Seeq Protein Review – I Tried the ‘Clear’ Protein Sweeping Tik-Tok

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My friend sent me a link to the Seeq ‘clear’ protein, and I knew I had to try it!

I was having a hard time finding any really good in-depth Seeq protein reviews that were not on Amazon or on the company’s own website, so I figured I would take some time to share some thoughts on Seeq protein.

This is one of the most innovative new protein powders to hit the market in the last several years, so I was super excited to try this new ‘clear’ protein.

seeq protein illustration with review score infographic

What You Can Expect in this Seeq Protein Review

In this review, after I talk about how I came to know about Seeq, I’m basically going to spend most of the review telling you if I think this new ‘clear protein’ can stand-up against the best ‘old-fashioned’ protein powders that we are used to.

The traditional protein powders are very ‘milk-shake’-like not only in their texture but also in the flavors that they come in.

We are used to buying chocolate or vanilla proteins.

With Seeq, you can get something that is fruity, and assumedly lighter on your stomach.

So I will spending a great deal of time talking about flavor and texture.

But as with all of my protein reviews, we are also going to discuss a few other really important things.

We’re going to talk about the ingredients, macros, and even the packaging, to give you a full portrait of how Seeq protein powder stacks up against the completion.

Who knows, maybe Seeq will make it into this years Lovely List for protein powders.

Let’s start the review and find out.

How I Found Seeq Protein Powder

If you guys have been reading my reviews for some time, you know that I generally find most of my products on Instagram.

But how times have changed!

Now, just like the rest of the world, I have found myself spending a LOT of time on Tik-Tok, and yes, that also means I am becoming very well-aware of the products that are being sold on Tik-Tok shop.

The Seeq protein popped up a few times on my feed, and what caught my eye, like you I’m sure if you are reading this, is just how different this protein is.

We are all used to very dairy-forward, thick protein shakes.

Usually whey protein powders are dense, and often chalky or gritty because they are essentially a dried milk powder.

So when I saw a girl on my feed mixing a bright blue, almost ‘Gatorade’-looking drink, and then said it was actually protein powder, I was definitely intrigued.

Another Viral Tik Tok Supplement

So long story short- I found Seeq on Tik-Tok, where it does seem to have a little bit of a viral moment, similar to how Bloom and even the One Sol pre workout have had.

Fun fact also before we move on – I also bought the Seeq product ON Tik-Tok shop, because they were having a really really great deal there for Black Friday.

So yeah – I loaded up on all four flavors of Seeq protein so that I could try all of the flavors.

And whey don’t we start there – with the flavors, because I do want to make sure I give you a full analysis of Seeq protein when it comes to flavor.

Seeq Protein Flavor Analysis

I was so stoked to try Seeq’s juicy protein flavors that I aped into all four flavors.

They were so cheap on Tik-Tok shop that I just had to, so I ended up getting:

  • Blue Razz Freeze
  • Mango Pineapple
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Fruit Punch

But real quick before we dive into each flavor analysis – I just remembered something very relevant to this Seeq protein post, and I wonder if you do too…

Do you guys remember the ‘Isopure’ clear protein drink?

They were in GNC stores, and some other places like, I don’t know, 10-20 years ago…

And they actually were the first ones to do clear protein.

Let me tell you about them, in case you are too young to remember.

Isopure was First

I used to go to the GNC store once or twice per week, and just see what was new.

In the cooler section, one thing that caught my eye were these huge glass bottles of colored, but clear, protein drinks.

They had like 40 grams of protein in each bottle, and they also had fruity flavors like cherry lime and grape and all of those kinds of flavors.

They were actually way ahead of Seeq when it comes to the ‘clear protein’ thing because they had the technology, technically, way back then.

The problem was, if you remember, that those ‘Isopure’ drinks tasted absolutely disgusting.

Like, so bad.

I used to say that they tasted like you were drinking glue, which was a testament to the flavor and also the texture, which was just very thick, and almost like a sticky serum.

They were borderline undrinkable, and I really felt like I never saw anybody buy them except maybe once to try it.

But I’m sure they stopped making them because they were so bad.

Anyways, after I ordered my Seeq protein, I was dying to know if they would be any better than those original Isopure drinks.

Here’s the good news – they are.

Let me start by telling you how each flavor tastes.

Blue Razz Freeze

This flavor of Seeq protein was the first one that I tried, and holy cow.

I had to double check if I was drinking a protein powder or a pre-workout because this honestly had more of a pre-workout, or amino acid taste than protein.

It was very tart, very sweet, and tasted a LOT like a blue raspberry energy drink.

We’ll talk about why later when we discuss the ingredients in Seeq protein, but I was shocked with how tasty and refreshing this protein is.

I will give this flavor an 8/10.

Mango Pineapple

The mango pineapple flavor of Seeq protein was not my favorite, but that’s because I usually don’t go for the tropical fruits as much.

It was a little too artificial-tasting for my liking, not that the blue raspberry wasn’t, but something about artificial pineapple just turns me off.

I would give this flavor a 6.5/10 but that could be more of how I don’t like this flavor combo no matter what tbh.

Watermelon Wave

Now the Watermelon flavor, on the other hand, was way better.

It is maybe the sweetest of the five flavors, but holy cow is it good.

It tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher, and the slightly thicker texture almost makes it seem like a real juice.

I am really impressed with this flavor, and I love the gentle pink color too.

Giving this one a 9/10.

Strawberry Lemonade

Just like all the pre workouts that I’ve tried, this one comes in a strawberry lemonade flavor.

It’s one of the staple flavors of any supplement, so I’m not surprised that Seeq protein also has this on the menu.

I’m not sure if this flavor missed the mark uniquely, or if I’m just suffering from a little bit of ‘flavor fatigue’ from so many strawberry lemonade products, but this Seeq flavor was not my favorite.

I thought it was just flavor to me.

Where the tropical flavor was super tart, this one I thought could have been both more tart, and more sweet.

I give it a 7.5/10.

Fruit Punch

I know what you’re thinking – fruit punch must be a boring flavor.

But here’s the thing.

It’s actually incredible.

Think of those fruit punch juice boxes you used to get as a kid.

It’s absolutely incredible.

The flavors are completely on point and the sweetness is perfectly balanced.

I found this to be super drinkable, and super satisfying.

What’s the Best Flavor of Seeq Protein?

It sounds basic, but the best flavor of Seeq protein is the fruit punch.

The fruit punch flavors is the most-balanced, and is the only one of the five that I could actually see myself drinking every day.

Second place would have to be a tie between the watermelon wave and the blue razz.

I would not purchase the tropical flavor or strawberry lemonade flavors a second time tbh.

Clear Protein vs Normal Milky Protein

One thing I wanted to speak to directly in this Seeq protein review is how the unique texture compares to all the ‘regular/standard’ protein powders that I’ve tried.

And I’ll say this – it is a very refreshing change of pace from the normal proteins.

…it is a very refreshing change of pace from the normal proteins.”

Because if nothing else, it’s really great to have the option to drink something a little more refreshing after your workout, which is when most of us take protein powder.

I found myself literally chugging my Seeq protein shake after my cycling class because it did provide that refreshing flavor.

I will say this though.

Even though it is clear, and it is WORLD’S BETTER than the old Isopure ‘glue’ drinks that I talked about earlier – do not expect this to taste exactly like Gatorade or something.

There is still definitely a little bit of a thickness, and a very subtle flavor note that you can tell is a little different from a standard sports drink or energy drink.

It’s hard to describe, but there are some subtle differences that you’ll taste when you try it.

I would still buy it again because I actually enjoy this unique texture and flavor ‘style’, but I think everyone needs to try it for themself to see if they prefer the clear protein over the more traditional proteins.

Let’s keep things moving and talk about ingredients now.

Seeq Macros & Ingredients

There are going to be a few ‘eyebrow raising’ moments in this section of the review, just so you know.

You might want to pay particular attention to how Seeq is achieving those tasty flavors.

But I think the best place to start is with the macros, as we always do.

Seeq Macros: I.E. How Many Calories, How Much Protein, Etc.

Here are the macros for the Seeq Clear Protein:

  • Calories 100
  • Total Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 15mg
  • Sodium 15mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 1g
  • Dietary Fiber 0g
  • Total Sugars 0g
  • Protein 22g

NOTES: Nothing really jumps out at me from a macronutrient standpoint, other than the fact that this protein powder is exceptionally ‘clean’ meaning there’s virtually nothing in here other than protein. No additional fats or carbs to speak of.

Seeq Ingredients – What is in This Clear Protein?

The ingredients are where things start to get a little bit hairy for Seeq protein, depending on your tolerance for artificial ingredients.

Here’s the list of ingredients in the mango pineapple flavor, for example (they are all about the same):


  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Malic Acid
  • Sucralose
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Vegetable Juice
  • Stevia
  • Silicone
  • Beta-Carotene


What jumped off the label at me for Seeq protein is just the, well, sort of ‘suss’ ingredients that they had to use in order to make this product taste good.

They use both artificial flavors, and sweeteners (Sucralose), which is a pretty big ‘no-no’ for most brands these days given the troubling research that is emerging about these ingredients as it regards to your health – gut health in particular.

I’m not saying that it’s a total deal-breaker, but it is something to be aware of when you are considering Seeq protein powders.

Let’s move on to discuss the Seeq protein packaging.

Seeq Protein Packaging Could be Better

But it could also be worse.

I will point out a few things that they could do to improve their packaging, but let’s start with the good first.

The Seeq protein brand name, and overall vibe is very recognizable.

I don’t really know where the name ‘Seeq’ comes from, but I think it is memorable, which is half the battle as I understand it.

You would remember the name when brought up in a conversation, let’s put it that way, and I think that counts for something.

The label is also really easy to interpret and figure out what the product is.

It has the product/company name is huge letters, and then the words ‘clear protein’ in equally huge letters immediately beneath it.

The amount of protein (22g) and sugar (0g) communicate effectively the most important macros in the product, and then the flavor name is just below that.

So the most essential bits of info are on here, and really nothing else.

From an ‘art’ standpoint, it leaves much to be desired, but again, I think it is a successful design altogether.

The things I would change about Seeq protein packaging would be to move it to a sustainable / stand-up pouch, and then also to add in the amount of calories per serving as well.

I do think it’s a job well done on packaging though.

Let’s wrap this Seeq review up by summarizing our key takeaways.

Seeq Protein Review Summary

Seeq is an innovative new protein powder that features clear texture and fruity flavors, instead of the traditional thick texture and ‘boring’ flavors that we are used to (like chocolate and vanilla)

Seeq protein comes in five flavors, with the fruit punch and watermelon being the best-tasting, in my opinion

This protein has 22 grams of protein per serving, without any added sugars, and no fats – making it a great choice for athletes and people looking to track their macros easily

Seeq does use artificial flavors and sweeteners to make their product tastes great, which is something to take into consideration

The packaging is simple, but memorable, and features the most important selling points of the product

The Bottom Line – Is Seeq Worth a Try?

Seeq is priced at around $2 per serving, which makes it rather expensive, on the grand scheme of things.

It is about as expensive as other top-of-the-line proteins like Promix when it comes to cost.

After trying it, I do think the price is justified, especially since it is so unique.

It is the only real option out there for people who want to use protein powder but have trouble with the traditional textures and flavors.

I think Seeq is absolutely worth a try.*

Final Score

Flavor: B
Ingredients: B-
Packaging: B-
Value: B-
Final Score: B

Allie Lewis

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