Fitmiss BCAA Review: They’re Like Buying Store-Brand Cereal.

Posted on June 17th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Amino Acid Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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This Fitmiss BCAA review is going to be short and sweet. Just like the product. You’ll see what I mean by that as we get this review underway. I’ll talk about the flavors of Fitmiss BCAA, which of the two flavors is best, and also the formulation of the product. So you will be able to tell if it’s actually a quality product or if it’s a bad deal. I think you’ll find my opinion very helpful as I review the Fitmiss BCAA product. I’ve tried almost all of the other Fitmiss products, so this should round out my Fitmiss reviews nicely. Oh. We’ll also talk about the packaging. Because I love talking about looks. Because I’m shallow like that. So let’s begin.

Fitmiss BCAA’s are probably the most entry-level supplements you can buy. Very few other products are going to be as ‘softcore’ as this. Eh. Actually. I have reviewed some VERY soft-core products in the past. In fact most BCAAs are pretty softcore because they don’t contain any stimulants at all. So you can take them without feeling jittery or like you’re head is going to explode, or your skin is falling off, the way some of the pre workouts can. But let’s talk Fitmiss BCAA. To start with- what is even IN here?

What’s In Fitmiss BCAA?

The truth is- not very much. The Fitmiss BCAAs are super, SUPER basic. In fact, not since some of the naked whey proteins have I had such a basic supplement. Ready for the ingredients in Fitmiss BCAA? Here they are:

Leucine: 1.5g

Iso-Leucine: 1g

Valine: 500mg

For a whopping total of 3 grams. Yikes. That’s thin. I mean, really thin. But here’s the thing- you are only paying 0.57 per serving of this stuff. That’s very, VERY affordable. I think the product being so light in terms of the formula, combined with the fact that the product is called ‘FITMISS’ makes it pretty clear that this product is going for a very entry-level, female customer. Maybe even a customer who may not need a BCAA supplement at all. Because 3 grams of BCAA is such a small dosage that it’s not going to make all that big of a difference anyways.

The rest of the product is comprised of sweeteners and flavoring ingredients. Mostly artificial. But. What do you expect from Fitmiss? This is really a brand that just sells cheap. Real cheap. And that attracts a certain demographic. Let’s talk about flavors now.

What’s the Best Flavor of Fitmiss BCAA?

That’s a good question, and one that is going to be very easy for me to answer. The best flavor of Fitmiss BCAAs is the Strawberry Margarita. These BCAAs go down super smooth and easy. They have a nice sweet flavor to them, that is also refreshing. Are they the best-tasting BCAA that I’ve ever had? Maybe not. Probably not. But they’re tasty- especially considering how CHEAP they are lol.

The blue raspberry flavor is good, but not great. I think they needed to give it a little more raspberry instead of blueberry, because right now it might as well be called ‘blue blueberry’. Lol. It basically has no raspberry at all. But it is a nice blue color, which I like.

So for taste overall, the moral of the story is that both flavors of Fitmiss BCAA taste good, but the BEST flavor of Fitmiss BCAA is the Strawberry Margarita. Ok let’s move on to the packaging score.

Fitmiss BCAA’s Are Cheaply Packaged.

My label was all crooked and crinkled when I got it, which isn’t a great look. But what do you expect for fifteen bucks? It’s the product inside that counts more, but I still couldn’t help but notice how chincy the wrapping was. I’ve also never liked the whole Fitmiss ‘girly girl’ theme. It just looks flimsy and weak. I feel like I could snap the Fitmiss logo girl over my knee. I really do. The other thing I don’t like about this Fitmiss packaging is the large gray ‘slats’ of color that just sit along the left side of the package. They don’t look good at all. They look bad, as a matter of fact. The big pour of strawberry margarita along the right side looks pretty good, but it’s too big and dominant. I also don’t like how Fitmiss BCAAs don’t have a fun name like the other products, Burn, Tone, Ignite, etc. It’s as if the BCAAs were just an afterthought to the lineup. In fact that’s a food theme to this review. It’s not an impressive product overall because it seems to lack real enthusiasm. But. Let’s wrap this up.

Fitmiss BCAA Review Summary

  • Flavor: 8.5
  • Formula: 7.5
  • Packaging: 7.5
  • Value: 8.0
  • Final Score: 8.0

This product is just not one that you get excited about. It’s one that you get when you are trying to save a buck. It’s like buying the store brand of lucky charms, instead of the real thing… But when’s the last time that paid off? Exactly.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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