Myoblox Loco Review: Is this pre workout TOO crazy?

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Myoblox Loco Reviews are FINALLY here on the BPW and I’m pretty stoked to tell you all about this brand new California-livin sports nutrition company. In this Myoblox Loco pre workout review I’m going to tell you so much info that your head might spin. In fact, you might just go LOCO yourself! Lol. It’s actually a great name for a pre workout. And as you’ll find, I think the branding of this pre workout might be it’s best asset. Of course we’ll talk about the flavors and the formula as well, but you should know that one of my favorite things is talking about the packaging and branding of these pre workout products. You probably know by now since I’ve reviewed literally a few hundred of these pre workouts that I also spend a great deal of time bench-testing each of these for a few good workouts to test the performance. So we’ll definitely do that in this Myoblox Loco Pre Workout review as well. Let’s go Loco together and get this review started.

Myoblox supplements remind me a TON of another brand that I’ve reviewed in great detail here on the BPW, called Inspired Nutraceuticals. I actually wonder if these two brands were ‘inspired’ by one another. Like. They both have very distinctive branding and packaging. Both have that sort of ‘LA’ vibe that makes a fabulous impression. I think folks probably relate very deeply to the Myoblox and Inspired brand. I actually really enjoyed many of the Inspired products as you know and so I was really curious to see if Myoblox could equal, or even surpass some of the Inspired products. So. Did it? Let’s find out. 

Myoblox Performs Very Well, But Could be TOO strong. 

I’m just going to jump right into the meat of the Loco pre workout review here. Myoblox basically kicked my butt right from the very first workout. I took it for the first time three days ago, in the Candy Bomb flavor (we’ll get to the Myoblox Loco Pre Workout flavors in a second I promise), and I must say that my body was just not really prepared for the experience that I was in store for. It kicked very very hard for a pre workout. And trust me, I’ve taken a LOT of pre workout in my day. I found Myoblox Loco to be comparable to Cass Martin’s WRK Ethic pre workout because it does have such a stimulant kick. My back workout three days ago was like something from a bodybuilding documentary. I was throwing the weights around left and right, like a woman possessed. I WAS a woman possessed by this crazy pre workout! 

I thought the energy was good, but maybe a little bit TOO much for me. I definitely could feel myself start to sort of become too stimulated during the middle of my workout. You know that feeling when your ears almost start twitching and you just feel like your brain is saying ‘enough, enough!’. Well that was a little bit what Myoblox Loco made me feel like. Just a little bit of that feeling that I needed to sort of chill out. So that’s probably the one side effect of Myoblox Loco to keep in mind.

But hey. If you like that heavy stimulant kick, give this stuff a shot, by all means. As far as strength, endurance, and pumps, I would give this pre workout average marks for most of these additional categories. Sure. There is a pump to speak of. And particularly your high volume workouts will deliver in the pumps category. I did try Myoblox Loco for a run today and thought endurance was alright, but could have been a little better. 

Strength-wise, this pre workout was average. I was expecting a little bit more just because the scoop size IS so big. But. Not every pre workout can deliver on the strength gains as well as some others. Remember that Layne Norton Carbon pre workout? That stuff made me strong as an ox! But yeah just average strength. Overall I’ll give Myoblox a solid B plus on the pre workout performance because it definitely does work. Let’s look at the formula and see what’s going on beneath the surface in this pre workout. 

What’s in Myoblox Loco Pre Workout? 

The ingredients in this pre workout are laid out quite nicely in a totally non-proprietary fashion- meaning we do get to see every ingredients listed out on it’s own line item. A welcome departure from some other brands out there that throw everything into one blend. Actually, the Alpha Vegan protein that I reviewed yesterday is an example of that.

Myoblox uses an interesting combination of traditional pre workout ingredients along with some more unfamiliar faces that make this pre workout very interesting from a formulation perspective. Let me list out the ingredients for you: 

Vitamin C

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B12

Betaine Anhydrous

Beta Alanine


Glycerol Monostearate

Acetyl L-Tyrosine


N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine


Halostachine HCI

Higenamine HCI

Piperine Alkaloids

And those are your ingredients. A few things to note. Okay. Beta alanine. Betaine. Taurine. We know all those. Endurance, strength, etc. But the REALLY interesting ones are those stimulants. LOOK AT ALL OF THEM. This is literally ridiculous. First of all. You have Dimethylamine. I know that is NOT 1,3 dimethylalymine, but I’ll be darned if it ‘aint a first cousin. There’s no way that stuff is healthy even if it is legal. 

The other stimulants alone are enough to wake the dead. I mean. Higenamine is no joke. Nor is halostachine HCI. And nor, for that matter, is synephrine. I really am not sure how they get away with marketing a product this strong to the masses. This stuff absolutely lit me up. 

Sigh. It’s tough. It’s a cool formula, but quite honestly one that probably just is not that great for you. I think I have to give it something like a B minus on formula because for everyone’s safety it should probably be scaled back to be quite honest. Let’s talk flavors now. 

What is the Best Flavor of Myoblox Pre Workout? 

I actually bought two tubs of Myoblox Loco Pre Workout so that I could tell you what I think the best flavor is. The names, and flavors, are actually both rather special. I’ll describe each and then tell you what I think the better of the two flavors is. 

Candy Bomb: This was the very first flavor that I tried and I think it was an eye-opening experience to what a proper candy-flavored pre workout SHOULD taste like. It has all the right elements. Big, bold flavor. Tons of sourness. Tons of sweetness. I don’t even know what candy to compare this to, but my instinct would be I guess a jawbreaker or something like that. I really enjoyed every sip of this pre workout and it’s something I would want to keep drinking again and again. 

Jolly Pop: The jolly pop flavor of the Myoblox Loco Pre Workout is also very tasty and very drinkable repeatedly. I used this flavor at two scoops, and while it’s not QUITE as bold as the Candy Bomb flavor of Loco, it still has flavor on flavor. It tastes something like a jolly rancher mixed with those blow pops you used to get from the hairdresser as a kid. Ah. Those were the days! I definitely liked this flavor of Loco. 

So. What is the BEST flavor of the Myoblox Loco pre? Call me LOCO but I’m actually going to go with the Candy Bomb flavor. It has everything that I like in a pre workout. Even if I can’t exactly pinpoint what it tastes like, I can tell you that it tastes very very good. Speaking of very good, just LOOK at the Myoblox packaging. 

Myoblox Products are Drop-Dead Gorgeous. 

And I mean stunning. I seriously would put Myoblox Loco pre workout in a trophy case or on my mantle if I had a nice mantle. I can’t recall a pre workout in recent memory that made me feel as emotionally drawn to it just because of the appearance. It’s just spectacular. The name Loco, as I mentioned before, is a brilliant name, and the label design has genius written all over it. No not literally like the the Genius pre workout! Silly. It has ‘Loco’ written prominently on the front in a well-chosen script font. The background pattern is tastefully selected as well. I think the prominence of that big ‘loco’ badge is such a bold expression of the Myoblox brand. It sets them apart from almost everything else on the shelf. 

The flavors of Loco that I had are gorgeous, but one thing I’ll also mention about the Myoblox brand is that they do all sorts of special one-off pre workout projects. So they’ll have these like special edition products that they’ll give fancy names to. And then they’ll release them in limited quantities for the customers. It’s a pretty cool business model. Really the thing I like most about Myoblox is the packaging and some of the business things they do. I hate to say it but those attributes are better than the products themselves. But. Let’s summarize my thoughts on Loco pre workout. 

Myoblox Pre Workout Review Summary

Flavors: 9/10

Formula: 8.5/10

Performance: 9/10 

Packaging: 9.5/10

Value: 8.5/10

Final Score: 8.5/10

Myoblox is, if nothing else, a breath of fresh air into the supplement industry. I love that this product and brand is such a departure from the way most other supplement brands do things. It’s just a special new brand. It has lots of mojo. I’ll enjoy keeping my eye on Myoblox and hopefully reviewing some more of their products. The one thing I will caution however, regarding this Loco pre workout, is that it is incredibly strong. Just be aware of what you are getting into with this one.*

Allie Lewis

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