Sun Potion Reviews: Does This $50 Elixir Actually Work?

Posted on October 29th, 2019 By Allie Lewis in Vitamin Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Sun Potion Reviews are literally all over my instagram feed so I figured- hey- maybe I should try this stuff! In THIS Sun Potion review, I’ll be discussing one of their most popular products – the wildcrafted ashwagandha. Yeah. Say (or better yet, type-out) THAT 10 times fast! I’ll be copy/pasting that for spelling accuracy, throughout the review thank you very much. So. Yeah! In this Sun Potion review we are going to dive head first into this ashwagandha ‘stuff’. I’ll tell you what it IS, how it worked for ME, and every other odd and end you might want to know about Sun Potion. Like. I don’t know. What does it tase like? Are there any Sun Potion side effects to be aware of? We’re going to cover all of that good stuff in this Sun Potion review. So let’s get started.

Sun Potion is another one of these fancy new wellness brands – in the same family as Moon Juice, Love Wellness, Your Super, Care Of, and the Nue Co

I have reviewed offerings from all of these brands, and it seems that Sun Potion is another one in this family that is gaining a lot of momentum. So I went and started doing some research on Sun Potion (probably what you’re doing right now #amiright)… 

What I found is that unlike most of these other wellness brands that are selling combination products like, Moon Juice’s magnesium / sleep product, or their protein powder… Sun Potion seems to sell mostly single-ingredient raw powders, specializing in adaptogens. Which brings me too.. 

What are Adaptogens? 

That’s an excellent question. Adaptogens are a class of herbs and botanicals that were first used in India hundreds of years ago for all sorts of ailments. The practices that used these Adaptogens became known as ‘Ayurvdic’ medicine- something that has become somewhat of a buzzword in the modern day wellness scene. But. Even though these products are becoming more commercialized and corporate, they are actually super effective

I bought Sun Potion ashwagandha despite having tried ashwagandha a million times before, because I wanted to see if there is any magic to THEIR specific ashwagandha. They describe it as ‘wildcrafted’, which seems like a made-up word to me by the Sun Potion marketing team, but, props to them because it sounds amazing, lol. Let’s start with a common question you probably have… 

Does Sun Potion Work?

Oof. Tough question to answer! It really is. If you read my CBD reviews you will know that it is super hard for me to just come out and say a product like Sun Potion Ashwagandha either ‘works’ or ‘doesn’t work’. 

It’s going to vary from person to person, especially when the effect is relating to moods or emotions. I mean. You guys know there are a million things involving the brain that create moods and the way you feel. So if Sun Potion makes ME feel somewhat more calm, but also sometimes just downright drowsy, I would caution against taking that as the definite impact that it would have on you. So that’s my two-paragraph long preface to the topic of how Sun Potion works for me. 

Sun Potion made me Sleepy. 

Not gonna lie. Sun Potion sometimes made me feel sort of relaxed, and sometimes it just took the wind right out of my sails to the point where I just wanted to lay down and take a nap. But that is the effect that I’ve always experienced with Ashwagandha. Most of the time it just makes me tired. Sometimes, yes just a little less stressed. But most of the time it will make me tired. 

What is in Sun Potion? 

This part of the review is simple. It’s literally just a tub of straight ashwagandha powder. Lots of it. The price tag is high, but you are getting 88 servings of Sun Potion. This could last you for months. Lol. 

This ashwagandha is sourced from India, and is ‘cold-water’ extracted. I’m no adaptogen farmer, but that sounds like a good, clean way to harvest it. 

What Does Sun Potion Taste Like? 

Sun Potion tastes VERY earthy and botanically. I think it is good in strong teas and in stronger-tasting things (or in things where you can dilute it, like the adaptogen carrot cake on their recipe), but I would say don’t just put it in water. It has a strong herbal taste. 

Sun Potion Looks Legit. 

One thing I like about Sun Potion is the branding. You really do feel like you are getting the ‘real’ stuff here. The monochromatic gold labels, the tribal ‘wing’ logo, the lovely ‘eastern’ fonts used.. it all does really work together to create an overall mood that is incredibly compelling. With some products, the branding and packaging helps the product actually WORK better by convincing your mind that it is of a legitimate quality source. Sun Potion is one such product. 

So where does that all net out? Let’s find out by tying it all together after our Sun Potion Review summary: 

Sun Potion Review Summary

– Sun Potion is a Southern-California based wellness brand that makes raw adaptogenic powders and elixirs. I tried their best-selling anti-stress ashwagandha product

– The ashwagandha can be mixed into teas or made into any number of recipes, and is supposed to reinvigorate the body and boost the immune system 

– Sun Potion comes in an 88-Serving jar that sells for $47 

– Sun Potion branding and packaging invokes genuine wellness with carefully chosen fonts and graphics 

You know what? I like Sun Potion. Is it the cheapest ashwagandha powder that you’ll find? No way. But it is really high quality. And I’d buy it again for the branding alone. (I bet I’m not the only one who does so!). My verdict in this Sun Potion review is that it’s worth trying if you can afford it. Plus, Sun Potion is a certified B-Corporation. So. It’s not like you’re lining the pockets of Amazon or some huge corporation. Sun Potion is really pretty awesome and I’ll probably try more of their line.

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