Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Pre Workout is Pure Awesomeness.

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Tonight’s review will be on the Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Pre Workout. This is sure to be a unique review indeed as this product is actually unlike anything I’ve tried before. In this review we’re going to do a few different things, all of which are going to be highly entertaining, uber-informative, and almost assuredly poorly worded. Just kidding. I’m a wordsmith. You will love my Slap Nutrition review so much that you will want to run up a mountain and shout it out loud “I love BPW Reviews!”. Go ahead. Say it. You know it’s true. LOL. Sigh. This could be a long night. Ahem. Ok. So in this review we will start with the all important flavor review. I’m going to tell you exactly how this product tastes and if it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between. After that I’ll tell you how this pre workout performs. I’ll describe my one crappy workout with it and then blame the poor workout on the product. I wish I was kidding. After that we’ll go over the supplement facts and ingredients to give you a sense of what’s actually in here. Lastly, we’ll talk about the label and if it’s a success or failure. The closing summary will pull all that info into one big happy ball and spit out a final grade. Sound good? Thought so. Let’s get this Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Review goin’.

Slap Nutrition is easily the quirkiest supplement company I have come across to date. My exposure to the brand started on Instagram when I saw a pretty ripped and pretty stylish fit chick promoting the Slap protein (which I’ll review on another day). I was instantly drawn to the unusual look of the product, and decided to do a little research on the brand. It appears to be the brainchild of this guy who has a very accessible and raw Instagram feed, and who’s handle I am too lazy to look up. But I’m sure if you find the Slap Nutrition handle you’ll be able to find this guy. He’s pretty hot so I would recommend it, LOL. But yeah. I found Slap on Insta and think they’re doing some pretty cool stuff that alot of big brands could never do. Their branding is cool and I was eager to see if the products were up to my standards. I’ll start with the flavor grade. 

Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Flavor Grade: 8.0

Ok, ok! Slap is off on the right foot with the flavoring. It’s not knocking my socks off, but it’s actually much better than I was expecting. So, why an 8.0 then, Allie? Well, smart alec- it’s because I just don’t really prefer the taste of powdered coffee to be quite honest with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love my ‘jo’ as much as the next girl. But at this point I’m somewhat of a snob. I mean. I’ve lived in Seattle, San Francisco, and Boulder. If you think I’m going to be easy to please with coffee, than you’re horribly mistaken. If it ain’t Four Barrel, or Blue Bottle (don’t you dare call me basic), then it’s not going to do the trick. Ok, so maybe my coffee addiction worked against Slap on the flavor grade. But that just means that an 8 isn’t all that bad. The taste of this pre workout is definitely bitter, but also slightly balanced out by the sweetness. I’d compare it to a Starbucks medium roast if I had to give you a reference for comparison. It’s strange to drink a coffee-flavored pre workout that isn’t, well, coffee. Especially when it’s cold. It’s really a strange experience, especially when the beta-alanine tingles start kicking in. Very, very odd. But let’s get more into the experience.

Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Workout Experience: 8.0

I’m gona just have to give Slap Nutrition’s coffee pre workout another B minus on the second grading criteria. I had a pretty poor workout with Slapuccino, I’m not going to lie to you. I headed into the gym about 20 minutes after I completed the pre workout, and set out to do a basic cardio session. I usually would just do the elliptical for about an hour. But what happened instead was that I did about 25 minutes on the elliptical, followed by about 15 minutes on the stationary bike. I had to cut my elliptical workout short because I was on the lousy broken machine that has an angle to it so that your knees get all tender and sore. So I was sort of frustrated and lost my train of focus. I guess the bike workout went OK, all things considered. I pedaled like a demon until I felt like my legs were going to fall off. I think the pre workout probably did help me out during the latter stages of my workout, particularly by getting me the energy that I needed to overcome the setback of having my workout totally disrupted. However. Compared to some of the more complete pre workouts that I’ve tried (Pre-Kaged comes to mind), this pre workout literally can’t hold a candle when it comes to performance. And looking at the ingredients, it’s not hard to see why.

Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Formula Grade: 7.5

It’s hard to give Slap TOO bad of a grade on the formula, because it’s not like they tout it as some big, heavily-researched, breakthrough product. It’s simply a natural coffee pre workout. Literally all it is, is coffee with some added bet-alanine. I don’t know that adding just the one endurance ingredient to powdered coffee necessarily makes it a pre workout, but, hey. I’ll give the little guy the benefit of the doubt. This product is actually the only coffee pre workout that I’ve ever seen so I’ve got to give it to Slap for at least coming up with the idea and putting the product out there to the world. It’s gutsy. I admire that. But yeah- I’ll list off the handful of ingredients so that you can see how basic this product is: 

  1. Beta Alanine
  2. Stevia Leaf Extract (sweetener)
  3. Caffeine (from Coffee Arabica)
  4. Natural Flavors
  5. Guar Gum
  6. Chocolate Powder
  7. Xylitol 

And that’s all. Pretty simple right? I think so. The interesting thing that I notice as I put down the ingredients for you in this review is that there is apparently some chocolate powder in here. I am surprised by this because I really did not pickup any chocolate at all in the flavor. But oh well. Something I thought of though is I wonder if there is therefore some theobromine in this product because of the chocolate. I’ve been all about this natural stimulant recently since trying it in Layne Norton’s kick-ass pre workout ‘Carbon Prep’ (read my Carbon Prep review here). 

Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Packaging Grade: 9.5

I’m giving Slap a big-time grade on packaging because this is a seriously cool package. It’s not sexy in the same way that ATHENA pre workout is (out of this world unique and colorful), or in the same way that Protein World Slender Blend is (super clean and minimalist). But this product has a look that is entirely it’s own. It’s almost a sort of low-fi, cartoon-land inspired design language that I think I’m actually sexually attracted to. The tub is white and covered almost entirely by the mauve-colored label. The feature graphic on Slapuccino pre workout is a big pixelated hand and a ‘slap’ impact graphic. Within the impact star shape thing is a bunch of stylized cartoon coffee beans. It’s like the hand is giving you an inside look at what is contained inside. It’s incredibly creative. It’s the creativity to me that makes this product become aesthetic to me. Kind of like how a sort of cute guy has an amazing personality and that makes you fall for him even harder because he literally becomes hotter. This is the same concept. I love the colors used here too. The light ‘Blue Bottle’ blue is the perfect compliment to the tan and brown notes used as the primary color scheme. It’s beautiful. The packaging is easily the best part of this product. 

Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Pre Workout Review Summary

  • Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Flavor Grade: 8.0
  • Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Workout Experience: 8.0
  • Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Formula Grade: 7.5
  • Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Packaging Grade: 9.5
  • Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Value Grade: 7.8

I usually will give the same number as a final score as I do for the value grade. I have to give Slap a C on the value because it’s over-priced at $45, even though there are 40 servings. The formula is so basic that it couldn’t have been too expensive to make, and to be honest what you are getting is not that impressive of a workout enhancer. But I’m going to give Slap a slightly better overall score than I gave it’s value because I appreciate the originality of this product. I mean. It’s the world’s first coffee pre workout! You just got to love that. Nice job, Slap Nutrition. Respect.*


Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Final Score: 8.0

Allie Lewis

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