Nutrabio Thermofuel Review: In a World of Average, This is OK

Posted on October 6th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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This Nutrabio Thermofuel V9 for Women’s Formula review is going to be so epic that you might have to take a water break halfway between and catch your breath. That is, if you are reading this review during a cardio session. Which would be very strange. Why are you reading fat burner reviews during your workout? Maybe you are thinking “this cardio is horrible, why do I have to go through all this pain to change my body”. Maybe this makes you think “Why can’t I just take a fat burner to change my body, because that would be so much easier!”. Well. That’s not such a crazy thought. And millions of people have that line of thinking. Which is why there are so many products like Nutrabio Thermo Fuel V.9 Women’s Formula. It’s also why this blog exists. To cut through the fat and tell you bluntly which of these products work, and which of these products don’t. In today’s ThermoFuel review I’m going to do just that. I’ll tell you if Nutrabio Thermofuel works, and I’lll tell you if the ingredients are safe and high quality. At the end of the review I’ll do a final review summary and pull in ALL the information that I’ve gathered on this fat burner and award a final score to the product. Sound good? I thought so. We’ve got a plan. Now let’s start the review.

Nutrabio is a company that I’ve literally never heard of. Sort of surprising since for all intents and purposes this looks like a very mature supplement company. Actually. Now that I do a little more probing into Nutrabio- it’s sort of hard to tell just how big they are. Their website looks quite robust, and has all the bells and whistles that you expect from a big-time company. I do remember that the ordering process was a well-oiled machine as well. That is usually the sign of a serious supplement company. Another sign of a serious supplement company is having tons and tons of followers on social media. That’s something that Nutrabio, well, KIND of has. At over 20k Facebook fans and almost 10k IG followers, that’s not too shabby. But given the size of Nutrabio’s line-up of products, it was a little surprising to me that they did not have more. But anyways. That question was in my mind as I started my two week trial of Nutrabio Thermo Fuel Women’s Formula. Just how legitimate is this company and it’s products?

Does NutraBio ThermoFuel Women’s Formula Work?

The Nutrabio fat burner claims to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, burn fat, and burn calories. Sound familiar? Yeah it really does. I mean. Literally all supplement companies claim the same exact thing. They ALL say that they burn more fat and make you eat less. Well. There ARE exceptions. Like Sweet Sweat, which claims to burn fat as you rub it on your skin. It’s totally bogus as you know from reading my Sweet Sweat review, by the way.

But Nutrabio ThermoFuel V9 is not some gimmicky ‘magic’ fat loss cream. It’s a good old-fashioned diet pill. And I was hoping I would get the same results from it as I did with some of the other fat burners that I’ve had success with. Cellucor Super HD and Stance Women’s Thermogenic come to mind as examples of that. Perhaps XP2 Metabolic Spike as well would be a good measuring stick. As you can tell, I kind of know my fat burners. That’s what happens when you’ve done in-depth reviews on 40 women’s fat burners. So where does Nutrabio rank among them? Let me tell you the five things that happen when you take ThermoFuel.

Top Benefits of Taking Thermofuel Women’s Formula:

  1. The first benefit that I really did notice after two weeks of taking Nutrabio Thermofuel was that my body seemed to be carrying much less water. I don’t know that I had necessarily lost fat, but I certainly had a leaner appearance. I can see alot of girls taking this and thinking they’ve really lost weight, but in reality they’ve just dried out a great deal. It’s not a bad thing, but you do have to be careful of dehydrating when you take products like this. 
  2. The second thing I noticed from Nutrabio was that it does suppress your appetite for a little while, but then when it wears off, you can actually become quite ravenous. I found myself really feasting when I was on Nutrabio’s fat loss product. I’ve actually had this experience before with these products, but not to the extent of this one. I’m not sure if this is unique to my body and eating habits, or if it would happen to you too if you took Nutrabio Thermofuel. Only one way to find out!
  3. The third thing I noticed, and I frankly hated, was that my sleep quality diminished dramatically. It’s weird because I was very careful not to take the product too near my bed time, because I know it does have stimulant qualities. Unlike some stimulant free fat burners like RSP Quadralean, Nutrabio does rely on the stimulants to boost metabolism (and somehow hunger too lol). But yeah. For whatever reason, even if I halved my dosage of Quadralean, I could NOT fall asleep. Super frustrating. It could be because I’ve been super stressed lately though.
  4. The fourth thing I’ve noticed while taking Nutrabio ThermoFuel V9 is the baby boost in energy that I got. Now. Some fat burners are so stimmed out that you feel like you just drank six cups of coffee. But Nutrabio’s take on the diet pill is not like that. The energy boost is much more subtle. More like taking Oxyshred or Inspired Nutraceutical Ember (check out my Ember review on that one- it’s super good!). 
  5. Last thing that I noticed was, well, just to conclude everything in terms of effects, that there wasn’t any significant weight loss. If I have to assign a final grade to this fat burner in terms of it’s actual performance, it would be something like, hm, 8.5. I feel like with a very concentrated effort to eat clean and workout like a demon, you can lose some decent weight with Nutrabio Thermofuel. But for someone like me that is already fairly lean- it’s not going to make a huge fat loss difference.

Nutrabio Thermofuel Ingredients Grade: 8.8

The formula of Thermofuel might be the strongest element. It uses acetyl L-Carnitine HPLC as the feature ingredient, and it is listed first on my little black Thermofuel bottle. The second ingredient is L-Tyrosine- which helps with energy. Also providing the energy would be ‘Infinergy’ di-caffeine malate, which is a special form of longer-lasting caffeine often found in pre workout supplements. Another key ingredient in here is cayenne pepper. This ingredient is supposed to ramp up the metabolism, however, at just 50 mg I’m not sure that it’s dosed powerfully enough. Other useful inclusions in this fat burner include Banaba Leaf Extract, which acts on insulin production and aids fat burning. Speaking of fat burning. Thermofuel also has over 140 mg per serving of EGCG – the valuable polyphenols found in green tea that are supposed to give it it’s fat burning properties. Here is the full list of ingredients in Nutrabio Thermofuel:

  • Acetyle L-Carnitine
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • L-Tyrosine
  • EGCG
  • Caffeine
  • Synephrine
  • Banaba Leaf Extract
  • Cayenne Peper Extract
  • Theobromine HPLC

The final few ingredients that I did not cover off on are the theobromine, which acts on the central nervous system to boost energy and focus, and also synephrine, which is a non NCAA-legal stimulant that acts in a similar fashion to ephedra to boost metabolism and promote fat loss. Overall this is a very sound product from a formulation standpoint. Tip of the hat to Nutrabio on the product formula development!

Nutrabio Thermofuel Packaging Grade: 7.0

Why does it seem like every single product that I review looks the same? Oh yeah. Because they do. I really can’t even spend much time re-hashing my same old song and dance about pink and black. Just close your eyes and click randomly on one of my reviews. You’ll probably land on a pink and black, totally boring-looking product. I bet there are even instances of my reviews where I say essentially word-for-word the same tirade! It goes something like this: “blah blah I hate pink and black everyone does it blah blah cursive font for the ‘women’ part of the title blah blah I hate everything blah blah”. See? It get’s annoying. I’m annoyed at myself even typing it out. But. Seriously. Just look at the packaging and tell me you think it’s ANYTHING other than generic. It’s just totally boring. Yuck. Nutrabio Thermofuel gets the average-est of average marks from me on packaging.

Nutrabio Thermofuel Women’s Formula Review Summary:

  • Nutrabio Thermofuel Performance Grade: 8.5
  • Nutrabio Thermofuel Ingredients Grade: 8.8
  • Nutrabio Thermofuel Packaging Grade: 7.0
  • Nutrabio Thermofuel Value Grade: 8.8

At $40 for $30 servings, Thermofuel is actually priced very reasonably. I found the pills to be moderately effective even though they did have some quirky side effects. The formula is nicely structured, and uses effective ingredients. The label is ugly, but that is excusable. I’m going to give this fat burner an 8.6 because in my opinion it is JUST above average. In a fat burning world full of below average – You done good, Nutrabio.*

Nutrabio Thermofuel Women’s Formula Final Score: 8.2

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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