Welleco Protein Reviews: Looks lovely, but is it any good?

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Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein Reviews are surprisingly rare so far in this young brand’s short life cycle but I am so pumped to share my Welleco Plant Protein review with you guys! In this review we are going to go over so many different elements of Welleco’s flagship product. We’ll go over TASTE. We’ll go over FORMULA, INGREDIENTS, and MACROS. You know we’re even going to go over packaging (Welleco has some really neat packaging!). I’ll also talk broadly about the Welleco brand because it is a fresh face to the blog. So. If you are considering Welleco this Summer I’m going to help you choose if it is worth a try. Let’s get this Welleco review opened up!

Welleco is a really interesting company. I’m actually astonished that it took me SO long to find them and learn about their offerings. Actually it wasn’t until one of my readers DM’d me on Insta that I took notice. 

In a BIG way. 

I mean. Look at this stuff. Look at the packaging. The branding! How could I NOT have known about these products before June of 2018. It was perplexing to read that Welleco has even been around for SO long without me knowing. 

Well, about four years. But. That IS an eternity considering I literally eat, sleep, and breathe supplements/nutrition companies. 

But real quick before we get into breaking down the Welleco Protein, I think it’s interesting to note the story of the founders and how this brand came to be. After doing some digging it looks like the brand is the product of a very serious three-headed monster of founders including, get ready, Ella Macpherson, Andrew Horwood, and a doctor named Simone. Uh. Yeah. Need I say any more?? Once I saw the team behind Welleco I got THREE TIMES more excited to try my Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein. I literally waited patiently by my window for the UPS man, like a little child awaiting a Christmas gift. Finally. It came. Nearly $250 worth of Welleco’s finest products. Let me start by  telling you about the exterior of the protein powders that I received. 

Welleco Packaging is AMAZING. 

Okay you guys know from my hundreds of other nutrition product reviews that I am the queen of packaging appreciation. I know. That’s a weird thing to be when you grow up but that is what I am. I have seen it all. The best of the best and the worst of the worst.

Fortunately, Welleco Plant Protein is on the positive side of protein powder packaging prowess. Welleco offers a few different packaging options to suite the individual looking to save a few dollars, or on the very far opposite end of the spectrum, the signature Welleco caddy to serve the individual who wants to show the whole world how beautiful their protein powder really is. 

Obviously, I was the latter. My caddy came and I stood there marveling. Stroking the contours of it’s delightfully geometric jar. It’s every edge delights me. It’s simplicity pleased my senses without the bells and whistles that more conventional jars rely on. Welleco’s packaging mastery doesn’t start and end with the jar only, either. The words are artfully chosen. The fonts accentuating them perfectly, in all the right ways. Nourishing Protein. What more could you ask for from a protein supplement, than to nourish you? It’s an example of just how GOOD the Welleco team is, and how carefully they thought through their nourishing protein’s packaging. I give them an A on the exterior. Let’s move a layer deeper now, shall we? 

What does Welleco Plant Protein Taste Like? 

Now things are about to get ‘real’. Things are about to get very real. We are going to find out whether this protein is just a pretty face or if the product within can hold up it’s end of the bargain. 

I was fortunate enough to have a rich boyfriend at the time of my Welleco order purchasing, and so I got to try both flavors. That boyfriend also got me a very special ring last year and prefers to be called husband but I still romanticize about our dating days. Hehe. Anyways. The point is, I got to try both flavors of Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein. So now I’ll give you my taste test results. 

Vanilla: Well. The vanilla flavor of Welleco’s Nourishing Protein is certainly a complex hybrid of flavors. Some proteins are easy to diagnose and judge. For example, that Truwomen protein that I just reviewed had terribly simple taste. It had no complexity at all. It really just tasted like pea to me. But no…this Welleco Vanilla flavor has notes and fragrances of vanilla. It has real depth to the flavor. It changes and evolves on the palette. Now. Is it the perfect vanilla milkshake taste? Absolutely not. It still has the familiar flavors of pea, and rice. But I do think that from a taste perspective it is very far above average. I would give vanilla an 8.6 out of ten. With a touch more sweetness it would become an easy 9 plus

Chocolate: The chocolate flavor of Welleco’s vegan plant protein powder is just about equivalent to the vanilla if I’m comparing them relative to one another. I was very hard-pressed to come up with me favorite. The chocolate Welleco Nourishing Protein is a little bit more robust in flavor, although this is most likely because chocolate is itself a more intricate flavor. 

The chocolate flavor has wonderful flavor but could also use a little more sweet, and in my opinion a little more salt as well. There are some strong dark chocolate flavors in this flavor that I really do enjoy. 

The flavors are impressive. I think I went into the flavor evaluation with a very high standard just because knowing what I know about the resources available to the company (they are exhaustive) and then seeing the incredible packaging…it just made me think that they MUST have spent an equivalent amount of energy on the packaging. And they did come through. I suppose I can’t hide the tiniest bit of disappointment that they didn’t create the best-tasting vegan protein on the planet, but it IS really, really good. I will give it an 85/100 on the taste. Let’s peek at the ingredients and macros to see what direction Welleco took with their protein powder beneath the surface. 

What are the INGREDIENTS in Welleco Plant Protein? 

The ingredients list is not what you are expecting. From the outside, I sort of thought that this protein powder would be simplistic. Oh how wrong I was. 

Turns out, Welleco loaded up their nourishing protein with more than just a few bells and whistles. If that sounds foreboding, I guess it should. How many times have we seen a protein powder that looks super minimalist on the outside, hide a science-project of a formula beneath. Many, MANY times. Mostly from international brands (Women’s Best, Protein World, Luxe Fitness, Blessed Protein, etc) which Welleco actually qualifies as. But let me list off a few of these ingredients before I jump to any conclusions. 

Welleco Protein Ingredients

Certified Organic Pea Protein, Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavours, Certified Organic Cacao Powder, Sweeteners (Birch Xylitol, Steviol Glycosides), Fructo Oligosaccharides (FOS), L-Glutamine, L-Phenylalanine, Pomegranate Powder, Acai Powder, Psyllium Husk, Maltodextrin, Thickener (Guar Gum), Vitamin Blend (Folic Acid, Niacinamide, Cyanocobalamin,Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin D3), Digestive Enzyme Blend (Papain, Bromelain), Probiotic Blend (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Bifidobacterium Longum), Mineral Blend (Magnesium Citrate, Chromium Picolinate), Curcumin, Rosehip Powder, Taurine, Grapeseed Extract, Dandelion Leaves Extract, Choline Bitartrate.


I repeat. WOZA. 

The last protein that I reviewed had 7 ingredients in it. This one has. Let me get the calculator out…well over 30. Sheesh. That is a lot, people. I mean. That’s more than almost any protein you will find, vegan or otherwise. 

Several of these ingredients are synthetic vitamins. Meaning they were not sourced from nature but rather synthesized in a lab. I don’t know exactly how I feel about that. But I know there is a lot of confusion right now surrounding all vitamins in general, and whether or not our bodies need them. 

So I don’t know how I feel about all those vitamins in Welleco. I do know there is also choline bitartrate in it, which is an ingredient for mental focus and brain energy. We usually see that ingredient in pre workout products, and I think it’s, well, maybe a little bit sneaky of Welleco to use it in their protein powder. Because folks might feel that mental boost and think it’s their proteins when in reality it’s a common brain-hack ingredient. So that is something to keep in mind. 

But I don’t mean to focus only on the questionable elements of the Welleco formula. It has some definite positives in the kitchen sink formula. Probiotics, enzymes, and creative natural sweeteners like birch catch my eye as highlights. Let’s talk a bit about the Welleco macros now as well. 

Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein Macros: 

Per Serving: 

Calories 125

Protein 16g

Total Fat 2g

Sat Fat 0.8g

Trans Fat 0g

Carbohydrates 6g

Sugars 1.2g

Fiber 3.7g

Sodium 90mg

NOTES: There isn’t a whole lot to analyze when it comes to the Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein macros. Everything is very stable and as expected. I did note that the sodium is a bit lower than comparable products in it’s class, which is a positive. 

Overall in terms of macros and ingredients, I think Welleco is an interesting creation. The inclusion of all the vitamins, as well as the choline bitartrate strike me as odd. I will let you decide if you like that these are included. I think honestly I could do without them. But other than that, the macros check out, and I have no other issues. Let’s wrap this review up now, shall we? 

Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein Review Summary

-The flavors are quite good. Not perfect, but really good. The vanilla is the best flavor of Welleco Plant Protein 

-The macros and ingredients in Welleco protein are very solid. It is strange that they included several vitamins and even a common pre workout brain-boosting ingredient 

-The strongest part of the Welleco protein is the packaging. I am blown away by how simple it looks, but how complicated it must have been to procur. It’s simply beautiful

So where does all of that leave us? Is Welleco Nourishing Plant Protein a buy? It’s hard to say. It really is. Many folks will be priced out of it…I do know that. It’s not the cheapest stuff around. In fact it’s some of the most expensive protein powder you can buy. I think it taste good, and the packaging is exceptional…I really DO want to be an advocate for Welleco but the truth is, it’s just a little it over-priced for what it is. It’s a good protein powder, priced like a perfect protein powder. You do the math.* 


Allie Lewis

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