Ghost BCAA Review- As Good as I Expected or Not?

Posted on December 27th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Amino Acid Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Ghost BCAAs are the latest product to go under my microscope and I’m pretty darn excited about it. After all, this product is one that we’ve only just seen come available in the last few days and so I love that I was actually one of the FIRST ones to get my hands on it to conduct this review. As my BCAA Reviews section gets more and more robust, this was one of the best new BCAA products to try. In my in-depth analysis of Ghost Lifestlyle’s new BCAA product, we are, in true Allie Lewis fashion, going to totally dive into all elements of the product. From the flavors, to the ingredients, to the packaging, we are certainly about to roll up our sleeves and dive in head-first. The Ghost BCAAs are poured out in front of me and waiting for their close-up reviews, so let’s get Ghosted!

So cheesy. Who says ‘ghosted’. I’m sure there is an urbane dictionary meaning of ‘ghosted’ that neither of us need to look up right now, but instead let’s just put these beautiful new BCAAs into the frying pan and see what we end up with. I was fascinated with these from the start, because as you know I’ve reviewed almost all of the Ghost Lifestyle lineup up to this point. It’s actually insane how many reviews I’ve written here on the blog isn’t it?? Like. Insane. But. I’m glad that I’m finally getting around to these Ghost BCAAs. Let’s first talk about the two flavors, and which one is better.

What is the Best Flavor of Ghost BCAAs?

The best flavor of Ghost BCAAs is without a doubt the Kiwi Strawberry. I do enjoy the lemon lime as well, but it’s just not up to par with the Kiwi. I have found that the Kiwi strawberry flavor just REALLY seems to pop and vibe with my palette in a way that the lemon lime does not. There are sweet notes, followed by tangy ones, followed by more sweet, and then just more of everything in between. It’s a big, explosive flavor, in true Ghost form.

I think the Kiwi Strawberry is sweeter overall than the lemon lime, but then also that the lemon lime has more of a, hm, how would I even describe it, almost ‘smoothness’ to it that might be due to a better balance of salt and acids. Okay that could be totally wrong but you should just try both Ghost BCAA flavors and let me know what you think. But yeah I mean both flavors of these BCAAs are quite good. You know from my Ghost Legend or Ghost Whey review that Ghost has fantastic flavorings. I don’t know if the Ghost BCAAs are QUITE as good as the Ghost Legend pre workout in terms of taste but they are definitely in the top ten percentile when it comes to BCAA flavorings. Let’s talk about the formula itself now.

What’s in Ghost BCAAs?

The Ghost BCAAs are actually the second amino product in the Ghost lineup. The first one, which I have yet to review, is called ‘Ghost Amino’ and it is more of a stimulant free pre workout product. It has some additional ingredients on top of just BCAA that make it more potent, and once I get my next paycheck I’ll probably grab a tub of that to review for you ladies. But yeah. The ingredients in Ghost BCAA are simple, ready to hear them?


That’s all. Lol. Literally six grams of branch chain aminos followed by about three grams of flavoring materials. So a 3:1 ratio of effective ingredients to flavoring, which, I guess will be alarming to some folks, but honestly that’s probably how Ghost Lifestlyle is able to give such fantastic flavor to their products- by loading them up with a good bit of flavorings. So that’s the scoop on what’s in here. Just BCAA, but I will call out the  BCAA ratio for you as well, which is the standard 2:1:1. So in each serving 3 grams of leucine to 1.5 grams of the others (Iso-leucine and valine). I’ll give Ghost BCAA an 8/10 on the formula. It’s basic but sound. Let’s talk packaging now.

Ghost Packaging Rocks My Socks.

Ghost BCAAs, like all the Ghost Lifestyle products, look fabulous. There’s just no two ways about it. I am obsessed with their vibe, their colors, and just the overall ‘playful urban’ theme that totally matches the guys over at Ghost. If you watch their ‘behind the brand’ v-log, you can tell they take their brand very seriously and live out the message of hard work but also enjoying life to the fullest. It’s that connection between the branding and the people behind it that has made me a fan of Ghost from the start.

The BCAAs use traditional Ghost colors, which are intense neon yellow and greens which provide a powerful backdrop for the feature logo and graphics in front. I love the signature x-ray red Ghost Lid, and of course admire the attention to detail in all of the Ghost labels. Very nicely done by Ghost, as always.

Ghost BCAA Review Summary

Flavor: 9/10

Formula: 8/10

Packaging: 9/10

Value: 8.5/10 

Ghost BCAA Final Score: 9.1/10

These Ghost BCAAs live up to the exact expectation I had set for them, and will continue to set for the Ghost brand. They taste fabulous, have rock-solid formulations, and of course drop-dead gorgeous looks. That makes Ghost BCAA one that you want to take home to Mom, folks.*

Allie Lewis

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