Bowmar Nutrition PRE Workout Review: Too Strong for Women?

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Bowmar Nutrition Pre Workout Reviews are kind of hard to find so I wanted to give you guys a really good in-depth look at just what is in this product, how it works, and of course what the best flavor is. I have tried all three flavors of this pre workout and I can actually give you a really good idea of how this pre workout performs in the gym especially for women. Since I am one. Duh. Lol. Okay. Let’s just get right to it. Welcome to my Bowmar Nutrition pre workout review.

I have been absent for a few weeks I know. But guess what? I am back with a big old review here. A pre workout review. Which are my longest ones as you guys know. I actually have been getting a ton of hits on my Bowmar protein review so I grabbed some of their pre workout to see if the hype from the protein is carrying over to their other products as well. In this review we’ll take a look at flavor first. I LOVE tasting new pre workouts so I was stoked when I saw that Bowmar actually has three unique flavors. Let’s go over them now: 

What is the Best Flavor of Bowmar Nutrition Pre Workout? 

The top flavor of the Bowmar pre workout probably comes down to individual preference since flavor is, of course, subjective. But I was able to pick out one of the three that I enjoy more than the other two. Here are my flavor analysis of each Bowmar pre workout flavor: 

Strawberry Kiwi: This was the first Bowmar Nutrition pre workout flavor that I tried and I have to say it’s actually pretty good. If I didn’t know it had a kiwi element (hey I have a kiwi element since my great Grandma is Australian!) I would say it’s just a really good sweet strawberry, but I think I can pick up the kiwi in the background a little bit. I really like actually. I wasn’t blown away but this flavor is very drinkable and refreshing. 

Dragon Fruit: The dragon fruit flavor of the Bowmar pre workout is not great to be honest. I don’t know exactly what dragon fruit is supposed to taste like, but I don’t think it’s this. This flavor was way too sweet in my opinion, and lacked the type of flavor that I think it should have. It was sort of just like sticky sweet tasting and fruity but not focused on any fruit in particular? Idk. Hard to describe but I didn’t like it. 

Spicy Pineapple: The Spicy Pineapple flavor is actually really good lol. I was not expecting to enjoy this flavor at all but then again I DO like spicy and so I should’ve guessed that I might have ended up enjoying it. And I really do enjoy it. It’s also maybe a touch sweet, but that SPICE brings you right down to earth and it just sort of works! 

I do think that the best flavor among the three Bowmar Pre Workout flavors is the Strawberry Kiwi, but if you are adventurous you should totally give the Spicy Pineapple a shot. You will be glad you did. But let’s talk about what’s going on in the formula now. What is actually in this product in terms of active ingredients? Read on to find out. 

Bowmar PRE Ingredients: 

The Bowmar PRE is sort of a complicated one. It has alot of really standard vitamins and nutrients found in most of your pre workout products, but then also a great deal of energy and focus ingredients- or what we call STIMULANTS. And after I list out the full ingredients panel for you I will tell you what I like and don’t like about this combination of ingredients: 

Bowmar Pre Workout Ingredients

Vitamin B3

Citrulline Malate

Beta Alanine 

Agmatine Sulfate

L Tyrosine



Hordenine HCL 


Choline Bitartrate 



Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract 

NOTES: So you can tell right away that the Bowmar folks definitely love their pump and their stimulants. Citrulline malate is the primary ingredient that provides the pump effects, along with agmatine sulfate and theobromine, which relaxes the blood vessels and allows for more pump.

As far as energy, there is no shortage of energizing ingredients. In my opinion there are like, THREE too many stimulants in here. Especially since you already have multiple forms of caffeine, tyrosine, and choline. That is ENOUGH. To add in evodiamine, rauwolfia, and hordenine on top of that is just stimulant OVERKILL and it makes for, quite frankly, a slightly dangerous product- especially those prone to anxiety like me. But. Bowmar PRE is not alone. Most companies make a very stimulant-intensive pre workout. Products like Cass Martin’s WRKETHIC, Redcon’s TOTAL WAR, Dedicated’s ‘Unstoppable’ product, and numerous others push the envelope too far in my opinion. But. Hey. Just one woman’s opinion. But let’s get into the performance side of this pre workout…does it actually work? What does it feel like? 

Does Bowmar Nutrition PRE workout actually work? 

So as you know I tried all three flavors of this pre workout and took them during a one week span that consisted of three VERY challenging heavy workouts. That’s right. When I take pre workout these days I like to LIFT and lift HEAVY. Get my money’s worth, you know? 

So the first day I took one and a half scoops. And guys. Not gona lie I felt really over-stimulated. I mean. My heart rate was super high. I had the beta-alanine tingles through the roof. My mind was racing. It literally felt awful. I had to wait for my body to calm down before I could even lift. It’s actually a little scary when you go overboard with pre workout and I made the mistake of doing just that. My first workout actually stil somehow turned out great and I squatted super strong. But again learn from my Bowmar Pre Workout experience and start with just one scoop because it is SUPER strong.

The second day of taking Bowmar Pre Workout I took just about 3/4 scoop and that worked out WAY better for me. I was feeling great from start of my workout through the finish. The product was powering me to great heights during my back and bi’s day. I hit the lats with back and my lat pump was crazy, while my energy was also really pronounced throughout

I loved the way it felt at the lower dosages in terms of pump and energy. My one real critique of the Bowmar pre workout is that it doesn’t seem to have too prominent of a strength gain benefit. I was not really feeling quite as strong as I have with some other pre workouts. I think it’s because this one lacks creatine and some other aminos that would aid in boosting things from a strength standpoint. Same with endurance. Pump and energy are great but my endurance didn’t seem to be elevated very much/if at all. 

I will give the Bowmar pre workout a solid 8/10 on performance though. Okay. So that’s a lot of info about how the Bowmar PRE actually feels during exercise but what about the packaging? That will be a nice light way to end things up. Let’s check it out: 

Bowmar PRE looks Way Retro 

And I don’t think that is intentional, Lol. I think this pre workout has all the sort of old-school graphics of pre workouts from the 90s. It looks sort of tech-y and energetic. Almost like an electric shockwave type situation. So yes. Just like pre workouts used to look. Maybe even like they OUGHT to look. But honestly for me as a woman in 2019 I sort of raised my eyebrows at it and was like.. uh.. I don’t THINK I want to put that stuff in my body, lol. 

But the packaging reflects EXACTLY what you think this product is. It’s a super hopped-up, old-world pre workout. It’s like a dinosaur. The same hardcore stims that we had a decade ago. The same packaging. I guess the flavors are new-ish and creative enough (well, one of the three is), but you do just sort of get the impression from the inside out that this product was made by a super old-school supplement guy who convinced the Bowmar peeps to make them a private label pre workout. But hey. Just one chicks opinion. It’s still sort of a solid product but for me in my old age it’s too hardcore of a formula for me. 

Bowmar Pre Workout Review Summary

-Bowmar Nutrition PRE comes in 3 flavors. The Strawberry Kiwi is the best, and the Spicy Pineapple is weird but worth trying if you are bold

-The Bowmar PRE formula is way too intense for me at high dosages because it contains far too many stimulants. At low doses it still kicks hard and does provide good energy and pumps. Not much strength or endurance benefit IMO

-The packaging is super tech-y and 90s. I dig it even if it looks ‘yesterday’. What’s old is new? 

Alright. So where does this all leave us? Is Bowmar PRE worth a buy? I think that really depends. If you want big time stimulants and love a good pump this might be for you. Kind of the flashy elements of any pre. If you want more foundational strength and endurance there are better options out there.* 

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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