I Review Eat the Bear Protein…Is This Stuff Legit or Not?

Posted on August 10th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Happy Tuesday BPW fans and get ready for another AWESOME review, this time on Eat the Bear Grizzly Pure Isolate! I don’t really know what to make of this company yet, but I think after going through the three flavors of Eat the Bear Protein I will have a pretty good sense of what Eat the Bear is all about. So if you’re ready to get on this crazy train with me, let’s get our reading glasses on and jump on in. I will talk about Eat the Bear protein taste, formula, and of course packaging and branding since that’s what really ruffles my feathers. Time to unleash the beast and start this Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Review!

I’ve reviewed some products with funky names. Gnarly Pump. Nuzest Protein. Chike. Kachava. Chick Pump. And these are just the ones that come to mind FIRST. But I’m not going to lie- Eat the Bear is right up there with one of the strangest branded products I’ve come across. I mean. Eat the Bear. Eat the Bear? As oppose to the bear eating YOU? Is that what you’re supposed to make of it all? I’m not sure.

But I do know they have Luke Kuechly as a brand representative. For those of you who live under a rock he’s one of the hottest, I mean best, players in the National Football League. I think Eat the Bear is a North Carolina-based company, which would explain that whole thing since he plays for the Panthers. But anyways. Let’s start talking about the key focus of today’s review- Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein. This is a protein powder that has gotten a nice little amount of love from my Instagram family, so it only made sense to convince my boyfriend to spend, oh, about a days paycheck on buying my spoiled butt three tubs of it. (Big smiley emoji here). Just kidding that’s like an hour’s worth of work for him. Shipping was pretty speedy actually, and once I got my three tubs I set on them like a bear, ripping off the lids and putting my whole face in them to give them a good smell. So. Which one tastes best? 

The Best Flavor of Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein

The best flavor of Eat the Bear is without a doubt, the Ice Cream Sandwich. I went into this flavor thinking ‘ok so it’s just cookies and cream’. Oh boy was I wrong, and in the worst way. This protein actually tastes like an ice cream sandy. You get that taste of soft, buttery chocolate cookie, and then a really smooth hit of vanilla ice cream flavor to cap off a flavor that is so good I could take a bath in it. Seriously I think I could. I wanted to. 

The second best flavor of Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein is the Cinnamon Bun. These companies are getting so dang good at Cinnamon Roll that it’s scary. There is huge, authentic notes of actual cinnamon, wrapped into a texture that is super doughy. I think they could have gone with a little bit more sweetness and a little more vanilla for a sort of ‘icing’ on top effect, but really the cinnamon toast is a good flavor too. I’d describe it probably more as cinnamon toast than cinnamon roll, but still delicious. 

My least favorite flavor of Eat the Bear Grizzly protein was probably the vanilla. I usually try to get a tub of vanilla just because I’ve tried so many vanilla-flavored proteins that I could have a great framework for comparison. Eat the Bear vanilla is ok. I’ve had better, and I’ve had worse. The texture in this one, and all three really, is nice and smooth. I think they could have gone with a touch more ‘vanilla’ versus just generic sweet and smoothness. But it’s still very drinkable. Overall I give Eat the Bear Pure Isolate a 9/10 on flavorings. So what’s in the product from a formulation standpoint? 

The Eat the Bear Formulation is somewhere between ultra-basic and basic. It’s not as bare-bones as Ascent Native Whey or Clutch Bodyshop Protein, but dang it is close. Here is the full list of ingredients in Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein: 

  • Non-GMO Whey Isolate
  • Cocoa
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sucralose

Ok maybe it IS as bare bones as those other ones, LOL. I think Eat the Bear deserves some props for getting the flavors that they have just by using natural flavors. The cinnamon roll protein seems like it definitely uses artificial flavors and so does the ice cream sandwich to be honest with you. But apparently they don’t, which is awesome! Eat the Bear does use sucralose to sweeten it, which is artificial, but, as I always say- what’s worse for you really- a little bit of artificial sweetener of the 6 glasses of wine you drank on Friday? Yeahh. Thought so. Alright so I’ll give Eat the Bear another 9 on flavor. Let’s talk packaging now!

Eat the Bear Looks Pretty Coooo

Where my Southpark fans at? Because that was my Cartman voice. Lol. So like I said at the beginning of the review, I think Eat the Bear has a pretty neat brand, and it’s represented really beautifully in their packaging. The mountain landscape gives a feeling of natural-ness, and makes you think what you’re about to put in your body is really good for you. Which I think it is. The mountains are a nice lead in, moving vertically down the label from top to bottom, where the ‘EAT THE BEAR’ graphic takes center stage. There are bear claw tears tracking from top to bottom, showing you that if YOU don’t eat the BEAR, the BEAR is gon’ eat YOU. Lol. The rest of the label is devoted to supporting info about the product- including the macros (24g protein, 100 calories, virtually zero carbs or sugar). The color palette of black, red, and grayscale with a heavy black influence is handsome, if a tiny bit aggressive. But it’s called Eat the Bear. It’s by definition an aggressive product! I enjoy it. Call me  butch but I enjoy it. Another 9/10 on packaging for Eat the Bear Protein. 

Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Review Summary

  • Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Flavor Grade: 9/10
  • Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Formula Grade: 9/10
  • Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Packaging Grade: 9/10
  • Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Value Grade: 8/10

This might be one of the most consistently GOOD products from top to bottom that I’ve ever reviewed here on the BPW. I think it’s a safe bet that we’ll see Eat the Bear somewhere near the top of our BPW Top Ten Proteins for 2017. I think it’s a TINNYY bit overpriced at $60 for a month supply…but at the end of the day you should be willing to pay for a quality protein– and that’s what Eat the Bear Pure Isolate is.*

Eat the Bear Pure Isolate Protein Final Review Score: 9/10

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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