Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review: This Fat Burner is on Point

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Happy Friday BPW Universe! It is time for my Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review. In this, my second Kris Gethin Kaged Muscle Review, you are going to learn all about my past few weeks taking this product that promised to ‘turn fat into energy’. This is my first fat-loss review in a few weeks and I’m pretty excited to tell you all about how it worked for me. In this super thorough review, I’ll go into excruciating detail on one of the year’s best fat burners that I’ve tried thus far. I’m going to talk first about, well, myself and what I’ve been up to. I’ll tell you all about my bachelorette party that I’m going to this week, and why I’d rather do literally anything else in the entire world than go to it. But you have to do what you have to do right? Sigh. Friends are good though. But we WILL talk about the Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Fat Burner too right after that. The first thing we’ll chat about is the product packaging. This is one fat burner that looks better than you think. After that we’ll talk about the formulation, and last but not least, the results and the product performance. That’s right- we’re dissecting this fat burner like an onion, folks. Let’s get this Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review going.

Clean Burn. Sounds like a clean break. As in clean break from the guy that I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks. It was so easy to break free from him. Ugh. I feel like I’m already over him. Like, way over him. He wasn’t good for me anyways so I honestly didn’t have that big of an issue cutting him free. Anyways. The timing actually works out fine. I have Annie’s bachelorette party this weekend in Palm Springs so I guess it’s sort of awesome to be single for that, right? Well usually I would be so excited but really I’m actually feeling a little bit down in terms of my health because of how many shifts I’ve had to work over the past two weeks, and even though I’ve been taking Clean Burn, I really don’t think my overall health has been much improved by the Kris Gethin fat burner. In fact it may have even kept me from getting over my sickness. But let’s start off with packaging and move towards my two week Clean Burn log. 

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Packaging Grade: 8.8

What’s to love about this jar, Allie? You ask, inquisitively. Well. It’s hard to explain. As you know from reading my hundreds of other sports supplement reviews, there are some product designs that really just seem to hit me, and I don’t do all that great of a job explaining why I like them. I think it’s just something emotional. I think with this particular Kaged Muscle product, I like the way the label contrasts with the black jar. The silver has a sort of pearlescent nature to it that is really easy on the eye, and then even though the fonts look super aggressive, something about the clean, orderly hierarchy and layout makes you just trust the product. There are also two little badges that are almost textured that are super fun. They add a subtle bit of flair to the product that make you look it much more, even if it’s just a fraction in your subconscious. I really liked the overall aesthetic of Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged, and it is really not a surprise that I enjoyed this one similarly. Let’s talk about the formulation now, shall we? 

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Formula Grade: 9.3

This formula is on my good side right off the bat. It actually reminds me very much of Unico Vulcan, as well as Jym Supplement Science Shred Jym– two of the products that actually sit on my current top ten list. This is like a stimulant free version of Vulcan actually, and that makes it attractive, almost equally, as that one. As you know I’ve been really trying to limit my consumption of artificial sweeteners as well as caffeine- and so many of these products contain caffeine that it was actually really relieving to take another stim-free fat burner like Clean Burn. Here are the ingredients in Kaged Muscle Clean Burn: 

  1. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 
  2. Green Tea Extract
  3. Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
  4. Capsicum Fruit Extract 
  5. Chromium (ChromeMate)

I think this is one of the more ‘grown-up’ fat burners I’ve seen in a long time. Each ingredient is listed out on it’s own, with the amounts included right there alongside it. There are quite a few things products on the market these days, specifically ones that I’ve reviewed lately, that are just so full of crazy dangerous stimulants that I couldn’t handle it anymore. This is not one of those products. I love fat burners that use GS4 Plus, and I REALLY love it when they combine that with forms of L-Carnitine. Super good stuff. Let’s talk about if Clean Burn works now. 

Does Kaged Muscle Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Work?

Ah. Finally. Time to really cut to the chase, roll up our sleeves, and get started on the REAL meat of this review. Does Kaged Muscle’s Fat Burner Work? Well. Judging by how Kris Gethin himself looks, I would say there was a good chance that it works. Because that man is absolutely cut like a diamond (quote me on that!). And actually Kris if you’re reading this, just know that I am recently single, so you should call me. Lol. Ok ok. Let’s get to business. Here is my mini-log that I kept over the past two weeks of taking Clean Burn. My protocol was taking 3 caps, twice daily as opposed to taking 2 times, THREE times daily. I only was eating two real meals, so I had to do it this way. Here is my Kaged Muscle Clean Burn log

Day 1: Ok folks so I’m getting started on Clean Burn and I’ve already taken my first dosages! I didn’t really feel anything that crazy from an energy or focus standpoint, and was like ‘ok what is supposed to happen here’ because I forgot that Clean Burn is a stimulant free fat burner. But once I remembered, I was able to really pay close attention to how I felt- and I really can’t ‘feel’ anything. That doesn’t mean it’s not working though. Interested to see how the next two weeks go!

Day 7: Mid-point check-in everyone! I took a SUPER good look at my body this morning in my favorite mirror, and I thought I looked just fine- nothing crazy, right- until I did a little three quarter turn and wrapped my arms together behind my back in a bodybuilding post and then BAM I noticed some super cool definition in my shoulders. I’ve always had nice shoulders but I think there was even more tone in them today than at any point this year so far. So Clean Burn might be working or me! Stay tuned. 

Day 13: So I’m going to be doing two extra days just because I’m having some really good workouts and everything is feeling ok. I’ve been a little bit under the weather so I’m not sure if that means the product won’t be as effective, so I feel like I should give it a few extra bonus days to make things fair. 

Day 17: Alright. I’m going to have to cut off my usage of Kaged Muscle Fat Burner because it’s time that I really need to stop working out and dieting and need to really focus on just getting healthy. I’m not like dying, but I’m just not really feeling tip-top and I need to be super refreshed heading into this bachelorette party. My final thoughts though, are that Clean Burn is a really nice product. My shoulders haven’t really made too much more progress, but I think I’ve seen a few different places where I’m definitely looking leaner than usual- most notably in my hips, lower back, and calves. I would recommend this product to a friend who doesn’t want a ton of stimulants in their fat burner.

Can Girls Take Kaged Muscle Clean Burn?

I actually had one of my readers ask me this like a month ago (which is actually what prompted me to do this review), so I figured I’d throw this in here. The answer is YES. Women can absolutely 100% take this fat burner safely. It’s super mild and one of the more trusted brands out there so I would definitely make this one of my top picks as far as fat burners for women are concerned.

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review Summary: 


  • Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Packaging Grade: 8.8
  • Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Formula Grade: 9.3
  • Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Performance Grade: 8.9
  • Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Value Grade: 9.4


The only thing that matters with fat burners are do they work. Clean Burn WORKS. It might not be the most fast-acting or give that crazy thermogenic effect, but it has a super balanced, high quality formula and it’s just a great value at $34 for 90 servings.


Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Packaging Grade: 9.4

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