Promix Protein Review – An Overall Solid Performer with no Frills

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Promix protein powder is one of the most exciting new products that I’ve tried in the last few weeks, and I’m so stoked to finally share my thoughts in this review.

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Today we’re going to talk all things Promix – from the packaging to the ingredients, to the flavors.. we are going to leave no stone left unturned in this Promix review.

If you are considering giving this brand a shot, (first and foremost, you totally should), but I’m going to tell you precisely why I would recommend this brand.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this Promix protein review:

About Promix

Promix is one of the trendiest brands for 2023.

I mean…what other brand has a freakin’ Odell Beckham Jr. collaboration for a product called ‘Flow State’?

That’s just some next level stuff.

(Flow State is their nootropic product for memory and focus and I’m actually really excited to try it out after the proteins and pre workout.)

But this brand has it all.

  • The minimalist packaging.
  • The cool ambassadors.
  • The whole vibe is so modern, and clean, and on-trend.

Promix is definitely one of my top brands to watch in 2023 and beyond because of how in-tune they clearly are with the needs of the modern athlete.

They are founded by a doctor and another entrepreneur, neither of whose name I can remember (and am too lazy to look-up), but you can tell that they are clearly doing some things very, very well.

How I Found the Brand

I think I found Promix on Instagram originally, so basically the same way that I found every other brand / product that I have reviewed on here.

I remember thinking to myself when I first stumbled on their page…

“Oh okay this is definitely happening”

Because like I already said, and will likely repeat a few times during the course of this Promix review, this is a brand right here that just ‘gets it’.

Kind of like Seeq protein, Promix is super on-trend right now.

That being said, there are a few obvious drawbacks to this brand, starting with the one staring us right in the face when we go to their website to make an order…

And that is regarding the prices.

Why is Promix so Expensive?

There it is – a common question for sure in 2023 where we are all broke and still having to pay $5 for gas at the pump (where are my fellow Californians at? Yeah, it sucks.)

But like I said, Promix does go the extra mile to invest in those premium raw materials, and unfortunately, it comes at a cost.

So to that extent, Promix is not for everyone.

Not everyone can afford to pay $50 for 2.5 lbs of protein.

They just can’t…especially when you can get 5 lbs. of a generic protein off of Amazon for a cheaper brand like Alani Nu.

But that’s also an advantage for Promix…

They aren’t for everyone, but they are for some people who can afford it, and who care to put really clean, pure ingredients into their bodies.

I’d like to think that I am one of those people, but honestly right now I can’t afford it beyond the first time I bought it.

How to Get Promix for a Lower Price

I will say that the hack for folks who do want a lower price point is to sign up for one of Promix’ subscriptions which does unlock a pretty nice discount.

So if you’re right on the edge of being able to afford it, but you know you want to take their products regularly, this is the best way to get a Promix discount.

Now. Let’s start talking about these actual protein powders since that’s what you’re here for!

I’d like to start with the ingredients.

Promix Ingredients

The ingredients are the best starting point for talking about the Promix brand, because everything that they do is centered around the quality of the ingredients.

It sounds so cliche because every company claims to use the highest quality ingredients, but Promix actually takes the time to prove it.

By using grass-fed whey from Irish cows, for example, and allowing traceability to each batch, they are showing customers exactly what the ingredients are…

As opposed to just stating ‘high quality’ ingredients as a generic statement, they do go the extra mile to truly invest in those ingredients.

So as we said before, those premium ingredients are pricey, and this certainly contributes to the high prices that Promix charges.

But that just comes along with the territory of being a high quality brand, and Premix seems to fully embrace it.

Let’s look at the ingredients in their most popular protein powder.

You’ll notice a few things pretty quickly from this list:

Ingredients in Promix Protein Powder

The full ingredient list of this protein powder is as follows:

  • Grass-Fed Whey Concentrate
  • Organic Coconut Sugar
  • Whole Bean Madagascar Vanilla Extract
  • Vanilla Lecithin

And that’s literally it.

No added artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no nothing.

I really like how clean, and simple this formula is.

It’s literally just protein and nothing else.

Because of how minimalist the formula is, the macros are very straightforward as well, with a few small callouts:

Promix Protein Powder Calories and Macros

Here are the key macros for the Promix protein formula, for one serving (36g, or 2 scoops):

Calories 135
Total Fat 1.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 45mg
Sodium 120mg
Total Carbohydrate 7g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 5g
Includes 4g Added Sugars
Protein 25g

NOTES: ..What I like most about this formula is the amount of added sugars...

..Hear me out. 4 grams is not a lot of sugars, and to be able to have just that amount of added sugar and no weird stevia or sugar alcohol is a massive blessing…

.. I honestly thing we are going to see more brands head in this direction where they are using real sugar instead of the low-calorie sweeteners...

The other callout to make here is that there is 25 grams of protein per serving.

I know the serving size is quite large at 36 grams, but that’s because they do have the 4 grams of added sugar to sweeten.

But at least they did keep the protein per serving nice and high at 25.

Some of you might be thinking “okay well 25 plus 4 is only 29- what makes up the other 6 grams?”

And that’s where you have to understand how protein powder works.

Protein powder is never 100% protein by weight.

Instead it’s around 75-90% protein by weight, depending on the type of protein that it is.

One thing to keep in mind, and I just realized this after I invested in all of these flavors that I tried, is that Promix has both a whey concentrate, and a whey isolate formula.

Isolate vs Concentrate

This is one of the more confusing things about Promix’s product line.

It’s the fact that they have both a protein isolate and protein concentrate formula.

For those of you who are not as familiar with protein powders…

The isolate is the more premium, more expensive, higher quality form of whey protein.

It is more pure, and has less carbs and fats than the lower quality protein concentrate version.

Why Promix decided to have two different whey versions is a little confusing, other than the fact that they wanted to have different price points?

But honestly their protein concentrate is still quite expensive for a whey concentrate, so I’m not sure that I understand the logic.

But hey.

It must be working for them, so I guess it is what it is.

Anyways, I did end up buying the whey concentrate versions, so now why don’t I spend a little time telling you about what I thought of the flavors.

Reviewing the Promix Flavors

I know most of you are here trying to figure out which Promix flavor to try out – luckily I tried them ALL so that you know which to grab first.

Make sure you read all of these descriptions – the one that I liked that best might surprise you!


Okay so the unflavored flavor, you really need to be aware that unflavored literally means unflavored.

There is no sweetness, there is no salt, it’s literally just protein powder and nothing else.

That means I would recommend not drinking it on its own, because you really can’t taste much of anything at all.

I mixed it into a smoothie because I made the mistake of drinking it on its own in water, and let me tell you, that is not a good idea, lol.

When you put this flavor into a smoothie, you pretty much can’t taste any flavor at all, so I guess that means it’s a success, but, I often drink my protein right after the gym without smoothie technology, so I probably wouldn’t buy this one again.

Raw Chocolate

The raw chocolate was a revelation after using the unflavored version of Promix protein!

I mixed the raw chocolate into 12 ounce of milk in a shaker bottle, and let me tell you, it was way better than the unfalvored version.

This was definitely not a ‘sweet’ flavor by any means, but it was something I would consider drinking again.

It could have benefitted from a little more sweetness, and I found myself adding a little bit of extra stevia to bolster the sweetness.

I don’t think I liked this chocolate quite as much as the chocolate flavor of the Clean Simple Eats protein, but then again, those flavors were all pretty dialed in.

Madagascar Vanilla

The vanilla flavor of any protein powder is generally a good test of the overall flavor capabilities of that company, so I was actually most excited to try this flavor.

And the Promix vanilla flavor did not disappoint.

The vanilla had a good depth, without being over-bearing, and it had just the right amount of salt.

Sometimes the ‘Madagascar’ vanilla’s also have a bit of a quirky flavor to them, but I found this one to be just right.

It was almost like a vanilla bean mixed with French vanilla.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter-flavored protein powders can be a little funky unless they also have a chocolate element to them, but Promix pulled it off somehow.

This flavor was almost like a peanut butter cookie to me.

It is salty, just a bit sweet, and even had a bit of a different texture than the others, in a good way.

I found myself drinking this one throughout the entire week that I was testing the Promix flavors because I preferred that unique texture.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

I expected to like this flavor more than the peanut butter on its own, but somehow this flavor fell a little bit short of my expectations.

I wanted it to taste like the raw chocolate mixed with the peanut butter flavor, but for whatever reason, this flavor did not taste like either one of them!

It was almost like this flavor was made by a different company than Promix.

I even did a test where I mixed some of the peanut butter flavor with some of the raw chocolate flavor, and it turned out really, really weird, lol.

I would not recommend this flavor as much as the others.

One Ingredient Whey

So, it’s a little confusing that Promix has both a ‘one ingredient whey’ AND an unflavored option for protein powders, but they do.

The main difference between the unflavored and the ‘one ingredient’ whey is that the unflavored protein still has an emulsifier along with the raw protein – so it has protein and a little bit of a lecithin.

The one ingredient version is a speciality Irish whey that does not have any emulsifier at all.

This means that the texture of the one-ingredient version is not quite as good, and most will find it to be too ‘chalky’ or ‘gritty’, which is not a good thing.

Unless you are mixing this Promix flavor into a smoothie with other ingredients, I don’t think you are going to like it very much.

What’s the Best Flavor of Promix Protein Powder?

In my opinion, the best flavor of the Promix protein powder is the peanut butter.

The peanut butter flavor had the best texture of all six flavors that I tried, and texture is probably the most important thing to me when it comes to how much I enjoy a protein powder.

The second best, or runner-up flavor of Promix for me was probably the raw chocolate, followed by the vanilla.

I did not particularly care for the chocolate peanut butter, or either of the unflavored options.

What’s the Best Flavor of Promix Protein Isolate?

As I mentioned earlier, there is some confusion when it comes to the Promix line because they have their ‘Whey Protein’, which has the six flavors that I just analyzed…

But then they also have their ‘Whey Isolate’ product, which is a more premium, more expensive version, with less carbs and fats.

Luckily enough for me, Promix was generous enough to send me each of their Whey Isolate flavors to demo as well.

And for the sake of time I won’t do a full breakdown of each one, but just in case you are curious what the top flavor of the isolate is, here is how I would rank them, ordered from best to worst:

  • Chocolate: The chocolate flavor of isolate tastes a lot like the regular version, but with slightly better texture.
  • Vanilla: This vanilla flavor tastes NOTHING like the concentrate / regular version, but it is also not a Madagascar vanilla. I think I liked this vanilla even better than the concentrate version.
  • Unflavored: The unflavored version of the Promix isolate is not very good on its own. Not surprisingly, you really need to mix this one with something else.

Comparing the isolate and concentrate versions, I would say that in general I enjoy the isolate versions more than the concentrates, but then again, the isolates are more expensive too.

Promix Packaging

One of the things that sets Promix apart in a very crowded protein powder market, it their signature, minimalist packaging.

Their branding is extremely subtle, which is honestly a little bit polarizing from a design standpoint.

Some people really enjoy brands and products that don’t have excessive colors, graphics, and ‘clutter’ on their packaging.

Historically, the supplement industry has been denied by the use of bold colors, fancy metalized materials, and unique fonts to draw the customer’s attention.

Brands like Cellular, Glaxon, Muscletech, Alani Nu, and others established this trend for many years, before other, more refined brands, came along.

Companies like Ritual, Seed Health, Athletic Greens, and others have popularized a more subtle ‘less is more’ approach to nutrition branding, which Promix has clearly subscribed to.

Premix uses flexible, paper-based packaging, which I really appreciate since it is more sustainable that alternative materials.

The Promix logo sits along the top corner of the packaging, while the product name, and flavor sits along the bottom edge.

A circle, with a colored circle sits centered on the middle of the bag, indicating the flavor within.

The fonts used on the front and back of the packaging are easy to read, and match the brand nicely.

Overall I really like Promix’s design aesthetic, as it reflects the simplicity of the formulas, and purity of the ingredients used.

I think they could do a little better of a job by communicating visually more about their flavors, because I think that would make their product even more appealing.

I know the simple circle looks good, but I think they can still keep things minimalist and low-key, but adding a little bit more detail to their flavor graphics would make a big difference.

So their packaging is on point, but when we look at this product as a whole, is it really worth that high price-point?

Is Promix Worth the Money?

In this day and age, people are looking to save money.

But they say that an exception to this rule is health and beauty products – because people still want to look good when they’re broke.

I can relate to this completely right now, by the way.

Many of us are struggling to make ends meet, but Promix is clearly banking on enough people being able to afford a premium protein powder regardless.

Based on my experience with Promix, I actually think that their product is priced appropriately.

It is hard to find a protein powder this clean, and trustworthy.

The flavor leaves something to be desired, but if you are often making smoothies anyways, I think Promix is a great option.

It’s also an excellent choice for anyone playing competitive sports, as they do not contain any harmful ingredients or banned substances.

It’s worth a try in my book.

Promix Review Summary

  • Promix is a clean-label protein powder that comes in a whey concentrate version, a whey isolate version, and even a vegan version
  • The most popular premix version is the whey concentrate, which comes in 6 different flavors including 2 unflavored options
  • As for the macros, Promix has a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving, which is higher than most protein powers these days
  • The best flavor of Promix whey protein is the peanut butter flavor, which has a unique and distinctive texture
  • Promix packaging has a minimalist theme that resonates with an older demographic who values ingredient purity and quality over exotic flavors

In terms of cost, Promix is rather expensive, but it is worth it for those looking for a clean protein powder.*

Final Score

Flavor: B-
Ingredients: A
Packaging: B+
Value: B-
Final Score: B+

Allie Lewis

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