Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein Review: Tasty and Well-Made

Posted on December 28th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Welcome to the best Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Review you will ever read. Er. I’ll bet it’s the only one you read. But that means I did my job, right? It’s like a walk-off home run to me, if you feel adequately informed after my review. Which you will. I’m confident. Like that wide receiver on the Lions yesterday. Calvin Harris? Was that his name? No. Wait. That’s the DJ. Calvin Johnson. That’s it. But anyways. Let me tell you about Muscle Matrix Protein. Let me tell you EVERYTHING about this protein. Let me overload you with so much Nutrabio protein review info that you are more full of IT than you were of pecan pie last night. Let me make you more full of IT than your inbox was of black Friday emails when you woke up this morning. What kind of review info will I be sharing? Let me tell you. If this is your first FLA interview (Fit Life Allie), well, than you are in for a real treat. Because I lay it down thick and nasty. I talk first about myself and what’s going on in my love life (you’re like ‘not sure if she’s serious’..). (I am). After that I’ll actually talk about the protein in question. I’ll talk first about the flavor of Nutrabio protein. Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? Does it taste somewhere in the middle? What’s the best flavor of Muscle Matrix? You’ll find out. After we talk flavor, I’ll breakdown the ingredients and tell you what exactly is in this protein. We’ll cover off on everything and anything that is in here. You need to understand what’s going into your mouth and therefore body. We’ll close things out with a label design grade which takes the aesthetics into account. I summarize all that info, and then spit out a final review grade. So let’s get started.

You read that properly when you asked to if I was serious about writing about what’s going on in my love life to start each and every review. What I’d like to do is basically tell you what’s going in in my life. The love part is just because my life is so full of love that my entire life IS a love life. So what is going on? Well. Not TOO much, I guess. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving in which I absolutely pigged out on turkey and pie. And then today I annihilated my credit card at Nordstrom Rack for black friday. But it’s just money. Right? Sure, Allie. Sure it is. Just wait til your autopay kicks in and you can’t afford Whole Foods. Then let’s see how smug you are. Let’s see what happens when you can’t afford to buy your precious protein supplements like Nutrabio Muscle Matrix. Ugh. Well. Like all the rest of the horrible decisions I make in my life, let’s just do whatever the impulse tells me, and deal with the ramifications later. (I highly DON’T recommend this strategy). Ok. Time to talk about Nutrabio protein, huh? 

Well. I guess this is the second (or third?) Nutrabio product that I’ve tried. I know I tried their Thermofuel fatburner and did a review on it. I feel like I reviewed a Nutrabio pre workout too but i don’t have wifi right now so I can’t check. Hashtag 20,000 feet and ain’t paying for gogo in flight. Traveling folk you feel me. But, yeah. I actually have some nice things to say about Nutrabio in this review. Let’s start with the flavor grade.

Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein Flavor Grade: 8.9

Nutrabio came super close to hitting it out of the park with the taste of Nutrabio Muscle Matrix for Women protein. They created a protein that is smooth, mixes well, and has a really nice flavor profile. It’s really pretty great. The flavor that I tried was the basic chocolate falvor. I feel like the most recent proteins that I’ve tried, I ended up liking the vanilla protein flavor more than the chocolate. I know this was the case with Adaptogen Tasty Whey (read my Tasty Whey review here). 

The Nutrabio chocolate flavor has some really interesting depth and dimension to it’s flavor that I want to try and give you a feel for. The first notes of flavor start when you raise your glass up to your mouth for your first sip. There are intense notes of dark chocolate that are totally unexpected from a protein like this one. The taste, however, betrays those initial aromas. There is really not so much dark chocolate at all once the liquid hits your lips. Your taste buds instantly get a shot of smooth, rich, MILK chocolate. Almost exactly like a well-made glass of Hershey’s chocolate milk. Made with WHOLE milk, none of that skim crap. I really enjoyed the finish of the Nutrabio protein as well. There was no questionable aftertaste. No strange sweetener taste that makes you pucker up your lips. This stuff tastes good through to the end. I give it an 8.9, JUST below an exceptional grade because I honestly needed there to be just a little more sweetness to this flavor protein powder for women. In milk, the natural dairy sugars get it to the level it needs to be, but on it’s own, in water, this flavor is just a little flat. Overall it’s good though. I need to try some of the other flavors and see if they are equally as delicious. 

Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Formula Grade: 9.2

Where Nutrabio was SO close to breaking through in the flavor section, it has done just that with the formula. I really like how Nutrabio’s formula is structured, with the protein sources broken down beautifully and evenly on the label. That eliminates the chance of any protein spiking, or any questionable tactics taking place. But before we talk about those sources, let’s have a look at the all-important macros: 

  • Serving Size: 1 Scoop, 22 grams
  • Calories: 80
  • Fats: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 1g
  • Protein: 18g
  • Calcium: 275mg (27% RDV)

So what I really like about these macros is the ration of protein to fat and carbs. While this isn’t the largest dosage of protein per serving that you’ll find on the shelf of your supplement store (18g), it is a really nice ratio to the other two macros. And what I was doing to bump the protein up to 27g per serving was just take two scoops. Now. You’re going to burn through the tub much faster that whey (see what I did there), but it might be worth it if you can find a reasonable price for Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein. Here’s why: The protein sources are super high quality. 

  1. The first source of protein listed comes from WPI, or Whey Protein Isolate. At 11.6 grams, this is a really strong dosage of whey. That makes Muscle Matrix an excellent choice for immediately post workout, since whey is rapid-digesting and will create a wonderful environment for muscle recovery and growth.
  2. The second protein source in Nutrabio’s Female Protein is the Micellar Casien. This slower digesting protein, found in other premium blended proteins like Body Nutrition Trutein, is going to keep a steady trickle of amino acids headed into the muscles even after the whey has been digested. This will further enhance your recovery while taking these protein shakes.

The only other ingredients in here, which amount to less than a gram total, are the flavoring ingredients. This product DOES use ARTIFICIAL flavorings so please do keep that in mind when you are considering this protein. Some alternatives that are naturally flavored and sweetened are Gardenia and Vega One Protein

Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Packaging Grade: 8.7

I think Nutrabio has always done an OK job with their products from a packaging standpoint. You won’t get anything terribly pretty from the green and white themed company, but you do get a flash of pink on their women’s products such as Thermofuel and Muscle Matrix. The shade of pink that they use is actually quite pleasant to look at, and gives me the sense that the product is going to taste good. I would describe the pink as ‘Turkish Delight Pink’. If you say the original ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ animated movies, you know exactly what scene, and color I’m talking about. (‘The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe’, scene where the witch gives the little boy who’s name escapes me the candy and lures him in). 

But Narnia aside, let’s talk about some other design elements of this protein product. The jar itself is black, with a black label. That means everything type-wise is reversed out from the black, making it really pop. The Nutrabio is displayed vertically on the left-hand side, while the right is used for a ‘flavor splash’. Other pertinent information is arranged below the bold, prominent product name ‘Muscle Matrix Protein’. I think overall this design WORKS. There is alot of information to convey (as per usual with supplements), but Nutrabio design team has done a nice job of getting everything on there, in a fashion such that the important stuff is immediately consumed, while the rest is there for the taking. But yea. I think this product looks pretty good. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of leaving this protein out on the kitchen counter. 

Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Review Summary: 

  • Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein Flavor Grade: 8.9
  • Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Formula Grade: 9.2
  • Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Packaging Grade: 8.7
  • Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Value Grade: 9.3

I really don’t think it’s a bad idea to grab a tub of Nutrabio Muscle Matrix. The formula is solid, the flavor is on-point, and you can get some good deals on the Nutrabio website. Next time they have a good sale, I would recommend giving Muscle Matrix a try. As always, Tell ‘um you got there from a Fit Life Allie Review.*


Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein Final Score: 9.4

Allie Lewis

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