Alani Nu Protein Review- I’m Obsessed, and Here’s Why

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Alani Nu Reviews are tough to find as this Katy Hearn supplement brand is literally BRAND spanking new in the past few weeks.

But lucky for you, I was able to get my hands on all three flavors of the new Alani Nu protein and do a full taste test.

In this Alani Nu protein review, I’m actually going to analyze the four main flavors.

There are three flavors of whey, and then one vegan flavor.

So instead of breaking things down into two separate reviews, I figured I’d just do one mega Alani Nu protein review covering the whey and vegan flavors.

What To Expect in This Review

In this post I’ll discuss flavors primarily, but also go into detail around the ingredients of each Alani Nu version and summarize the quality of each.

I’ll definitely let you know what I think the best Alani Nu protein flavor is as well.

And at the end I’ll sing the praises of Katy Hearn’s taste in packaging, because I think Alani Nu looks absolutely brilliant.

Let’s kick off this Alani Nu Review by talking about the flavors.

About Alani Nu

Alani Nu is a funky name, there is no denying that.

The founder, ‘OG Instagram influencer’ Katy Hearn, actually talked about the meaning of the name on her Instagram a while back…

And from what I remember, I believe the phrase is steeped in Hawaiian culture, and involves something about renewal…

Which would make sense for a wellness brand.

Anyways it’s not that important, but in case you were curious about the Alani Nu name (which I think almost everyone is), that’s about all I know…

I do also know that at this point, the Alani Nu brand is now a mega-corporation.

They are owned by a conglomerate called ‘Congo Brands‘ which also owns the likes of Prime Energy, 3D Energy, and more.

So what started as a small, independently-owned influencer brand is now a beast.

But you know what?

I don’t care, because the products are freakin’ awesome.

The name doesn’t matter.

The products DO.

And that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

The Alani Nu flavoring, the ingredients, and even the packaging to see if Katy Hearn has actually created a supplement line to be reckoned with.

Let’s begin by talking about these awesome Alani Nu Protein flavors. 

Alani Nu Protein Flavor Reviews

I know that most of you want to know how the flavors compare, to figure out which one to get.

And I was the same because at first, I struggled with what flavor I was going to try for this Alani Nu protein review..

But. You know me. When I put my mind to something I follow through on it BIG time.

So I legit just bought one of each LOL.

Because hey, YOLO…

Plus ALL of these flavors sounded SO good.

But. ARE they?

Let me go through all four and describe how each one tastes, starting with the chocolate… 

Chocolate (whey)

The chocolate flavor of Alani Nu Whey protein was a great way for my taste buds to get acclimated to the STYLE of flavor that Alani Nu proteins use.

I’ve reviewed literally SO many different protein powders that I’ll start to even recognize similarities between different brands.

And it’s so funny because Katy Hearn’s chocolate Alani Nu flavor reminded me SO much of Adaptogen Tasty Whey protein.

I almost wonder if they used the same flavoring specialist or something…

I don’t know how it all works, but I think this Alani Nu Whey protein in the chocolate flavor is very, very good.

It has deep, sweet, true ‘chocolate’ flavors somewhere between milk and dark chocolate, which means it’s very drinkable for everyone…

It’s not overly bitter, but has enough complexity to be intriguing to a real chocolate enthusiast, such as myself.

Fruity Cereal (whey)

The second Alani Nu flavor that I tried was the Fruity Cereal flavor.

I know right?

A LITTLE bit more of an unusual flavor than straight up Chocolate that I tried first, LOL…

But this flavor was ALSO on point.

I’d honestly say that the Fruity Cereal flavor of Alani Nu Whey Protein is even superior to Ghost Whey Cereal Milk flavor.

I was laughing because I wonder if Katy Hearn and her husband (and soon to be father of her child) Hayden (who seems to be helping with the supplement side of things) had actually just copied Ghost with this flavor idea…

You know the funny thing is that they even outdid Ghost with their Alani Nu cereal flavor!

It’s actually delicious.

It tasted like if you mixed a cereal bowl half full of Fruity Loops and half full of Lucky Charms, and then drank the milk.

It’s sweet, a little salty, and really does bring you right back to childhood…

Literally so good.

Pancake Brunch (whey)

NOTE: This flavor may be discontinued, as I cannot find it on the Alani Nu website as of 01.10.24

This flavor of Alani Nu was probably my least favorite even though don’t get me wrong I am OBSESSED with pancakes.

You guys know that from my Instagram Lol.

Alani Nu Pancake Brunch protein has the nice, smooth texture as the other two flavors that I reviewed…

But for me the flavors were not quite as pleasing.

Having grandparents in New England, you all know that I have been spoiled by having real maple syrup shipped to us in San Diego my whole life…

And unfortunately, the Alani Nu syrup taste just wasn’t real enough for my pampered taste buds.

And unfortunately, the Alani Nu syrup taste just wasn’t real enough for my pampered taste buds.

But if you’re more of an ‘Aunt Jemima’ fan, than the Alani Nu Pancake Brunch flavor is probably going to rock your socks…

It has all the other great characteristics of the other two in terms of texture, balance of salty/sweet, and drinkability. 

Confetti Cake (whey)

NOTE: I tried this flavor in January, 2024, several years after writing this review – I tried to rank it accordingly based on what I recall of the original flavors that I tested!

So yeah – guys – I am reviewing this flavor so long after the originals, but I still find that the Alani protein is amazing on taste…

This is clearly Alani Nu’s take on the birthday cake flavor, and they’ve done a really good job with it.

Now, I don’t think it’s quite as good as their best flavor (the fruity cereal), but it’s still quite good.

This one is definitely sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth, this one might be for you.

Frosted Flurry (whey)

NOTE: I tried this flavor in January, 2024, several years after writing this review – I tried to rank it accordingly based on what I recall of the original flavors that I tested!

Okay so this is another flavor that I’m trying well after writing this original review, but again, this one made me remember how much I love Alani’s flavors.

This one is chocolate-y, and might have actually replaced their original chocolate flavor in the product line-up.

Frosted flurry tastes a little bit like an actual Wendy’s flurry – which is like a cold ‘hot cocoa’ flavor, if that makes sense…

It is just the right amount of sweet, with a touch of saltiness too, which I like.

Overall, very enjoyable.

Chocolate (vegan)

The Vegan chocolate flavor of Alani Nu is, well, okay.

I think unless you are a Vegan, you are probably better off going with the Fruity Cereal Alani Nu Whey.

But that’s something is true for everyone. Unless you are Vegan, don’t drink the Vegan proteins.

They just don’t taste as good.

But Alani Nu holds there own on the Vegan protein.

If I compare it to some of the big time Vegan proteins out there like Tone It Up, or Vega Sport, or even Ora Organic, I think Alani Nu falls somewhere right in the middle of the pack.

You can definitely taste the pea protein in the Alani Nu Vegan protein…

And it is my suspicion that this is primarily a pea protein formula, with a tiny bit of the pumpkin and watermelon proteins dusted in.

I think Alani Nu should’ve bumped up the sweetness, and the chocolate-y-ness just a little more to overpower the earthy notes of the pea protein…

But, yeah. It’s just okay…

Definitely drinkable, but not quite as good as the Alani Nu Whey flavors. 

Alani Nu Whey vs. Alani Nu Vegan

So to summarize…

The Alani Nu Whey flavors are exceptional, and the Vegan flavor is just okay.

Unless you are a very serious Vegan, I would go with the Alani Nu Whey protein.

Unless you are a very serious Vegan, I would go with the Alani Nu Whey protein.

If you ARE a Vegan, you still might enjoy the Alani Nu product, though it does seem that they didn’t go ‘all-in’ on perfecting the Vegan iteration of Alani Nu…

But who knows, they are such a new brand.

They’ll probably continue to improve it!

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about the Alani Nu Protein flavors, let me confirm my favorite of the lot…

What’s the Best Flavor of Alani Nu Protein?

So, this one was pretty tricky, because I did really do like all of the whey flavors, but if I had to rank them, and taking into account the newer flavors…

I think it would go something like this:

  1. Fruity Cereal
  2. Chocolate
  3. Confetti Cake*
  4. Frosted Flurry*
  5. Pancake Brunch

*new for 2023 – 2024

I will say that if you are a chocolate fan, you might want to go that route, but otherwise, the best flavor of Alani-Nu protein is the Fruity Cereal.

The Best Flavor of Alani Nu Protein is the Fruity Cereal

Now that you have a good feel for the flavors, let’s talk about the actual ingredients in this protein powder…

What’s in Katy Hearn’s Protein Products? 

From a formulation point of view, these products are relatively simplistic.

And I would say this in a good way.

Alani Nu uses very traditional formulations, but does have a couple tweaks that make them distinct enough to define as a unique brand.

Let’s breakdown the ingredients in each and then I’ll give you my notes on each Alani Nu iteration.

Alani Nu Protein Ingredients (whey)

  • Whey Protein Hydrosylate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • VitaCherry Sport
  • Ticaloid Ultrasmooth (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan)
  • Salt
  • Silica
  • Natural Flavors
  • DigeZyme (Protease, Amylase, Lactase, Lipase, Cellulase)
  • Beet Root Extract
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium


The ingredients in the dairy based Alani Nu proteins are pretty standard

You have two different whey proteins (hydroslate and isolate), coupled with some digestive enzymes and then some tart cherry to provide recovery benefits

I think the formula is therefore simple, but pretty well thought-out. I like that they added the tart cherry to help recovery

Alani Nu Protein Macros (dairy-based) 

The macros are pretty standard on the Alani-Nu Whey: 

Calories 112

Total Fat 1g

Sat Fat 0.5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 31mg

Sodium 150mg

Total Carb 2.5g

Dietary Fiber 0.3g

Total Sugar 1g

Protein 23.4g


I think, again, this is pretty standard for a whey protein product

The sodium (salt) might be just a tough higher than I’d like to see but I understand you gotta have salt to make it taste good probably

No big surprises here looking at the Alani Nu macros

Let’s look at the Vegan formula now, and see how that checks out… 

Alani Nu Protein Ingredients (Vegan)

  • Pea Protein
  • Watermelon Seed Protein
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Natural Flavors
  • Guar Gum
  • Monk Fruit Extract
  • Organic Stevia Leaf Extract
  • Silica

My Notes

As I said before, it seems like the Vegan protein was less of a priority than the Alani Nu Whey product

That being said, this is not a BAD Vegan protein.. It is just basic

Again, this is most likely over 95% pea protein with a tiny bit of watermelon and pumpkin sprinkled in

You REALLY taste the pea protein flavor in the Alani Nu Vegan protein

Alani Nu Macros (Vegan)

The Vegan macros are relatively similar between the whey and vegan Alani Nu: 

Calories 125

Total Fat 2g

Sat Fat 0.3g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0

Sodium 273mg

Total Carb 5g

Dietary Fiber 3.2g

Sugars 0

Protein 22g


Again, the macros are not really surprising in any way, but the Vegan protein is just slightly more caloric due to having a little bit more carbohydrate in the form of fiber

The Alani Nu Vegan protein actually has over 3 grams of fiber

This Alani Nu Vegan protein also has twice the amount of salt as the Whey- actually 11% of your RDV of salt which is interesting to note

But again that’s probably all for trying to flavor-mask the gross-tasting Vegan protein sources

Whew – that was alot…

I know we got really down into the weeds in that part of the review, but it’s important to go over the nutritionals like that…

But let’s lighten things up and talk about packaging now.

Alani Nu Packaging Review

I’ve literally been waiting all review to tell you how brilliant of a job Katy Hearn and co. did on their packaging.

I think Alani Nu is such an amazing departure from the typical supplements we are used to seeing from these ‘instagram’ celebrities.

Between Calum Von Moger’s light-hearted (slash just plain old foolish) Staunch line, Brad Martyn’s Origin, and even Cass Martin’s WRKETHIC line

These have left much to be desired.

From a brand perspective, I think Katy Hearn and Alani Nu are the first ones to actually get it right.

These products not only use thoughtful formulas but the aesthetics are simply gorgeous.

Katy opted for a lighter color palette of teals and subdued pink shades.

Even the colors give you a certain comfort level in the safety and quality of the products within.

Perfectly Designed Labels

Alani Nu uses plenty of white space as relief and to give the graphics plenty of breathing room to attract the customer’s attention. 

I think graphically speaking the labels are very simple, using simple techniques to create movement and sophistication.

A thick teal bottom border sits handsomely along the lower edge of each label while an understated diagonal line pattern flows throughout the upper region of each label.

The Alani Nu logo speaks proudly from below the pattern.

A cute flavor illustration is also centered prominently on the lower portion of each Alani Nu product to show the customer what their taste buds are in for…

Again, even though it’s not earth-breaking stuff from an artistic standpoint, Alani Nu products look incredible.

I also like that they use clear colored jars to reinforce an overall feeling of transparency to the consumer.

Really, REALLY good job on the Alani Nu branding, Katy and team!

Ok. That just about does it for this Alani Nu review guys…

Let’s talk about the value, and then wrap it up with a complete summary. 

Is Alani Nu Protein Worth the Money?

So this is the part of the review where we talk about value, and whether or not this product is worth the price point.

For a 30 serving jar, the cost of this protein is $45.

To be completely honest with you – that price point is an absolute steal.

Most other proteins are priced around mid-forties for 20, or maybe 25 servings…

So to get a full 30 scoops is an incredible value, and only leads me to love this protein powder even more.

For the quality of the ingredients, and exceptional flavor that you get with this protein, Alani is an amazing value.

Alani Nu Protein Review Summary: 

— The Alani Nu protein branding is a 9.8/10 – it is simply brilliant

— The flavors are very good, with my favorite being the Fruity Cereal…

— New flavors ‘Frosted Flurry’ and ‘Confetti Cake’ are also exceptional, and perfectly suited for those with a sweet tooth

— The Formulas are simple but have just the right amount of thought put into them

Alani Nu Pricing is very reasonable, and make this one of the best values in the protein powder market today

Alani Nu remainds one of the best protein powders that I’ve tried in the past decade.

The flavors are exceptional, the formulas are sound, and they just look fantastic in my cabinet.

Combined with a fair price point, Alani Nu protein is truly the complete package.*

Final Score

  • Flavor: A
  • Formula: A-
  • Packaging: A+
  • Value: A
  • Final Score: A
Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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