Ora Renewable Energy Review: The Prius of Pre Workout?

Posted on August 22nd, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today’s review is going to be super awesome and we’ll be talking about the Ora Organic pre workout product called ‘renewable energy’. I think this product is super cool and I was so pumped to get it in my hands. And my mouth. And on my kitchen counter and also a little bit between the seats of my car. This Ora Organic pre workout review is going to be chalk full of awesomeness. From discussing the Ora pre workout ingredients, to the taste, to the performance, and even packaging, you can bet we’re going to turn this thing inside out and get to the heart of what exactly this pre workout is all about. I think you’re really going to enjoy it. Ready to jump in? Me too. Let’s begin the Ora review.

Ora Organic actually is part of what I am calling ‘sports nutrition 2.0’. Ora Organic, Revere, and some others are slowly starting to replace the old school ‘bodybuilding’ brands that really pioneered the industry. I think Ora is pushing the envelope and drawing out a new path for what is ahead in sports supplementation, and so I’m really pumped to be able to bring you some of the early intel as far as Ora Reviews. I’m going to definitely get my hands on some of the other Ora products to review in the coming days so be on the lookout for that. That is… as long as I didn’t HATE Ora vegan pre workout…but DID I? Lol. Let me tell you. I’ll actually start with reviewing the flavor. 

Does Ora Pre Workout Taste Awful? 

Great question, really. Because I know that’s one of the key concerns with these ‘natural’ pre workouts. You know it’s got to be super tough to flavor them in a way that is actually not gag-inducing. Just ask Vega Sport or Slap or Revere

I bought a jar of the Ora Renewable Energy pre workout in the Pomegranate flavor. This was going to be bitter, not very sweet, and well, rather grainy. Guess what? I was exactly right. I really was. Ora pre workout is not very sweet, and has just a huge amount of like, earthiness, or ‘root’-y-ness to it that is really a difficult adjustment at first. I think I adjusted to it quite nicely eventually but it was a super strange taste to swallow at first. It’s got a really deep bitterness to it that I don’t think they did a good job of masking. I’ll give them about a 7 out of ten in terms of taste because it really needs some work. But that flavor can be forgiven if the thing works. That’s what she said. Lol. Let’s talk about if Ora Renewable Energy pre workout can perform. 

Does Ora Renewable Energy Work? 

To work or not to work. Sounds like me at the office every Monday morning. I think Ora took the high road just like I do. At least it did today for my workout. Ironically on a Monday morning. Lol. I actually was going through a tub of my old Pre Jym last week so Ora Organic pre workout had just enormous shoes to fill. And especially a massive task of matching the old Pre Jym energy rush. 

This pre workout kicks like a Chipmunk. If you’ve ever been kicked by a chipmunk like I have, then you know that they actually are much stronger than they look, but not nearly strong enough to piss you off. 

And that’s what Ora is. Not quite strong enough to light a fire under your behind. I found the product to be far too tame. It doesn’t make you REALLY want to get in there and crush it. Ora Renewable Energy is like a Toyota Prius. It’s like a chipmunk. It’s all cute and makes you feel like you’re doing the ‘right thing’. But I don’t take pre workout to do the right thing. I take it because I’m dragging a$$ and need energy. And that’s why I’m giving Ora a poor grade of 7.5 on performance. It just didn’t get the job done for me. Let’s peek under that Prius hood and see why it seems to be so meek. 

Ora Pre Workout is Clean as a Baby’s Behind. 

I can sit here on my high horse all day long and rip on Ora for not being able to overcome my over-stimulated, adrenal-fatigued, busted old energy system. But to be frank, I’ve become a little bit of a compromised focus group of one after all my years of pre workout-ing. 

So I want you to consider that there IS a chance Ora Renewable Energy is ‘enough’ for you guys. Especially if you’ve never tried pre workout before. 

Let’s look at what’s in here and go over it’s strongest selling point, which is it’s clean formulation.

Ora Organics Vegan Pre Workout Ingredients: 



Beetroot Juice




Eleuthero Root

Panax Ginseng

Green Coffee Bean



Monk Fruit






Yerba Mate


Quite an interesting ingredient list in a pre workout, isn’t it? I mean. I thought Revere’s pre workout was fancy and clean. This is, well, very similar, but has even MORE bells and whistles. 

I mean. 

Spinach? Kale? In a pre workout? That’s just ridiculous. But if you consider how MUCH of those ‘fancy’ and ‘clean’ sounding ingredients there is in here, you realize Ora has pulled the ‘ol ‘pixie-dust’ trick- maybe an homage to the ‘old school’ supplement industry!? Lol. Probably not. But they definitely are selling some sizzle over steak here with the Ora Renewable Energy pre workout. You love to see it don’t you? I’ll give them a B on formulation though, because although it is lacking firepower, it has a nice adaptogen element with the rhodiola and ashwaghanda, and I’m also a ginseng fan recently even though it probably contributed mightily to the yucky taste of this vegan pre workout. Anyways. Give Ora a B on formula. Let’s chat about packaging. 

Ora Pre Workout Packaging is Cute Enough. 

A few different brands have gone with the whole ‘we’re not a supplement company, we’e a cosmetics brand’… Hum Nutrition comes to mind…as does Cute Nutrition, Happy Way, and I’m sure some others along the course of writing my hundreds of reviews. 

I think Ora might have actually pulled that look off better than any of the others. It’s like a ‘who wore it better’ segment over here in this Ora Organic Pre Workout review! Lol. But yeah this organic pre workout has a beautiful blue jar, that frames the light colored label nicely. The color palette of white with black and teal fonts make for a clean, yet persuasive design. I love the usage of different font styles to give complexity and a hint of luxury to Ora’s label. 

From some angles, and when you look at Ora Renewable Energy, this package SORT of loses it’s luster. And that’s when you realize that this blue jar has probably been used on thousands of different pre workouts over the years. So you think ‘eh Ora didn’t really go outside the box with this after all’. But that’s only going to be an issue for a crusty old industry veteran like me. So. I will still give Ora an A- on their branding. It’s really nicely done. 

Ora Renewable Energy Pre Workout Review Summary

Flavoring: C

Performance: C

Formulation: B

Packaging: A

Value: C+

Final Score: B-

Ora is an interesting product. In many ways, it, along with the new Revere pre workout, are representative of the current state of this new era of supplementation. The BRANDING is there. The SOCIAL MEDIA is on point. People are GOING to buy these because you feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you’re being so healthy. But in MY humble opinion, these organic and natural pre workouts just aren’t quite THERE yet. But I think they are the start of something really cool. Ora is certainly one to watch over the next 24 months.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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