She Supps Lean Protein Review: What’s Beneath The Surface?

Posted on December 12th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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She Supps Lean Protein reviews are here finally! I have taken my sweet time (literally) with this new protein supplement and I’m excited to finally share my feedback on one of the hottest new women’s protein brands around. In this She Supps Lean Protein review, I’ll talk about flavors, including which one is my favorite, before transitioning into an analysis of the ingredients, and of course a rundown on packaging, before I share my final review summary with you. I think She Supps is poised to explode into the supplement scene on a global scale, and so it’s pretty cool that, as usual, you are hearing it from Fit Life Allie FIRST! Let’s get this She Supps Lean Protein review STARTED.

She Supps looks like it’s about to be the next Protein World. No. Literally. It does. Look at the packaging, look at the branding…this is probably actually a very similar company to Protein World or even Women’s Best. These are companies that I’ve reviewed in the past on the site, and have not been terribly impressed with, to be honest with you. These companies all hail from the U.K., and other parts of Europe, and it seems to me that She Supps is about to join the ranks of those companies, that, well, just have not quite yet ‘figured out’ sports nutrition quite like we have here in the states! But. Let’s jump right into my thoughts on the actual product- starting with taste and flavors!

What is the Best Flavor of She Supps Lean Protein?

I got to try all four flavors of She Supps Lean Protein, because I’m obviously a queen and had to try them all! But no really it’s pretty convenient you can just buy the flavor sample pack and try all four flavors of Lean Protein without buying the full tub. But. Let’ say I HAD to buy a full tub, here is how I would rank each of the four She Supps Lean Protein flavors:

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Banana

I know, right? I’m usually not the biggest artificial strawberry person. And that’s exactly what the She Supps proteins are- just another artificially flavored and sweetened protein powder! (More on the formula and ingredients in a bit) But no really the strawberry is the best. In the grand scheme of things, I would give the best flavor of She Supps Lean Protein a 7.5/10. It’s not as good as some of the top proteins that I’ve reviewed, but at the same time, I have had much worse-tasting protein powders as well. It’s decent. The strawberry has a nice balance of sweet versus acid, and it really does go down smooth. The vanilla and chocolate flavors really tied for second and third best flavor of She Supps. Neither of them was particularly delicious, but I would drink them again probably. The Banana flavor of She Supps Protein was not good. In fact it was bad. Super artificial tasting. Like. Really artificial like a battery or something yuck. Speaking of artificial- that is probably my biggest knock on She Supps Protein from a health standpoint.

Is She Supps Lean Protein Actually Healthy?

So…two things. The first is that She Supps is a LITTLE bit of a ‘bait and switch’, and here’s why: The packaging and branding is so crisp and clean and natural that they clearly WANT you to think this is the healthiest stuff on the shelf. The FACT of the matter though, is that Lean Protein is loaded down with just as much artificial sweetener and flavor as all the other proteins out there. So that’s number one.

Number TWO is that She Supps has a combination of dairy and SOY protein. And the dairy protein isn’t even whey. It’s cheaper milk protein. So you don’t really have a super high quality source of protein anywhere to be found. And in fact, with soy, you have an incredibly BAD source of protein to be found smack dab on here. Oh. And the worst part of all? Check this out. TAURINE is listed on the label. TAURINE people. You know what that means? Protein Spiking. She Supps ought to be ashamed of themselves. If you don’t know what amino spiking is than just google it, but basically it just means that of the 20 grams of protein per serving of Lean Protein, you very well might be getting 8 grams of milk, 8 grams of soy, and 7 of pure taurine. Meaning this is truly an atrocious formulation and clearly built for profit only. She Supps gets a C- on the formulation for me, because, well, I just feel like they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. No no no. That won’t do, She Supps.

She Supps Packaging is Brilliant Though…

It’s the classic distraction technique perfected by all great magicians. Focus the attention on something striking and beautiful, rather than something that you would rather they glaze over. And in this case, what they really need you to glaze over is that Nutrition Label. Because while the macros are ok, the ingredient list is super iffy.

Oh and another last note about formula- the ‘Lean’ part of this blend, which is purportedly going to offer weightloss benefits, is just not legitimate. They probably sprinkled the tiniest little bit of carnitine and CLA powder, JUST enough to put it on the label. But I promise you there is like, virtually none of that stuff in there, and certainly not enough to actually help you burn fat or lose weight. That’s just not happening. But. Let’s talk packaging.

Like I mentioned earlier in this She Supps Lean Protein Review, the packaging is simply gorgeous, and hearkens to the Protein World and Women’s Best aesthetic. I love the sort of ‘kitchen top glassware’ jar that She Supps uses for their protein powder. It really is a thing of beauty, and was clearly chosen with the intention that you actually WILL love the looks so much that you display it proudly on your kitchen counter. The other thing I kind of like is that the logo is incredible. It is one of these three things:

  1. Two ’S’s as in ‘She Supps’
  2. A cats nose and mouth
  3. A really nice butt with a heart lower back tattoo

LOL. So which one did YOU see first? I actually saw the cat nose, and THEN the butt and heart, and LASTLY the two ’S’s. Super clever logo. The fonts used in this design are also breathtaking. They are thin and sleek but still very clearly legible. The color palette is limited, as not to distract the eye away from the important elements. All in all, She Supps is a true thing of beauty, and the work of a very skilled individual. I give them an A plus on the packaging.

She Supps Lean Protein Review Summary

And so we’ve come to the end my friends. I know it has been a great journey through the ins and outs of yet another women’s protein powder. And the strange part is…that She Supps Lean Protein is EXACTLY what I knew it to be. Another European brand that knows how to design the HECK out of their supplements, but the product inside is actually quite inferior to some of the proteins that we get here at home. I think She Supps will do well selling on looks alone, but the informed ladies like me will likely take a pass on Lean Protein. Just not a great product beneath the surface.*

Allie Lewis

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