractive to me because that means I will not run into the good old creatine bloat that I’ve come to expect from so many pre workouts that include it, (cough, cough Cellucor C4, Pre Jym, Assault, and others). 

The last thing that is notable in the formula is the energy and focus elements, which are derived from the caffeine and the L-theanine. There is a fantastical amount of each, which give the product it’s ability to energize the mind while keeping you from getting too jittery or on-edge. I’ve also found that L-Theanine prevents any sort of real crash, which is also a huge benefit. So was that the case with Pulse in terms of performance? Let me tell you. 

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Performance Grade: 9.4

I love a product in which it’s best aspect is the performance. Nowadays all of these products LOOK sexy, (Women’s Best, Protein World, Unico, Adaptagen…etc). But to have a product that looks wonderful and performs even better? Now that is a combination to take note of.

I took this pre workout twice. The first time was this morning before cardio, in which I took one half serving. The second time was this afternoon before my strength training session. I have found my legs really starting to fall behind in terms of strength and definition. Most people would not care even a little bit. I mean. It’s winter. Ain’t nobody seeing these legs for a little while. But I care. I have issues. I know. But it’s about confidence. If I get out of the shower in the morning and feel sexy, than I’m going to act sexy. So you bet your ass I did a leg workout this afternoon. And it was a great one, at that. 

The running went well, don’t get me wrong, but where this pre workout makes it’s money is in the strength improvement department. Yes. That’s a department that exists in the realm of pre workout. The strength improvement department. What I mean is, I essentially outperformed my workout plan by about 35% on everything. Sets. Reps. Weight. Everything. I don’t know if I was just super well-rested or what, but I was really able to get after it today and feel like a super human. It’s actually funny that I chose to use that word to describe it because that’s how the energy and effect was described on the Legion Athletics website. I demolished every set of front squats, and even was able to make terrific progress on the leg extension machine afterwards. I finished with calves, with my legs feeling totally beat, but pumped-up and happily tired. I have to give Legion and A on performance with this amazing pre workout. 

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Packaging Grade: 9.0

As you’ll read in my key findings below, Pulse really has it all. From the formula to the taste, to the packaging, this rare combination of strengths has Pulse breathing rare air in the pre workout category. Can you even think of a pre workout that I’ve reviewed recently that tasted good, AND looked good, AND had a sound formula? I can’t. Maybe Pre-Kaged came close, and I did like Layne Norton’s Carbon Prep…but a stim free product just isn’t the same. 

But we’re talking about packaging, right? Well. What can I say. Just look at this tub of dark, mysterious, majestic, beauty. It really is beautiful in it’s own way. If you watch Game of Thrones, this product will probably remind you of a white walker. It is strangely captivating and mysterious. Not necessarily beautiful in a classical sense, the same way that Women’s Best, or Protein World is, but beautiful in a cold, efficient way. I like the way the blue feature graphic contrasts against the dark background. There are background elements to the design, but they take a backseat to the the big, pretty, blue, icy, ‘PULSE’ graphic. The teal colors are incredibly well matched with varying shades of purple and light blue. There are no curved lines on the design. Only cold, efficient, angular, geometric shapes that reinforce the purpose and simple efficiency of Legion Pulse. 

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Review Summary: 

  • Legion Pulse Pre Workout Flavor Grade: 8.9
  • Legion Pulse Pre Workout Performance Grade: 9.4
  • Legion Pulse Pre Workout Formula Grade: 8.9
  • Legion Pulse Pre Workout Packaging Grade: 9.0
  • Legion Pulse Pre Workout Value Grade: 8.9

It’s tough to find a pre workout with virtually zero weak points. But that’s what I’ve found with Legion Pulse Pre Workout. From the taste, to the flavor, to the performance, to the label- this is a pre workout that ticks all the boxes. I enjoy this pre workout fiercely, and would gladly recommend purchasing it.*


Legion Pulse Pre Workout Final Review Score: 9.4

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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