OhYeah! One Bar Review: Is it the Quest Bar Killer?

Posted on February 5th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Bar Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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My OhYeah! One Bar Review is here and it’s dandy, so get so excited for this protein bar review. As I mention in the title – this might just be the Quest Bar killer that we all thought it would be. In this OhYeah Bar review, I’m going to do a couple great things for you. The first is that I’m going to talk about the two flavors that I’ve tried, and then I’m going to complain about not having been able to try the others. As you can already sense- I’m a fan of the OhYeah One Protein Bars. I can’t even hide it. Usually I can at least make it past my opening paragraph before giving myself away. Reminds me of how my best friend sort of gave away his engagement idea to her (now) fiance. Just the worst liar / secret keeper ever! But I suppose it’s a good thing. We’re honest and we wear our emotions on our sleeves. It’s fine. Getting back to the One Bar review details. I’ll tell you about the taste, and then I’m actually going to talk alot about the nutritional profile of these protein bars. Then lastly I’m going to talk about the packaging and the branding. Because that’s fun for me. Ok? Ok. Great. Let’s get it going then! OhYeah! Lol.

OhYeah One Protein Bars are relatively new. I first had a little nibble of one at a friends house. He whipped out his bar, and I just knew from looking at it that I wanted it in my mouth. Grow up. LOL. See? We have fun in these protein bar reviews. Maybe too much fun. But whatever. I was actually telling the truth though- getting back to my friend. He was hungry and pulls this awesome-looking bar out of his backpack. I’m a sucker for good packaging so obviously I was all over that isht. I practically snatched it out his hands. No. I just asked him for a little taste, which he reluctantly granted. After tasting the OhYeah Bar, I understood why. This bar is undeniably, amazingly, delicious. I’m so in love with it I don’t know what to say. Let’s go into some more yummy detail and compare both flavors of OhYeah One Bar. 

OhYeah One Protein Bar Flavor Grades: 

Birthday Cake: This was the flavor that my friend Max had, and it was almost like my first kiss. Once I had just a little bit, I knew I had to have more. I ended up buying a whole box of these bars from my local supplement store. Right when I got home I ripped one open and started devouring it. Here is the flavor journey that you go on when you eat the birthday cake flavored OhYeah One Bar. First, you think your teeth just sank into a nice, soft, perfectly fresh Quest bar. The texture is identical on first teeth-sinking-in. But then things differ from there between Quest vs OhYeah. The OhYeah bar has a much silkier texture than Quest once you break off the piece in your mouth and start chewing. The birthday cake is milky and silky and sweetly delicious in every way. There are layers of flavor ranging from salty cake to smooth, sweet and sharp frosting flavors. I could go on and on, but what you need to know is that these bars are absolutely so tasty. The other flavor I tried was the white chocolate raspberry. 

White Chocolate Raspberry: This flavor of OhYeah Bar was also tasty and enjoyable, though not quite to the degree that the birthday cake is. I think the Birthday Cake OhYeah One Protein bar actually blows any Quest Bar flavor out of the water (well, maybe not the cookie dough), but the white chocolate raspberry is a much more even battle. The Quest WCR is much sweeter than this one, and I like the texture of the Quest much better in this instance. The OhYeah flavor is good, but not as good as Quest, and a far cry from being as good as the birthday cake flavor. I’m really looking forward to trying other flavors of OhYeah Bar to see if they are up to par with the b-day cake. 

OhYeah One Protein Bar Formula Grade: 8.5

I’m going to tell you a secret- all these delicious bars are essentially the same under the coating. Quest. Musclepharm Combat Cruch. Muscletech Mission 1. And now OhYeah. They all taste incredible, and the fact is they are all a very careful combination of artificial flavorings, isomalto-oligosaccharides, palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, sucralose, and, oh yeah (get it) the protein. These bars in particular use the following protein sources: 

Whey Protein Isolate

Milk Protein Isolate

And that’s it. Two protein sources. And then all those other things that I mentioned. I don’t have any REAL problem with the way these bars are composed. Let’s face it. They taste absolutely unbelievable. But sometimes I wonder just HOW healthy these can actually be. What even is an isomalto-oligosaccharide anyways? I imagine it as some sort of synthetic sludge that they use to help get that soft texture that simulates the feeling of real food in your mouth. But what does it do in your digestive system? How are OhYeah One bars even digested? Who knows. I do know that I feel much better eating something made of Whole Foods like the Papa Steve’s Bars or even those awesome Oatmega bars that I just recently reviewed. I’ll give this formulation an even 8 because the macros ARE fantastic (22g protein, 220 cals, 1g sugars)…I’ll just always be sort of afraid of how synthetic they must be. 

OhYeah One Protein Bar Packaging Grade: 9.0

Some designs rub me the right way, and some do not. This OhYeah One Bar rubs me the right way. And I’m not really sure why. The OhYeah brand is not one that I associate with fashionable, elegant design. But the ONE bar is a fantastic, modern, new direction for the brand. The best part of this design is the ‘ONE’ – which uses a thin, metro font that gives you the sense that this product is both forward-thinking, AND healthy. If you ask me ‘Are OhYeah Bars Healthy?’ I would say, ‘maybe’, but the design makes you think that it really is. I mean. ‘Healthy’ takes a backseat to flavor with these bars anyways. Sometimes it seems like the protein bar category is becoming more and more like the candy bar industry. (These OhYeah! One Protein bars do have 5 grams of saturated fat I’m now realizing btw. I should have pointed that out above). But we’re getting sidetracked. The design. Similar to the Oatmega bars, these bars utilize different colors palettes and graphics packages for the different flavors. This is something I love. I really love the OhYeah One Bar birthday cake packaging relative to the other ones. It uses a teal-blue color like a Tiffany box. My favorite. The ‘funfetti’ birthday cake graphic also makes me tremendously happy. Because I love confetti. And I love cake. 

OhYeah One Protein Bar Review Summary

  • OhYeah One Protein Bar Taste Grade: 9.5
  • OhYeah One Protein Bar Formula Grade: 8.5
  • OhYeah One Protein Bar Packaging Grade: 9.0
  • OhYeah One Protein Bar Value Score: 8.5

OhYeah is one bar to be taken seriously. Where there ARE tons of similarities between these and Quest bar, I think I have to say that the birthday cake flavor OhYeah One bar is my CURRENT favorite- even over the mighty Quest Cookie Dough.*


OhYeah One Protein Bar Final Review Score: 8.8

Allie Lewis

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