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Amino Cuts by Allmax Nutrition Reviews are here! This article promises to be a very interesting look at one of the coolest new products in the sports supplement world. I say ‘coolest’ because Amino Cuts has probably the coolest-looking label in the amino acid world. You just don’t get a product that looks like this very often. This energizing amino acid recovery drink is going to be classified under my pre workout reviews section, but it’s really a sort of anytime powdered fat burner to be honest. Actually I might even post it under the fat-loss section because it seems like this is more for the purpose of fat loss than pre workout. Except in the ‘Directions for A:Cuts’ section it DOES say that you should take this stuff before physical activity. So maybe it IS more of a pre workout than fat burner. But anyways. Here is what we’re going to cover in the Amino Cuts Review: The flavor, the formula, the packaging, and then a brief performance overview just to let you know how it feels when you take this product. So why don’t we get this Amino Cuts Review started.

Allmax Nutrition went totally under the radar to me right up until this year’s Mister Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, where a particularly handsome package caught my eye. Behold the Amino Cuts product, clad in it’s handsome white and neon orange packaging. I knew I had to try some and do a review. I’ve actually really started to enjoy some of the powdered fat burning drinks, and the last one I tried was Inspired Ember, which I’ve done a thorough review on that one as well, which you can read here. I was interested to see if Amino Cuts would be as good as 3Mber and some of the other ‘fat burning’ pre workouts. Let me first tell you how Amino Cuts tastes. 

What’s the Best Flavor of Amino Cuts? 

I can tell you right away that the better of the two flavors of Amino Cuts is the Goji Berry Martini. I would describe the Goji Berry Martini as somewhere between a sour grape, blueberry, and pomegranate flavor. I’m usually not that crazy about blueberry flavored sports supplements, but let me tell you. This stuff is on another level as far as amino acid supplements go. I actually have a tub of BSN’s AminoX (which I might review tomorow), in the grape flavor, and frankly the AllMax A:CUTS blows it OUT OF THE WATER in terms of taste. I really enjoy how sweet and tart it is. It’s completely refreshing and also a flavor that you won’t find everywhere. It’s distinct. The Pina Colada flavor is a little bit less-good (for lack of a better word). If the Goji Berry is a 9/10, than I have to give Pina Colada an 8.2/10. It’s not horrible, and you can easily drink the whole serving, but it’s just not as enjoyable as Goji Berry. I think after a few servings of Pina Colada you would be ready to move on to something else. With Goji you would for sure buy another tub. The final flavor grade that I’ll give Amino Cuts is an 8.8/10- the average of the two flavors, plus a little extra love since I’m so fond of Goji.

AllMax Amino Cuts Performance Grade: 8.0

It’s tough to give a ‘performance’ grade on a fat burning amino drink because it’s not REALLY a pure fat burner like Animal Cuts or something like that, and at the same time it’s not really a pure pre workout like Run Everything’s ‘Everything with Purpose’. Since that’s the case, I didn’t really test this product the same way that I test my fat burners for my fat burner reviews, which is taking it for a two week span, and logging my results. 

What I DID do was just a simple pre workout protocol so that I could at least give you a sense of how the product works as a pre workout energy booster. There is a bit of caffeine alongside the fat burning ingredients, so I was expecting it to be a nice little pick-me-up from my hungover-ness this morning. You know what the sad part is? Is that I didn’t even go out last night. That’s right. My hangover lasted two freaking days! Like. What is going on with me. Oh yeah. I’m getting old AF. That’s what. But I needed AllMax Nutrition to get me going with their A:Cuts drink. And get me going it actually DID! I felt energized while I completed my five minute wall sit warmup- which is getting harder by the way- but I was able to knock it out this time without quitting. I proceeded through to my cardio and was pleasantly surprised to find that Amino Cuts gave me a wonderful endurance boost, even after I could feel the caffeine wear off. I don’t know how effective this product really is for fat loss, but I can tell you it’s not a bad ‘softcore’ pre workout if you are in need of a little boost. 

AllMax Amino Cuts Formula Grade: 8.6

As far as amino products go, you expect them to be mostly comprised of the Branch Chained Amino Acids, or BCAA’s. These are three aminos that are the most depended on for building or repairing your muscle tissues. They are also the three that mix the worst, so the fact that AllMax A:Cuts mixes up quite nicely means either they don’t use a ton of BCAA in the product or they have a very fine-grain version or something. But here is the list of ingredients in Amino Cuts: 

  • CLA Triglyceride Powder
  • Natural Caffeine
  • Green Coffee
  • Taurine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine
  • Alanine 
  • Glycine
  • Lysine
  • Glutamine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Histidine 
  • Theonine

This is a pretty comprehensive formula in terms of Aminos. You actually don’t get THAT many BCAA’s per serving, though. I think you actually get more BCAA from a scoop of Pre-Kaged than you do with this one, and Pre-Kaged is a pre workout, not even an amino product! But judging by this formula, you can tell that the focus is as much on the fat burning side as the amino side. I do like that they have included glutamine in here though. Glutamine is usually considered as the ‘recovery’ amino, which is essential for muscle growth. 

AllMax Amino Cuts Packaging Grade: 9.7

I’ve reviewed some pretty darn good-looking products, believe me. From Protein World’s line-up of minimalist awesome-ness, to the Unico Nutrition’s line of EDM-Styled craziness, I can tell you that I’m not that easy to impress anymore. But AllMax has found a way to impress me with their fabulous creativity when it comes to substrate selection and color use. AllMax combines a super-bright neon orange ink layed over a textured white ‘craft-paper’ label to create one of the most unique labels I’ve ever seen on a sports supplement. I also LOVE their use of low-fi fonts to give the impression of legitimacy and a sort of digital modernism. Not many supplement companies do this. I think AllMax has created a visual masterpiece of sorts with A:Cuts, and I also think that the success of this product is actually going to represent a new brand direction for AllMax. I hope they continue with the same design language that they’ve initiated with this fat-burning amino acid product and take it to the rest of their product line. Nicely done with this one, Allmax!

AllMax Amino Cuts Review Summary:

  • AllMax Amino Cuts Flavor Grade: 8.8
  • AllMax Amino Cuts Formula Grade: 8.6
  • AllMax Amino Cuts Performance Grade: 8.0
  • AllMax Amino Cuts Packaging Grade: 9.7
  • AllMax Amino Cuts Value Grade: 9.7

I think this product has great value at just 20 bucks for the 30 serving jar. Is it the most hardcore supplement on the shelf? No. But does it do enough to justify a purchase? I think it does. Grab a Goji Martini flavored Amino Cuts and have a sip for me.*


AllMax Amino Cuts Final Review Score: 9.2

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