REVIEW: Is 1st Phorm Royal 21 Queen Too Stimulant-Heavy?

Posted on February 10th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Time for my very first fat burner review of the year and I’m proud to say that this is on the Royal 21 Queen Fat Burner, from 1st Phorm supplements. I have some experience with 1st Phorm in the past and I’ve been pretty happy with their products. So when one of my fans reached out about this one, I was happy to oblige and put together my thoughts on the purple and white ‘Royal 21 Queen’. In this full Royal 21 Queen Review I’ll tell you about the past week that I’ve taken this fat burner. I have to say- I’ve actually gotten a touch, er, ‘fluffy’ over the past month due to a nagging injury that has kept me out of the gym, but I’ll tell you if this 1st Phorm ‘phat burner’ helped me make some progress in losing some of that weight. Ready to do this? Me too. Please enjoy my Royal 21 Queen Review. Hey that rhymed. Lol.

Good old First Phorm. 1st Phorm, pardon. As I mentioned, I have definitely been impressed with this company in the past. I have tried their Protein powder, Level-1, which I loved, and also another previous formula of a fat burner called Bliss, which I liked but found to be a touch over-priced. And that is probably going to be the case in today’s Royal 21 Queen review. I can tell you that I wasn’t terribly excited to spend $70 of my hard earned money on this one. And that’s why I convinced my boyfriend to buy it for me. LOL. Such a brat, I know. But I promised him a very special Valentine’s Day surprise. So. I think that will be worth more than $70. Hehe. Alright. So. Did Royal 21 Queen make said Valentine’s Day surprise even more special for him? AKA am I actually sort of back to being the lean mean machine that I usually am, instead of the Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear? Here are the results of my week of taking Royal 21 Queen. 

Does Royal 21 Queen Work? 

Okay so full disclosure I started the week at 128 which is, well, pretty hefty for me. I wanted to try and get down below 125 before this week, and hopefully by losing fat and not what little muscle I have left.

I have this horrible habit of not eating enough when I’m not working out, which is terrible because I just end up losing muscle AND fat and looking skinny but still fat. Ugh. It’s awful. But anyways. I took Royal 21 Queen for the past seven days, and here are my thoughts on what the product actually did. 

  1. Made me eat less: The biggest thing this product does is make you less hungry. So that’s why they instruct you to take it 35-40 minutes before eating, because they know when that time comes around, you will probably not even be that hungry, and if you are, you’ll eat far less than you usually would. So I can definitely say that I ate less total calories this week due to Royal 21 Queen. 
  2. Metabolism: While this is secondary to the eating less thing, I can say I felt my body burning more fuel just because it does energize you and motivate you to get up and get moving. Or even just work harder and type faster and talk more and be more hyper overall. I think that if nothing else, Royal 21 Queen is a very powerful stimulant that will absolutely ramp up your energy levels. 
  3. Weightloss: Okay. So. I did lose about a pound and a half this week. I think I PROBABLY could have done that WITHOUT Royal 21 Queen, but I do think that Royal 21 Queen made getting rid of that pound and a half a LITTLE easier. The product certainly does energize. I think a starting user would be hit pretty hard. So if you are new to this crazy world of supplements and diet products, I would probably start with a more entry level product than Royal 21 Queen from a stimulant perspective, because this stuff kicks a little too hard in my opinion – and I’m a very seasoned supplement taker. Which brings me to the few side effects of Royal 21 Queen…

Royal 21 Queen Side Effects

I didn’t REALLY get any crazy side effects, but what I want to re-iterate is that there is a very powerful stimulant formula in these little pills. And I found myself getting a tiny bit of a crash or ‘come-down’ after about 4 hours after each dosage. I also get slightly moody when dealing with what I consider ‘heavy’ nootropics such as sulbutiamine and huperzine. So I guess that’s a good segue into the Royal 21 Queen formula grade.

Royal 21 Queen Formula is SERIOUSLY Stimulant Focused

Okay so. Like I said. The purpose of the Royal 21 Queen is very evident when you look at the ingredients. Create a product that lights you up with such a stimulant boost that you legit don’t want (or need) to eat to have energy for like four hours. And that is due to the powerful stimulants and nootropics. Almost all of these, I would consider as formidable stimulants:


Bacopa Monniera 


Huperzine A 






YIKES. People. I’m sorry but this is like…probably the most hardcore stimulant combination that I’ve seen in a long time. I think it’s curious that 1st Phorm is marketing this one to us ladies, many of which I would imagine are not used to these ingredients. I never got terribly jittery from them, and I don’t think you would either because it is at least responsibly dosed, but definitely just be careful with this one. I also am now seeing that there is Theacrine in here- which is found in the new Cellucor C4 Ultimate among others. I personally do not like this ingredient because it makes me super moody. So. Yeah. I guess I would give Royal 21 Queen a B on formula. I can’t REALLY get behind it because it’s just ‘too stimmy’ for me to feel comfortable taking long term. But. Yeah. It’ll probably help you lose a few pounds. 

Royal 21 Queen Packaging is Cheesy. 

Yeahh I said it. I’m usually a fan of 1st Phorm’s packaging. But this one doesn’t rub me the right way. I think the whole ‘Kind and Queen’ naming is OKAY, but the execution of the branding is poor. The plain white jar and purple and gold trim label looks truly horrid. It looks super chincy and gimmicky and cheap. And the ‘Queen’ graphic with the queen looks awful. Like a basketball shoe logo. Ugh it is so cringe-worthy. Definitely does not look like $70 to me. But I don’t want to spend too much time ripping on packaging. It’s subjective I suppose. But Royal 21 Queen gets a C- in the appearance department. 

Royal 21 Queen Review Summary

  • Effectiveness: B+
  • Formula: B-
  • Packaging: C-
  • Value: C+

Royal 21 Queen is a miss for me personally. I get that all those stimulants are probably super expensive to include all in one product. But given that I’m not comfortable taking all of those together day in and day out (they say you can take it for up to 12 weeks straight…which would be a little insane on your adrenal glands if you ask me), this Royal 21 Queen just doesn’t have the right value to me. It ‘works’ but I’m not crazy about the formulation so I probably would go a different route. 

Royal 21 Queen Final Score: C+

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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