Rev Labs Enamour Review: A Perfectly Average Pre Workout?

Posted on March 17th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Rev Labs Enamour reviews are tough to find so I figured why not get my hands on some and try it out? After all, the Queen of pre workout reviews needed to feed the beast. And by beast I mean caffeine-junky monster that lives inside of each and every one of us. So without further ado, why don’t we just skip all the mumbo jumbo and get the review started. We’ll talk flavor, formula, performance, packaging, and of course value to reach our final conclusion on Rev Labs Enamour pre workout. Let the Rev Labs review, BEGIN!

I bought a big old jar of Rev Labs Enamour pre workout for her last week because one of my fans wanted me to. Sometimes I think if one of my fans tweets at me what I think about the pre workout at the bottom of the cliff, I really might be gullible enough to jump. “Did someone say pre workout?!” “Where?!” Lol. Sigh. That’s called addiction Allie. Keep laughing it off. 

But that’s a topic for another day. Today, I want to tell you all about the past two workouts I’ve had with Rev Labs Enamour pre workout for women. I’ll tell you all about the flavor first. 

Does Rev Labs Enamour Taste Any Good? 

My first sip of Rev Labs Tropical Cocktail was, well, not all that great. I found the flavor to be wayyy too sour for my liking, and had a really pretty bad aftertaste that just rubbed me the wrong way. I actually really really do not look forward to drinking a full glass of this stuff as my pre workout. After my flavoring experience,  Rev Labs Enamour was really starting to shape up to be in the same light as their other product that I reviewed last year, which was Rev Labs Rev Burn, a fat loss supplement that didn’t do much for me. 

So the flavor isn’t great. What will I give it out of ten? I’d say a seven. Honestly tropical and sour are neither one of my favorite flavors but if you are into that sort of ‘overpowering’ ‘in-your-face’ flavor style, than Rev Labs Enamour pre workout might taste better on your palette. But it’s just not to my liking. 

Does Rev Labs Enamour Pre Workout Work? 

I had two decent workouts on Rev Labs pre workout. The first time I took it, I thought that it needed some more pop, so I upped my dosage to two scoops. Two scoops of this stuff actually provides a pretty good burst of energy. I have done both cardio and weight lifting while taking Rev Labs Enamour- and here is my feedback: 

Weights: The strengths of this Rev Labs Enamour pre workout are not in the strength department. I found my initial ENERGY to get after those weights was alright, but when it came down to it, my muscles didn’t physically have quite the same amount of strength as when I take some other pre workouts like C4 Ultimate or even that Unstoppable V2 from Dedicated

Cardio: Cardio workouts are impacted much better by Rev Labs Enamour than the weightlifting. I found that my endurance was boosted nicely, and my overall mental capacity benefited quite well. I think if this pre workout only tasted better it would be one of my top, hm, twenty pre workouts for women for cardio. 

Rev Labs Enamour Formula Grade: 

There are a few pros and cons to the Rev Labs Enamour pre workout in terms of the formulation. The first thing to keep in mind is that this pre workout is not actually going to help you lose weight. Any weight you lose is going to be from having hard workouts, and then not eating like an idiot. Believe me I know it’s hard, and nobody eats more idiotically than I do- but let’s not kid ourselves that Rev Labs Enamour is going to be the magic bullet that helps us all lose all the pounds. Here is the ingredient panel for Rev Labs Enamour: 


As you can see, there is a nice hit of BCAA and other amino acids that are probably what are responsible for giving this product it’s endurance capabilities. The energy blend is nicely composed with natural caffeine and guarana. You can see it’s less than 175 mg of caffeine which is why you really need to double scoop this one. 

The weight control blend is bogus as I mentioned but I suppose if I had to put some of my top fat loss ingredients together, it would actually look something like what is in Rev Labs Enamour…I LCLT and MCTs…but again, taking MCTs before your workout is NOT going to throw you into a fat burning state that is somehow more conducive to fat loss than what you naturally accomplish. The last thing I’ll say about the formulation is that since Rev Labs Enamour pre workout is composed of several proprietary blends, you really don’t how much of each ingredients is in here, which means it could be loaded primarily by the CHEAPEST ingredients in each little blend. So. Just keep that in mind. Let’s talk about labeling now. 

Rev Labs Packaging Sucks. 

Pardon my french but, it really does. I’ve seen some atrocious packaging efforts in my day, and Rev Labs has made a truly pitiful effort with Enamour. The stuff just looks bad. The cheap white tub. The cheap shade of pinkish orange in the background. The generic geometry in the background. It’s just bad. Let’s not kid ourselves. I feel like a seven year old designed this with her eyes closed. But let’s not get too wrapped up in it. Not everyone can be Cellucor or Ghost, right?

Rev Labs Enamour Review Summary

  • Flavor: D
  • Performance: B
  • Formula: B-
  • Packaging: C
  • Value: B-
  • Final Score: 8.2/10

So. I guess Rev Labs has made an ADEQUATE performer. I’m not in love with how it looks or tastes, but it’s actually a decent pre workout for boosting up your cardio workouts so I will give credit to Rev Labs- Enamour is a perfectly average pre workout for average women.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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