MuscleSport Rhino For Her: Good Looking But Dangerous

Posted on September 17th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Well this should be an interesting MuscleSport Rhino for Her review. I just tried this women’s pre workout and must say it is one of the most hardcore pre workouts I’ve taken in quite some time. In my MuscleSport Rhino Revolution For Her Review I’m going to tell you what I liked about this pre workout and what I didn’t like. I’ll kick off the review by telling you a little bit about my week so far because I know you’re dying to know what’s going on in my life these days. After that I’ll talk about the flavoring and taste quality of Rhino Revolution for Her so that you can fully understand what it’s like to be sipping on a full glass of Rhino for her pre workout. I’ll describe the taste in a way that you can practically taste it as you sit there reading my review. After we talk taste, I’ll tell you all about my workout today and how this Musclesport pre workout impacted that workout. Here’s a spoiler- this review is a little more racy that usual. I try and keep it PG13 here but, whew, it was an interesting experience, that’s for sure. After we talk performance we’ll discuss the supplement facts panel and the ingredients that go into each tub of MuscleSport Rhino For Her. This will be an interesting section indeed and if you read just one section of this review I would recommend reading that one. Yes, that is meant to sound ominous. As with all Fit Life Allie reviews, we’ll end on a lighter note by talking a little bit about the packaging and design of this product. How does it compare to some of the gorgeous sports supplements I’ve reviewed lately? You’re going to find out. So that’s the plan, folks. Let’s dive right into my MuscleSport Rhino For Her Review.

As I hinted to in my intro- there’s actually alot going on in my life right now. There’s this super cute guy that I’ve been hanging out with and texting and sorry I know I’m supposed to be telling you about a pre workout right now but let’s be serious I’m allowed to just ‘blog’ for a hot second, right? Lol. It won’t take long, I promise. It’s actually funny how just writing down your thoughts and emotions on a webpage can be therapeutic. It’s a very interesting sensation. But. Yeah, this super cute guy has been texting with me back and forth and we’ve gone out twice on these two dates one was a brunch and then last night we grabbed drinks. And then after we actually hooked up a little bit but the tie-in here, and you’ll read about this in the performance review, is what happened WHILE I was in the gym today, running high on Rhino For Her Pre Workout. It was so funny. Trust me you’ll appreciate it. But ok you could care less about my love life—let’s talk about the product in question. 

So this is actually my second Musclesport review. I did try their other pre workout called Cardio Burn, and actually had an ok experience with it. This brand is a little bit confusing to me because I can’t decide if it’s some kind of Musclepharm knock-off imitation brand or if it’s an original, standalone company. I know it’s definitely not owned by Muscelpharm, but just the name makes me think that they are trying to knock-off Musclepharm and it’s Fitmiss line of products for women (I’ve done numerous Fitmiss reviews). The easy way to determine if Musclesport is REALLY trying to knockoff the green and black iconic brand is to just go ahead and give the product a try. I know what Fitmiss Ignite feels like, so it would be pretty easy to see if this is an imitation of that, or not. I’ll start by telling you about the flavor.

MuscleSport Rhino For Her Flavor Grade: 8.2

Yuck. Well. Yeah. Yuck. I’m not going to lie this pre workout tastes pretty average to below average. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and award a ‘B’ on the taste but truth be told I didn’t like the taste of this pre workout one bit. The name of the flavor is Strawberry Daiquiri, but I found the flavor to be just just plain, generic, sour berry taste. If I had to be even MORE descriptive, I would say that this flavor tastes like slightly stale strawberries. I guess it counts for something that I could pick up on the strawberry taste, but honestly I don’t like Strawberry daiquiris in the first place, so it makes sense that a super artificially flavored pre workout with that flavor didn’t exactly resonate with my taste buds. When you take your very first sip, the first thing you notice is that sort of powdery, sweet aroma start to fill your senses. This is something that I also notice quite apparently in the Cellucor C4 Pre Workout. It’s like the powder is so fine that it jumps out of the glass and fills the surrounding air with it’s distinct characteristics. And those characteristics, like I mentioned with this pre workout, are mostly unpleasant. It’s sweet. It’s sour. But it lacks something that makes me perk up and say ‘yeah, ok, that’s good’. It’s really just, meh. A little bit like the fruit punch flavor of Neon Volt. I loved the acai pomegranate flavor Volt but fruit punch is just ok. So the taste is average, how does MuscleSport Rhino For Her pre workout perform? 

MuscleSport Rhino For Her Performance Grade: 9.0

Wowza. Whereas the defining word to describe the taste was ‘yuck’, I think I have to use an equally sophomoric term to describe the performance. Now. As I mentioned in the introduction in the intro, this is where things get sort of steamy.

So my new friend, let’s call him ‘Troy’ for now, since Troy is a fabulous name. Anyways. Troy and I had just barely scratched the surface last night and I told my friend we ‘hooked up’. I don’t even know what the generally accepted definition of ‘hooking up’ is anymore- but we kissed. It was a great, intense kiss, don’t get me wrong, but it was still just a kiss. And so obviously afterwards and into this morning, including while I was sipping on Rhino Revolution Pre Workout we’ve been texting like 15 year olds about how great it was and how we want more, blah, blah. (I’m acting casual about it, but I’m super into it I swear lol). And I love this sort of texting, except it started getting, well, a little bit more explicit. As if we were each sort of pushing each other to feel out how comfortable the other is about that sort of texting.

So as this is going on, I’m trying to get my workout it. I had taken a scoop and a half of MuscleSport Rhino For Her Pre-Training Amplifier, and I was really trying my hardest to stay focused without checking my phone every other second to see that beautiful push notification of a new imessage from ‘Troy’. And every time it came up I delayed my set to read it and reply. I probably looked like the ultimate fool standing there, reaching over my chest to tap out my texts on the phone strapped to my left shoulder. But. Priorities. I know. My priorities SHOULD have been focusing on my workout. 

But does MuscleSport Rhino For Her work? Granted I was incredibly distracted, but I have to say that this pre workout did work spectacularly, when I was dialed in. Each set that I did was determined and focused and complete. I was able to keep my physical performance up even as my mind was wandering back to last night and the prospect of things to come with Troy. I can’t explain the feeling any better than you are able to almost multi-task and keep your body performing at the highest level while taking Rhino Revolution for Her. I absolutely loved the ability to focus without trying. It was amazing. But how was I able to do this so effortlessly? Let’s look at the ingredients and see if we can figure out what gives this pre workout it’s magic. 

MuscleSport Rhino For Her Formula Grade: 6.0

Yikes. I’m all about the one word descriptors today aren’t I? Yeah you are, Allie. So with the formula, you should be aware, make that VERY well aware, of a certain ingredient in here. That ingredient is AMP Citrate. AMP Citrate is the modern day dendrobium, which was the modern day 1,3 DMAA. Which was linked to several fatalities. Yes. Fatalities. Now. That was 1,3 DMAA, and it was essentially a derivative of amphetamine. I don’t know enough about AMP Citrate to know what it’s chemistry is all about. But I know it has been the subject of tremendous scrutiny from multiple organizations, not the least important of which is the the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA rarely gets involved with dietary supplements so when they do, you know it’s probably for a good reason. I think that AMP Citrate, unfortunately, was probably largely responsible for me having a really amazing workout on this product. I know that some of the danger concerns stem around the ingredient possibly elevating blood pressure, and also in other medium potentially causing cancer. Um. Yeah. I would actually steer clear of this ingredient and therefore Rhino For Her pre workout if I were you. So for that reason alone I just have to fail this product on the ingredients. But If it you are still wondering what’s in here, this is the full ingredient list: 

  1. Beta Alanine
  2. Choline Bitrate 
  3. Caffeine
  4. AMP Citrate
  5. Higenamine
  6. Halostachine
  7. Inositol Arginine Silicate 
  8. Tauric Acid
  9. Agmatine Sulfate
  10. Niacin

In addition to using an FDA banned substance, this formula is also relatively under-sized at just 5 grams per serving. As you’ll read in my review summary that really drags the value down for me since the product is priced so aggressively. But let’s lighten up and talk about the MuscleSport Rhino For Her label.  

MuscleSport Rhino For Her Packaging Grade: 8.5

For all it’s flaws, Musclesport has actually done kind of a nice job on the aesthetic side of things with Rhino Sport pre workout. The pink, while not entirely an original color for a women’s pre workout, has just enough magenta in it to be refreshing. Musclesport always does a nice job with their background graphics, and as with CardioBurn, this Rhino Revolution Pre Workout has handsomely subtle background label design elements. The other things that they’ve managed to do well is arrange the front panel in a clear and logical way. The product title is dominant and gives you a sense of power and authority of the the product contained within. Sure it is powerful. Even if the ingredients are not even safe lol. But we’re still talking design. Reel it in Allie. Ok. The other things that ‘work’ about this label are the flavor graphic, which is crisp and looks quite tasty. And, although it’s seems super obvious and basic, the MuscleSport logo is attractive in how it is both positioned and reversed out against a black backdrop. It looks good. Time to summarize what we’ve learned about MuscleSport Rhino Revolution For Her.

MuscleSport Rhino For Her Review Summary

  • MuscleSport Rhino For Her Flavor Grade: 8.2
  • MuscleSport Rhino For Her Performance Grade: 9.0
  • MuscleSport Rhino For Her Formula Grade: 6.0
  • MuscleSport Rhino For Her Packaging Grade: 8.5
  • MuscleSport Rhino For Her Value Grade: 7.5

I hate the taste, and I hate the formula. But I like how this product performs and I like how it looks. But at over $1.50 per serving, I simply cannot justify giving this pre workout a passing grade. I mean. MuscleSport Rhino For Her Pre Workout isn’t even safe I simply cannot recommend it to you.*


MuscleSport Rhino For Her Final Score: 6.8

Allie Lewis

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