Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Review: A Bit Underwhelming IMO

Posted on January 23rd, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today I’m going to review the Wake Up Fat Burner by Xtrategy Nutrition. I’m pretty amped to provide this review because it’s form a brand new company that I’ve NEVER brought to the blog. Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up is one of three products made by Xtrategy, so I’m hoping that not only will I love this product but will be able to get my hands on some of their other stuff too. But that’s putting the chicken before the egg a little bit. First things first. We need to make sure this product works. So in this review I’m going to tell you just that- if Xtrategy’s fat burner works in terms of the two criteria that it promises to do: lose weight and prevent fat accumulation. I must say that with the way I’ve been dieting, this product should certainly help accelerate the effects. I’m down 5 pounds since I began dieting, and and trying to lose another 3 to 5 before my Spring trip with my fitties. Ok. So here’s how the review will go- first of all, I will tell you about how my two weeks with the fat burner went in terms of results. Then I’ll talk about the formula and give it a formula grade. Lastly, I’ll analyze the product packaging, before tying it all together with one comprehensive review summary. Sound good to you? I thought so. Let’s get this Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Review started!

Sometimes I like to talk about the brands that I review as a good way to open up the review. And this one might be a pretty short opener because I know almost NOTHING about Xtretegy. But here’s what I do know: 

  1. They have a STUNNING sponsored athlete on Instagram. I kind of forget her name but if you checkout their Instagram you should find it easy enough
  2. They are a relatively young brand, but are rapidly growing. I always like doing reviews on some of these smaller companies because it seems like they have a way of growing up before your eyes. Super fun. 

Speaking of FUN. Spring is just around the corner. It’s almost February people! It’s wild because I can distinctly remember doing a review from my plane en route to my last girls weekend. And now it’s almost here. But what’s my point? My point is that it’s dieting season! And dieting season means lots and lots of fat burner reviews. In fact I’m getting ready to launch my brand new BPW Top Fat Burner for Women review article later tonight so that should be fun. I actually took last year off from updating it, so I’m happy that it will finally be overhauled. But yeah. Let me tell you about Xtrategy’s fat burner and how it worked for me!

Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Performance Grade: 7.8

Well, these things can’t ALL work the same unfortunately. It feels like I’ve tried some really effective fat burners lately (ie Animal Cuts), and even to certain extent FemmeBurn by MusceSport. So it could be that those products were just plain old STRONGER than this one. But I felt like there were some parts of my physique that got dramatically better when I was taking those fat burners whereas this product didn’t really seems to fit my body. Here is my two week log that should give you a feel for if Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Works

Day 3: I used to post up a log post on day 1 of the review cycle but nothing happens after one day as we all know, so what’s the point, lol. Well the plan has sort of backfired because nothing has happened after day 3 either! I have been taking my dosages of 2 pills as prescribed, first thing in the morning, which is appropriate because it is named the Wake Up Fat Burner. But so far nothing has really happened. 

Day 7: Ok, we’re now one week in, and really nothing has changed. My weight is consistent down to the last .01 pound, and I have made sure to keep my diet and exercise programs super consistent so that I can really get a feel for the product benefits. I will try to up my dosage next week to really try and shock my body into getting a result. That always works, right? 

Day 12: Coming to the end of the program here, and still not really any changes to report. I think the only results that I’ve started to notice since upping the dosage is that you do get a tiny bit of energy just from the result of the stimulants. It’s a nice effect especially since I’ve had to get up at like 6 AM for my new job. 

Day 15: I took Xtrategy fat burner for an extra day just to see if that last day would push my effects to the next level. They kind of did not. If I absolutely had to come with SOMETHING to say in means of results, I think I may have a bit more detail in my forearms. But then again alot of that is probably because I’ve been spending so much time working on them to try and heal my elbows.

In summary, I don’t think this fat burner has done too much for my fat loss or body composition. I’ve reviewed so many of these fat loss products at this point that I’m sort of hard to impress. And that also means that I know almost better than anyone, that these products work differently for different people. So just because I didn’t get the desired result doesn’t mean that you won’t. Because you might. Let’s now discuss the formula of Wake Up Fat Burner. 

Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Formula Grade: 7.8

I gave Xtrategy the benefit of the doubt there with the ‘it might work for you’ routine there, but honestly I’m not impressed with this formula either. The majority of the ingredients are housed in a proprietary blend, which means I can’t see exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product. I’m not going to cry about it, but it really would be nice to know, for instance, how much caffeine is in each serving. Here is the full list of active ingredients in Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner: 

  • Vitamin B6
  • Chromium 
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • White Kidney Bean Extract
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Dandelion Root 
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Gymnema Sylvestre (leaf)
  • Garcinia Cambogia (fruit)
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract (fruit)

Overall this SEEMS like it’s nicely composed formula. There are some really fundamental fat-loss ingredients in here, which makes me a little curious why I just didn’t have great results from it. The one thing I can think of is if things are just a little bit under-dosed, that might be why I wasn’t getting too much fat loss from it. But it really is hard to tell. My favorite ingredients in the product are the Gymnema Sylvestre leaf, and also the citrus aurantium. I’ve never been crazy about Dandelion Root in fat burners since they just make you pee like crazy. I’m also surprised that even with a diuretic I didn’t seem like I got any leaner. Again it comes back to things potentially being under-dosed. But hey. Xtrategy is a relative newcomer to sports nutrition. It’s possible that they will come around with some new stuff and really improve on their fat burner formula. Let’s talk packaging now. 

Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 8.0

I’ll get Xtrategy up into the ‘B’ range on packaging just because I feel sort of bad for them after the way this Wake Up review has gone. Lol. Hey, just being serious. I actually shouldn’t though- because this fat burner looks terrible. It’s so generic and boring that I can’t believe people buy it. Sorry. But not sorry at all. I mean. Look at it. It’s a broing, clear jar with a boring black two-tone label with red trim. There’s no life to it. There’s no emotion to it. And while some people think this is the coolest name ever for a fat burner, I honestly think it’s sort of foolish. ‘Wake Up’ ? I mean. Maybe a great name for a coffee company, but for a fat burner it’s just not that great. If I did have to give some compliments to the design, I think the three product benefit ‘pills’ are kind of nice. They say ‘energy source’ (which is poorly worded), ‘metabolism support’ (er ok), and ‘induce thermogenesis’. The wording of the first two are horrible. But they look nice stacked on top of one another I guess. 

Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Review Summary

  • Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Performance Grade: 7.8
  • Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Formula Grade: 7.8
  • Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 8.0
  • Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Value Grade: 7.2

This product doesn’t work well enough to justify a $46 price point. It just doesn’t. You can look at the formula and say ‘yeah there are some good things in here’, and you would be right, but there isn’t ENOUGH of the good stuff in here to make this a successful product. So for that reason, I’m giving Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner a final score of 7.3. This isn’t one of the best.*


Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Final Review Score: 7.3

Allie Lewis

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