FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Review: Prepare for Poo Poo

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I’ve been taking Fit Tea’s 28 Day Tea Detox for about a week now and I just wanted to set aside some time for a quick FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Review. I will most likely keep taking this product for a little while longer, but also maybe not. I’ll spend a good chunk of this review talking about some of the pros and cons of taking the 28 Day Detox and will try and provide you with at least a basic understanding of the benefits and side effects. As with my other Tea / Teatox reviews, I’m going to grade this product across four of the different main aspects that you can possibly grade a tea. And that is the flavor, the formulation, and then even the packaging. A good piece of the review is going to be devoted to the performance in the sense of, does FitTea work? And even how does it compare to some of the others that I’ve tried, such as SkinnyMint. Lol. I know. ‘Performance’ sounds like an odd word choice to use in conjunction with a tea product. It’s as if I’m describing a singer or a dancer or an athlete or something. But anyways. Let’s get this FitTea Review started.

I could use a detox. As you know from my NLA for Her CLA Fat burner review, I recently spent five days at one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties. While this was a fantastical celebration, it was also a tiny bit of a wakeup call that I can’t party like I’m 18 years old anymore. Insert frowny face emoji here. Lol. I think we went out five nights straight, and while for the most party I think my partying was managed maturely, of course there was that one night where you just wake up thinking. UGH. But that fifth margarita seemed like UCH a good idea at the time! But it turned out SO badly for me. Lol. But hey. Hindsight is 20/20. No regrets. But I’ll cut to the chase. The point is that when I got home I immediately started researching different detox idea. I needed something to help me, at least mentally, get my edge back. I got my workout routine back, got my diet back on point, but sometimes it’s nice to have some kind of ‘detox’ product that in your head makes you think ‘ok, I’m flushing some of those toxins out’. So when the first result of my search was the FitTea 28 Day Detox– I figured I would try it. I have yet to be impressed by any of the the ’TeaTox’ products (I’ve reviewed SkinnyMint and Matefit and basically hated both), but I think FitTea is more popular than either of those two, so I bought the 28 Day Tea Detox. Here are my thoughts on the product ‘performance-wise’

FitTea 28 Day Detox Performance Grade: 8.0

Like I said earlier, it’s kind of tough to assign a ‘performance’ grade to a tea product. It’s hard to say ‘yes, this tea product worked for me’, or on the flipside ‘this product did nothing for me’. I mean. How do you know if you have been ’TeaToxed’? Lol. Well. Here’s how you know. With FitTea, you know because you will be making quite a few trips to the bathroom. I’m not going to say 100% that FitTea is responsible for the, er, more frequent trips to the restroom, because I HAVE made a concentrated effort to eat more fibrous vegetables, but I think this product certainly has played a role in keeping my digestive system more active than not. I know. Super hard to write this review without a ‘TMI’ aspect. But hey, you’ve got to know everything right? 

The other thing that FitTea is supposed to do other than detox you, is help you lose some weight and keep your appetite in check. With regard to weight loss, I think I probably HAVE lost a pound or two from the 28 Day Tea Detox, simply as a result of my system constantly being emptied about four hours after I drink it. But in terms of appetite, I really did not get a positive benefit from Fit Tea. I would argue that I was almost eating MORE as a result of taking the 28 Day Tea Detox Tea. At first, it seemed like my appetite was suppressed, but then it was as if someone hit a switch and all of a sudden I was absolutely FAMISHED. This could be because maybe the tea made my metabolism so rapid that I burned through all my energy stores in a hurry. Or maybe it was more a matter of me concentrating too hard on appetite that I almost convinced myself that I was hungry. Whatever it was. It didn’t go well for me.

My official answer to ‘Does FitTea Work?’ has to be that it depends. If you want to see a lower number on the scale because you’ve been pooping, then, yes- FitTea works. If you want to know if FitTea Detox Tea suppresses your appetite, my answer is a resounding ‘no’. And then if you want to know if it does ‘detox’ you, I guess my answer is yes, but it’s hard to really ‘feel’ that or say for certain. But let’s have a look at the ingredients and chat about what’s in FitTea. 

FitTea 28 Day Detox Ingredients/Formula Grade: 8.0

Let’s have a look at each individual ingredient in FitTea and what they are supposed to do for you. I should say that I’m still far from an expert on tea ingredients since this is just my third detox tea review, but I’m starting to become a little more knowledgeable. It also helps that my Grandma is here visiting me and SHE knows all about these teas. I don’t know if it’s the most scientific data- but you know as well as I do that Grandma almost always knows best. So. Here are the ingredients in the 28 Day Detox: 

Green Tea

Oolong Wu Yi








Honey Powder

So there are a few interesting things to point out in here. I’ll start with the, er, corn. Why is there corn in my tea? It’s actually a big problem for some because they have corn allergies. I know my brother has a corn allergy and he finds that anytime he eats something that secretly contains corn, he becomes violently ill. It’s a really terrible condition and honestly I would have fed him some FitTea without thinking for a second that there is corn in it. So if you have a corn allergy- lookout! 

  1. The core of this product is, of course, tea. So let’s discuss. There are actually three different forms of tea in here. The feature ingredient is Green Tea. This is everyones favorite form of tea because there really are some wonderful benefits of it. Not the least of which is fat loss. One thing I should point out though is that some folks (myself included), do not tolerate green tea very well on an empty stomach. Sometimes if I don’t eat within a few minutes before or after a big hit of green tea, I get sharp stomach discomfort. But the pros outweigh the cons. This is a fantastic ingredient in terms of both fat loss, combatting stress, and more.
  2. The second tea is Oolong Wu Yi- which I’ll be honest- I had not heard of before FitTea. But after doing a bit of research, I found out that it comes from the same species of plant, the Camellia Sinensis, but this tea is partially fermented- whereas ‘Green Tea’ is unfermented, and black tea is totally fermented. Pretty cool, right? I didn’t know that before this FitTea Tea Detox Review.  Oolong tea is supposed to boost alertness, while fighting high cholesterol and improving skin health. 
  3. The third form of tea in this TeaTox product is the Rooibos – which is a red tea. Now. Let’s all be mature about this one- but the Rooibos is what makes you go to the bathroom. It’s an herbal tea made from the leaves of a form of legume plant that is found in South Africa. It is known for being a digestive system cleanser. It can also help cure insomnia and strengthen your bones. 

On top of the tea ingredients, the corn, and the honey (it still feels so weird seeing CORN in my tea lol), there is some pomegranate and some ginger and even some birch. I think these all add a little bit of antioxidant kick to this FitTea, although they definitely play supporting role to the tea. So that’s the formulation in a nutshell. It’s sweetened with stevia, and speaking of which, I suppose I should address the taste of FitTea. 

FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Flavor Grade: 8.2

I feel like this is a consistently average product in almost every way. I’m just NOT a huge tea fan, I’m not going to deny it. Maybe to a big-time tea enthusiast this tea tastes fantastic and maybe it feels fantastic too. But give me coffee or pre workout ANY day. Seriously. I think this tea has a relatively mild taste in terms of flavor. It’s slightly fruity, it’s very natural, and tastes like it’s much more of a green tea than a black tea. I had my Grandma try some and she said it’s not a super high-quality tea and that she could tell there were some herbal elements to it (she prefers pure tea), but she also said it had adequate balance. I think she was talking about the acidity. Or sweetness. I would have asked for clarification but I was embarrassed that I didn’t know. But. Yeah. It tastes like tea. 

FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Packaging Grade: 7.8

The final piece of the FitTea review is the packaging grade. Much like the Fit Tea Fat Burner that I reviewed a while ago, my opinion on this package remains the same. This packaging is just not that good looking. First of all, I do not like the color palette. I just don’t like the way green and light orange look. Frankly it looks like cheap and low-budget. The thing that I DO like is the tea pot on the front of the 28 Day Detox package. The glass material on the bag is, however, I misstep. This is the era of the matte packaging. Everyone knows this. Well. Clearly not EVERYONE knows this, but they should. Especially a natural product company like Fit Tea. Having a matte material on the bag would say ‘hey- this is still a plastic bag, but we’re creating the illusion of something much more natural’. What else. I guess I’ll give FitTea some credit for using that green valley as a feature graphic in the background. After all, my favorite product ever made uses that same technique- Hidden Valley Ranch. 

FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Review Summary

  • FitTea 28 Day Detox Performance Grade: 8.0
  • FitTea 28 Day Detox Ingredients/Formula Grade: 8.0
  • FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Flavor Grade: 8.2
  • FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Packaging Grade: 7.8
  • FitTea 28 Day Detox Value Grade: 8.0

I gave SkinnyMint a 7.8 out of 10, and I think I’m going to give FitTea the upper hand. I thought that even though my metabolism was a bit TOO fast at times as a result of this tea- it does taste ok, and it does make you feel pretty good.*


FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Final Review Score: 8.0

Allie Lewis

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