Fitstrong Burn Supplement Review: Dangerous AND Ineffective.

Posted on December 15th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Fitstrong Burn Fat Burner Reviews are fun to write in the middle of the night. That’s what I keep telling myself as I sit here in, well, the middle of the night. And write. And fight, the urge to sleep. It just fees right, tonight. Oh boy. You already know this is going to be an interesting one. And that’s saying something, coming from yours truly. If you’ve read any of my other fat burner reviews you are probably aware that I’m the craziest supplement reviewer out there. By craziest I mean most entertaining, most eloquent, most beautiful, and most knowledgable supplement reviewer on the internet. Yes. I said it. On the ENTIRE internet, you will NOT find a better FITSTRONG REVIEW. Read that one again. Let it sink in. And then get beyond excited to take in my fat burner review of the day. You are about to be assaulted with Fitstrong knowledge. In this review we’ll talk about how the product works, if there are any side effects, what the formula is composed of, and then finally how the packaging compares to the competition. You are probably going to love my Fitstrong review enough to marry it. If you’re already married, you might leave your spouse for my FItstrong Burn Review. So let’s begin.

What the heck is Fitsrong Supplements? Or I guess I should say what ARE Fitstrong Supplements? Up until 3 weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea. And then, as has happened time and time again, you already know the drill, I stumbled across something. Well, someone. And that someone was a super-duper fit chick on Instagram. She was so unbelievably fit that I wanted to climb through my phone and feel her arms and feel if she was real. Did this review already become homoerotic? Yes. But you need to understand the motive behind this review. You see. I saw this fit chick and though INSTANTLY, I want to BE her. And if I can’t BE her, I want to be as close to being her as I possibly can. So when I noticed that one of her Instagram pics featured this fat loss product, I was immediately drawn in. I knew I had to get some Fitstrong product. Luckily for me they have a full line. So stay tuned for more Fitstrong reviews later in the week. But what follows is the initial product review of their Fitstrong Fat Burner. Let’s get the biggest question out of the way first- does Fitstrong Burn Work? 

Does Fitstrong Burn Work? 

“work” is such a tricky thing to measure with fat-loss and diet products. Everyone is different. These products are going to impact everyone to a different degree. What works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for you. And visa versa. I have some people tell me all the time that they went and bought some Cellucor Super HD because I ranked it highly in my fat burner rankings. And then they’ll FB message me death threats because I convinced them to buy some pills that ‘don’t work’. But that’s my point exactly. Products work differently for different people. Maybe FItstrong Burn works for the crazy steroid girl on Instagram and not for me. Just kidding I don’t think she actually takes steroids. I’m just jealous. 

But to answer the question on hand: NO. Unfortunately Fitstrong Burn did NOT really ‘work’ for me. After doing literally hundreds of fat loss product reviews, my definition of ‘work’ is if I see NOTICEABLE change in the mirror after THREE weeks on the product. Here is my Fitstrong Burn Review Log: 

Week 1: After the first week of Fitstrong Burn I can not report very much, if at all, by way of results. I’ve tried to eat relatively clean this week. I fell off the wagon Wednesday at Chipotle. But one cheat meal out of 21 isn’t bad. I’m seeing MAYBE a tiny bit of extra definition in the mornings. But nothing dramatic. 

Week 2: I guess if nothing else happens when you take the product in terms of fat-loss, I WILL say that this product gets you pretty excitable. I took two capsules this morning to try and ramp things up, and that turned out to be a horrible decision. I was bouncing off the WALLS at work. Standing here at the end of the second week though, I still don’t notice that much has changed physically. 

Week 3: Hm. I’m not sure how to put this but I honestly can not see what this product has done to my body. I look literally the exact same as on day 1. I think cutting back my workout intensity might be contributing, so maybe I’d look even worse relative to day 1 than I otherwise would have? I guess? 

As you can read from the log- I didn’t lose much weight, nor did I gain any significant enhancements in muscular definition. But I also decreased my workout frequency to try and heal my bum knees that you know about from my last review. Before we move on to the formula grade, were there any FitStrong Side Effects

Fitsrong Burn Fat Burner Side Effects: 

Other than the slight jitteriness that I experienced when I doubled up the dosage, I did not notice any adverse or notable side effects of any kind while taking this diet product for three weeks. 

FItstrong Burn Fat Burner Formula Grade: 7.2

On paper, I like the formula about as much as I like the results. Which is not very. Unfortunately, the quality of this formula seems to be sort of lacking. Ehh. Well. I guess there are some pros and some cons to the formula. The pros of FItstrong Burn formulation are: 

  1. Infintergy Di-Caffeine Malate: I like that they used this patented form of slow-release caffeine. It’s a wonderfully powerful stimulant in pre workouts. Not sure how effective it is as a fat burner, but I’m glad they included it
  2. Green Coffee Bean: I’ve always had better results than most when I take green coffee bean. I don’t know why but my body has always responded well to it. I wish they had made this more of a feature ingredient than the garcinia.  

Ok so those are the pros. Now here are the Cons of Fitstrong Burn

  1. Acacia Rigidula: This is a super trendy ingredient in fat burners lately, and at first I was much more excited about this ingredient than I am about the garcinia. Garcinia is over-rated, and is way over-used. But guess what? Acacia might be totally, er, dangerous. GNC recently banned products containing Acacia from it’s shelves because it may or may not naturally contain BMPEA- a compound that has a similar chemical structure to speed. Um. No thanks. 
  2. Garcinia Cambogia: I’ve just never been a believer in Garcinia. Don’t get me wrong, I drink the Doctor Oz Cool-Aid as much as the next chick. But this one just never has worked for me. 
  3. Proprietary Blend: I don’t like how Fitstrong uses a proprietary blend for their main Fitstrong Burn Blend. I need to know how much of EACH ingredient is in each serving please. Thank you. 

FItstrong Burn Packaging Grade: 7.5

Fitstrong has some super-hot Instagram reps. But their packaging, unfortunately, is NOT super hot. It looks alot like Legion Phoenix packaging in terms of the color scheme and overall mood of the product. But I think you’ll agree with me they haven’t quite pulled off the ‘look’ quite the same way Legion was able to do. Burn looks OK, don’t get me wrong. But I think there is too much imitation in this design. The ghosted background graphic which is simply the brand’s logo is reminiscent of Muscelsport. The name ‘Burn’ is actually ripped straight from Fitmiss. There’s just no originality to be found in this entire product. I honestly am not sure what the brand health of this company is but from what I’ve experienced so far with Fitstrong Burn, I don’t think they can possibly doing that well. What gets graded well here on my blog is a product that has something unique to offer. I mean. Gosh bless them but as much as I hate Sweet Sweat, at least their trying something to be different. I know I turned this packaging review section into a bit of a fragmented rant, but, there’s not much more to say about this design. It’s a boring combination of different design elements from ‘everyone else’. 

FItstrong Burn Fat Burner Review Summary

  • FItstrong Burn Performance Grade: 7.5
  • FItstrong Burn Formula Grade: 7.2
  • FItstrong Burn Packaging Grade: 7.5
  • FItstrong Burn Value Grade: 6.8

I’m giving the Fitstrong Fat Burner a 7.0, but it really could’ve easily found it’s way into the ‘D’ range- a level that I haven’t been to in a really long time. I know I’m coming down hard on this product, but, really. There is no originality. And the formula COULD BE dangerous. That’s a one-two punch recipe for a lousy grade any day here on the BPW.*


FItstrong Burn Final Review Score: 7.0

Allie Lewis

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