Revere Pre Workout Review: Testing This Natural Pre Workout.

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Revere Co. pre workout is one of the latest and greatest sports supplements that caught my eye, and I’m super pumped to be one of the very first people, if not THE first to hit you with a Revere pre workout review. In this Revere Pre Workout Energy review, we’re going to talk about a few things that I think will paint a VERY clear picture of just what this product is, how it works, and if it is the right product for you. We’re going to discuss the ingredients, the macros, the flavor, and of course the performance aspect. You guys need to know if Revere pre workout actually works, right? Of course you do. That’s why you’re here. Lucky for you I have all the revered pre workout answers and I’m ready to share them with you. Let’s begin.

Revere. It’s kind of a strange company. It’s like a Vega Sport modernized with a strain of millenial tech food startup DNA. I still can’t tell how I feel about the brand itself, but I am highly optimistic about the future of Revere Co. supplements. And here’s why: They are going to where the puck is going. That’s an old hockey term (east coasters where you at), and it means that things change. And all of these hundreds of products that I’ve reviewed here on my blog are going to slowly start losing popularity as folks start to gravitate towards more natural products. Products like Revere makes. And so that’s what makes me optimistic that a company with big time investor money like Revere can really make a splash. But. But but but. ONLY if their products are actually legit. Sure the fancy subscription model, and fancy website ‘stack builder’ (basically takes your amount of workouts, and bodyweight and recommends the products suited for your regimen) get you all excited at the start…but they’ll have a tough time retaining customers if they aren’t getting results. And so that’s what we’re going to figure out over the next few days as I review all of the Revere product line. Do the Revere products match the hype? I’ll start with the Revere Pre Workout Energy powder. Let’s actually start from the outside in. That’s right. We’re starting with packaging. 

Revere, for all that investor money, didn’t over-extend themselves on the packaging. That’s sure. I don’t think Revere products are BAD by any stretch of the imagination, but the Revere pre workout  is not a show-stopper. It’s pale red stick packs are an understated approach to a pre workout product category that has historically been defined by glitz and glam. Holograms and neons and the like. So in a weird way, I kind of like that Revere chose to go with a more humble approach. So I’ll give them a passing grade on packaging. And actually the boxes that my stick packs came do kind of give a heavy, premium feel that goes well with the more reserved color palette and clean typography. But let’s move to what REALLY matters in this Revere Pre Workout review- and that’s what’s inside…

What are the Ingredients in Revere Pre Workout? 

I think Revere did an interesting thing, just to go back to packaging for a hot second, by putting the main ingredients on the front of the pack. They are saying ‘here’s what’s in our products, we have nothing to hide’. Reminds me a little bit of another millenial ‘darling’ brand RXBars. But I like that transparent strategy because it’s easy to see that the key ingredients in the Revere pre workout. Which are: 

  1. Sweet Potato 
  2. Pomegranate
  3. Beetroot
  4. Green Tea

And those four ingredients are the foundation of the Revere pre workout. They add some vitamins on top of those four, to round out the formulation. The product does contain 200mg of caffeine from three sources (coffee, tea, guarana), so I went into my first workout expecting Revere to maybe surprise me with the ‘pop’ that it has. But first things first. How was that FIRST sip of Revere Pre workout? How does it taste? 

Does Revere Pre Workout Taste Good? 

The million dollar question with all these hipster ‘natural’ product lines is this: DOES it ACTUALLY taste good. I love natural as much as the next chick. From Natural Force RAW TEA, to Clutch Bodyshop, to Vega Sport, to Ascent Native Whey…I’ve reviewed probably close to a hundred natural supplements. And here’s the catch. Most of them taste terrible. So I was a little nervous as I tore open my fist stick pack of Revere pre workout. 

My initial reaction to the taste of Revere pre workout was ‘Whoa’ followed by ‘That’s weird’. I think this pre workout has to be a one of a kind flavor profile. It’s not very sweet, but then it’s also not bitter. It’s also not overly sour. It’s a very very mild flavor. I think they’ve actually done an okay job with flavoring. The fact of the matter is, if you can create a natural pre workout like Revere has, and NOT have the user’s first reaction to the flavor be ‘EW!’, than you’ve done a nice job. And Revere has done just that. It’s smooth, drinkable, and has enough fruityness and complexity in the Peach flavor to make you actually be okay drinking it again and again. I finished my last sip of Revere Pre Workout and headed into the gym for a hardcore workout. 

Does Revere Pre Workout Actually Work?

If ‘does Revere pre workout taste good?’ is the million-dollar question, than ‘does Revere pre workout work?’ has to be the $999,999 question. And I’ve got the answer after my initial Revere-powered pre workout. 

My workout today on Revere was a pull-up circuit that I paired with bike sprints, to create basically the workout from hell. If that wasn’t enough, I even added an ab circuit at the end. I know. I’m almost like a proper full-blown crossfitter now. Brb grabbing my Progenix shake and my Pre WOD! Lol. Jk. But no it was a TERRIBLY difficult workout, and I was depending heavily on having a little bit of pre workout to help get me through it all. 

The product definitely helped me out in the early stages. I had a good little boost of caffeine fueled energy from my Revere pre workout, and so that was good to feel, and it certainly helped with those tough first ten minutes of the workout, which is historically my worst part of the workout. 

In terms of endurance, focus, pump, or strength, well, unfortunately this is where Revere came up well short of what I’m used to. There was very little to report on in terms of some of the other criteria I’m used to experiencing from other pre workouts, with the most noticeable being strength. I did have some energy, but it was thin. It was flimsy. I didn’t get that unstoppable feeling mentally or physically that I get from something like a Pre Kaged. Or something like a C4 Ultimate.

Now. I know that might be comparing apples and oranges, and Revere would probably tell me that they don’t feel like they are just another supplement company that can be compared to the likes of some of the more traditional companies. But guess what? They’re going to have to get used to it, and more likely that not, turn up the volume in Revere in some way. Because as someone looking to improve performance day in and day out, there’s not going to be too many folks reaching for Revere over the alternatives, just because it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners in it. But. Who knows I’m just a focus group of one. Time will tell if Revere’s clean messaging will overpower it’s lower performance relative to it’s contemporaries.

Revere Pre Workout Review Summary

Packaging: 8/10

Flavor: 8/10

Performance: 7.5/10

Value: 7.5/10 

SO. Is Revere Worth the Money?

Revere pre workout is a good, clean healthy little booster, and I am fond of it’s branding and message. But Revere pre workout can’t stack up against some of the real power players in the pre workout category. And at a premium price point of $2.50 per serving, I think Revere is going to run into problems trying to convince people to pay a UBER premium for a lower performance product.

I bet in the future we’ll see them re-formulate as they continue to grow and learn as a newcomer to the pre workout world. Overall I think this was a relatively positive first experience with Revere though. It exceeded my expectations and I look forward to trying the rest of my stack.* 

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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