Allie’s Motiv8 Burn Review: Just Short of Brilliance

Posted on September 9th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Motiv-8 Burn reviews are practically non-existent online and, well, it was time to address that. Who better than your favorite online supplement reviewer, Fit Life Allie? I know you are as excited as I am for this Motiv8 Burn review so I’ll do my best to deliver on your high expectations. I can promise that this review will be both informative and entertaining- as all my fat burner reviews are. I’ll start off by talking about myself for about a paragraph or two, and at the same time offering a little bit of background information on this company that makes Burn- Motiv-8 Performance. The ‘Goal Driven Supplement Company’ will go under the microscope as I break down every aspect of this powdered fat loss drink. We’ll discuss the flavor and taste- ultimately leading to a determination of the best flavor of Motiv-8 Burn fat burner. Then we’ll move into a discussion of the performance and benefits of taking the product. Basically we want to know if Motiv-8 Burn works, right? Right. Following up that section we will talk a little bit about the ingredients in Burn so that you understand exactly what ingredients make up the product. I’ll close things up with an evaluation of the label and package design. Because let’s be serious- looks aren’t everything. They’re the ONLY thing. Yes, that’s a Floyd Mayweather quote. As with all my reviews I’ll finish this Motiv-8 Burn Review with a final review summary and appoint a final score to this weight loss supplement. So let’s get to it!

Motiv-8 Performance came across my radar while I was en route to the lovely Neon City about a week and a half ago. I knew that Las Vegas was going to basically whoop my butt, and that if I didn’t have a fat burner to support me, my physique was likely going to suffer. I mean. Some people say that you can’t change your physique (for good OR bad) in a short span such as 3-5 days. But I swear to you, give me 48 hours in Las Vegas and I can take some very serious strides towards looking awful. Because when I’m in Vegas I tend to get caught up in the action and just make excuses for all the partying, gorging myself, and overall lack of healthiness that comes with being in the city of sin. But I said, you know what, this time it’s going to be different. How does that awesome song go? ‘Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard’… yeah you know the one I’m talking about. But that’s where Motiv8 Burn comes into the picture. I ordered a tub of this stuff from the website and convinced my girls to each get one too. We all made promises to each other to do things right in Vegas this time. And you know what? We sort of stayed true to that. Sure we’ve been partying like rockstars, but at the same time we’ve been working out almost every day and taking Motiv-8 Burn to keep ourselves honest. So let me start by telling you about the taste.

What’s the Best Flavor of Motiv-8 Burn? 

The best flavor of Motiv-8 Burn has to be the cherry lemonade. Alot of people turn their noses up when they hear this because cherry is usually not the most popular flavor around. But wait ’til you try it. That’s what I’m telling everyone. It’s become so cliche to say it ‘tastes like candy’, but I swear it’s one of the better-tasting powdered supplements that I’ve tried. Is it as good as a Pre-Jym or a Cellucor C4? Maybe not. But it’s pretty dang good. Here’s a brief overview of the flavors respective tastes and how in order of how I rank them from best to worst:

Cherry Lemonade (First): Like I said, just wait until you try this flavor of Burn. Whoa I just noticed something – this is the second fat burner that I’ve reviewed that is named ‘Burn’. I wonder how the folks at Musclepharm/Fitmiss feel about that. Because their Fitmiss Burn is also a fat burner, and I bet there is going to be some confusion about which product is which. But anyways. I bet Motiv8 will be getting a phone call from some lawyers very soon. That will be fun for them, I’m sure. Musclepharm isn’t the biggest supplement company around, or anything. (Sarcastic).

But yeah. The cherry lemonade flavor of Motiv8 Burn is really really tasty. It’s sweet and also sour at the same time. The taste hits you like a ton of bricks right from the first sip. There are incredibly powerful notes of cherry to start off with, and then the lemon and citrus flavors mingle there way into the equation as the taste matures in your mouth. It evolves in your mouth. It’s wonderful. Truly it is. 

Tropical Punch (second best): The Tropical punch flavor is going to taste almost exactly the way you expect it to. There are definitely citrus and pineapple flavors coming through in this fairly delicious tasting fat burner powdered drink. It’s really pretty close when it comes to the cherry lemonade versus the tropical punch. I gave the edge to cherry lemonade because I think it is a more balanced flavor, and also slightly less sweet than the tropical punch. But you can’t really go wrong with either. Get both! Lol. 

Blue Raspberry (worst): Ok you all know that I hate blue raspberry (except of course from the High Volume Blue Raz which was actually unreal!). This version of blue raspberry by Motiv8 is NOT unreal. It is awful. It tastes way too sour and is also like, disgustingly sweet. I don’t even know how the same company and the same product can have two flavors this dramatically different from one another. If you get some Motiv-8 Burn than please do not get the blue raspberry. 

Does Motiv8 Burn Work? 

Ok so I’m going to give Motiv8 Burn a score of 8.3 on the performance, but to be 100% honest I can’t say that this was the ‘cleanest’ fat burner review that I’ve done. Usually with my fat burner reviews all my variables are controlled and there is really a good environment to evaluate if the product is actually working or not. But with Motiv8 Burn it’s way less clear. I mean. I’ve been in Vegas for a week now. And yes, I’m working out, and TRYING to eat relatively healthy. But I’m also going out at night, having drinks almost every night, and not sleeping as much as my body would prefer. So obviously, what results I have seen must be taken with a grain of salt. Basically I’m expecting this product to work even better than what I’ve seen so far.

The exciting thing is that I actually HAVE seen some results and benefits in just a week of taking Motiv-8 Burn. That’s the other thing- I have only been on the product for a week. Sometimes these fat burners don’t really ‘kick-in’ until after a week’s time.

Here are the benefits that I’ve noticed thus far from taking Motiv8 Burn

  1. Overall Leaner and Hardness: Yes, hardness. Hardness is one of my favorite words (oh hush), and I love when my body just has that, well, hardness to it. You don’t feel like you are carrying around any excess water or pudginess. This is easily my favorite benefit of taking Motiv8 Burn so far. I think what has happened (full disclosure), is that the combination of alcohol, not enough sleep, not enough food, and Motiv8 Burn has created a situation in which I’m probably super dehydrated. And while dehydration is literally one of the worst things you can be for overall health, you have to admit the human body just looks better when it is dehydrated. Lol. I’m the worst. But seriously this product does have some very real ‘hardness-enhancing’ elements to it. On top of that, you get a super nice kick of energy. 
  2. Energy and (some) Endurance: On top of getting a much leaner appearance- what I really have enjoyed about this fat burner has been the energy. I did not bring a pre workout with me on this trip so in the absence of that specialty energy product I’ve been relying heavily on this fat burner because it does have that significant stimulant element to it. That has allowed me to get away without my pre workout while at the same time burning fat during my workout. What you do not get from taking this product as a pre workout is any real significant endurance components. Once that initial burst of energy wears off, you are pretty much out there on your own.

Motiv-8 Burn Ingredients Grade: 7.8

The supplement facts panel is not really my favorite in this product because the ingredients are enclosed in a proprietary blend. I hate when companies do this because I have no idea how much of each individual ingredient I am getting with each serving. The other thing that you will notice when looking at this panel is that the blend itself weighs in at just about 3.5 grams. Since the scoop size is 7 grams, that means about half of each scoop is spend on the flavoring ingredients. That does explain why the product tastes as good as it does, but for me personally if I’m going to pay $60 for a weight loss powder- I damn better get more than 3 grams worth of active materials per serving. Here are the featured ingredients in the product: 


  • Taurine: Energy Support
  • Caffeine: Obviously, Energy
  • Theobromine: 
  • Mucuna Pruriens: 
  • Higenamine HCL: Kind of a crazy new ingredient- fat loss and energy. Some people do NOT tolerate this one well
  • Synephrine: Fat Burning and metabolic boost
  • Yohimbe: Same
  • TeaCrine: Branded Theacrine
  • Advantra Z: Citrus Aurantium
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartarate
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Yerba Mate
  • CLA Powder
  • Dandelion
  • Panax Root
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Calcium Pyruvate


Motiv-8 Burn Packaging Grade: 8.0 

I’m going to give the packaging a B minus because it is just average in my opinion. While the purple and white is not unpleasant to look at, the geometric pattern is just a little tired-looking in my opinion. Whereas a few years ago this product would have looked on-trend, at this point it looks stale and old. I think some of this is because of the shades of light purple- which make it looks sort of cheap and old.

The product name itself, as we discussed above, is taken directly from Fitmiss, which is a terrible decision by the folks at Motiv-8. The Motiv-8 logo is also quite ugly. Is that a sideways ‘M’ ? And an ‘8’ at the same time? Yes, I’m sure that is what they were going for. I get what they are going for, but honestly it doesn’t work. It looks bloated and clunky.

The things that they have done reasonably well with this design is making the flavor graphic look appealing and also featuring it prominently is a job well done. The layout itself also is pretty clean and well-designed. I can immediately tell what the product name is, and can find out all the information that I need just from a quick glance. The ‘breadcrumb’ marker at the bottom of the label is a smart idea that I don’t often see. It gives you a good sense of when to take the product. 

Motiv-8 Burn Review Summary: 


  • Motiv-8 Burn Flavor Grade: 8.8
  • Motiv-8 Burn Performance Grade: 8.3
  • Motiv-8 Burn Packaging Grade: 8.0 
  • Motiv-8 Burn Value Grade: 8.0 


I’ve got to give Burn the same score overall as I give it’s value. At $60, this product really needed to blow me away. Don’t get me wrong- it HAS showed me some promise. And for you, depending on your body chemistry, it might have an even more powerful impact on your body. But for me, this one falls just a tiny bit short of brilliance. Thanks for reading my Motiv-8 Burn Fat Burner Review.*


Motiv-8 Burn Fat Burner Final Score Score: 8.0

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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