MTS Clash Pre Workout Review: Tasty, Affordable & Effective

Posted on February 6th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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MTS Clash recently came across my radar as one of the best pre workout options for women, so I know that I simply had to do a review of it. After all, I’m the undisputed queen of pre workout reviews. I know how to do this stuff. There are also a few things that I know as far as MTS now, after having reviewed this red and black pre workout energy booster. As with all my reviews, I’m going to grade this pre workout across a handful of criteria. The first criteria is looks. You think I’m joking, but I’m actually not. I’m going to do a full design breakdown of this pre workout supplement and tell you if it’s sexy or not sexy. This is the BPW. We do things a little differently here as you probably can tell. This isn’t some junky, half-hearted MTS Clash Review. This is the big time. The big league of supplement reviews. In addition to grading the looks, we WILL also talk performance. I kid about looks, but of course it’s how the stuff performs that will ultimately determine it’s score. After we do that, we’ll dive into the supplement facts, formula, and then talk a little about the flavor. I’ll conclude with a final MTS Clash Pre Workout Review Score, and then let you decide- is MTS Clash ACTUALLY the Best Pre Workout for Women?

I google stuff. I google stuff alot. And I’ll bet you do to. It’s actually kind of scary how often I depend on google for the answers to my everyday life questions. Where is the nearest gluten-free buffalo chicken sandwich joint, for example. Hashtag first world questions. Other than buffalo chicken, my life revolves around pre workout. So when I was looking for my next pre workout to review, I turned to good old Google. ‘What’s the Best Pre Workout for Women?’ I asked Google. And then it did something weird. Instead of my usual search results, it showed me an ordered list of products, going from one, to two, to three. While I recognized the second, and third ‘ranked’ products, the first one was  unfamiliar to me. This is not the same pre workout that I deemed the best, but maybe I should have! After all, Google is almost always right. So obviously I grabbed myself a jar of MTS Clash Pre Workout so that I could do this awesome Clash review and of course let’s start with the looks department, as promised.

MTS Nutrition Clash Pre Workout Packaging Grade: 8.4

I feel like I’ve been doing a pretty good job of being more open-minded to the aesthetics of these various pre workout supplements as of late. Eh, actually ALL supplements. I mean just read my OhYeah! One Protein Bar Review from yesterday. I basically declared my true love to a freakin’ protein bar. It’s incredible. The packaging was so fantastic and everything about it made me happy. Settle down Allie. Ok. So MTS Clash doesn’t QUITE give me the same level of happiness that I had yesterday. MTS utilizes a, well, rather masculine appearance. And if you’re curious- I’ll let the cat out of the bag right up front. This is NOT a women’s pre workout. It’s a actually much more of a gentleman’s pre workout, and I’ll explain why in the formula section coming up next. But, aesthetically, there are a handful of things that I actually do like. I think the big ‘M’, while not overly creative, is, if nothing else, original. I also really love my particular flavor’s ‘apple mango’ flavor graphic. Super cool. The red sort of border that runs all around the label is also distinctive and adds some nice flair. MTS Nutrition hasn’t re-invented the wheel by any means with this design, but it looks nice in my opinion. 

MTS Nutrition Clash Formula Grade: 8.6

The formulation of this pre workout is really pretty straightforward. Some folks like to see way more bells and whistles in their pre workout, but for the price, I kind of like this pre workout from an ingredients standpoint. Now. Getting back to my point about men’s versus women’s pre workouts, there are some considerations. Let me list out the ingredient profile for you, and then get into those considerations. Here are the ingredients in MTS Nutrition Clash Pre Workout

  • Creapure Creatine Monohydrate
  • Carnosyn Beta Alanine
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Boom Blend (Higenamine HCL, Methyltyramine, Hordenine HCL)

So. Other than the higenamine, which I’m STILL not 100% sold on from a safety standpoint (it’s also in the Myokem pre workout, as well as several others), I don’t mind this formulation. Here’s the catch- there IS creatine in here, and there ARE some of those ‘pump’ ingredients. As you know from reading this year’s BPW Best Pre Workout for Women awards, I actually really like a good ‘pump’ pre workout. I awarded the Controlled Labs White Rapids pre workout my second overall award because the pumps did feel incredible for my strength training days. But sometimes you don’t want or need a pump, or creatine, which can fill you up with water and bloat your appearance. MTS Clash is safe for women, sure, but it might not be the best for cardio or yoga in my opinion (not to stereotype your workout!). Ok. Let’s talk performance now. 

MTS Nutrition Clash Performance Grade: 8.5

This pre workout performs just about as good as you would expect from reading the supplement facts panel. Knowing that this would be a good pre workout for lifting weights, I decided to take this one twenty minutes before my lat, bicep, calve, and ab workout today. I know. That’s a bit of a hodge-podge workout, isn’t it?! But guess what? My lats, biceps, calves, and abs ALL needed work. So of course I needed to bring them all up to speed at once. It has been a wonderful experience to use MTS Clash for this workout (I don’t know why I said that so formally), but I am coming out of this workout feeling really fulfilled. I like the way the pre workout gave me energy without making me feel ‘overstimmed’ or too bloated from creatine. I DID get a nice little pump, especially during my lat pulldowns (3 sets of 15 with very little rest), but I never felt like I was out of control or too crazily bloated. 

Energy-wise, I thought MTS Clash was good, but not great. There are only 125 mg of caffeine in each serving, which is actually pretty tame. The good thing is that the BOOM! Blend does bring up some of the slack from a relatively low caffeine count. I could really feel some of that stimulant-warmth flooding my synapses and pushing me to continue each set when my muscles were fatiguing. I think they could get away with a little more caffeine per serving though. I’m only 130 pounds (I know…only?…yeah right)…and this pre workout didn’t rock my socks the way some of the stronger ones have (Lookin’ at you MAN Gameday). To summarize, I do like this pre workout from a performance standpoint though. 

MTS Nutrition Clash Flavor Grade: 8.8

I think the strongest point of this review is coming up right about now. Because it’s time to talk flavor. I can’t believe how often someone will ask me what I think the best-tasting pre workout is- regardless of how it performs! It’s like, come on people. It should be all about the performance! But hey, I can’t really argue the fact that it really IS a nice surprise to be able to sip on something enjoyable before your workout. There are 6 flavors on the MTS Clash Pre Workout menu- and I think that the one I tried was probably the best. There’s blue raspberry, fruit punch, orange, pink lemonade, tropical fruit, and then apple mango. Of COURSE I went with the craziest / most exotic-sounding flavor available. And it paid off for me. The apple mango has the taste of tropical coolata mixed with the familiar notes of a fresh-picked apple. The point I have to stress is that no matter how artificial you think the flavor will taste by looking at the label- this flavor tastes about as natural as you could hope for. There are some really authentic flavors in here that are super refreshing. The sweetness level could be brought up a little bit, but for the overall flavors themselves- this pre workout is very close to being on point. I’d love to try some of the other flavors and see if they are equally as tasty!

MTS Nutrition Clash Review Summary

  • MTS Nutrition Clash Pre Workout Packaging Grade: 8.4
  • MTS Nutrition Clash Formula Grade: 8.6
  • MTS Nutrition Clash Performance Grade: 8.5
  • MTS Nutrition Clash Flavor Grade: 8.8
  • MTS Nutrition Clash Value Grade: 8.8

All things considered- I would say I’m a fan of MTS Clash. By no means do I think it’s the BEST pre workout for women. Quite frankly I don’t know why Google has planted it that way. But at less than a dollar per serving- you might as well give this pre workout a go on weight training days.*


MTS Nutrition Clash Final Review Score: 8.8

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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